Amazon sells conver­sion pills for „women with penis

Screenshot: Ladyboy Pillen, Amazon

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | If these products work they are serious criminal health care fraud, if not fraud on the customer: Hormones adver­tised under the name „Trans­form Hormone Femi­nizer Pills- Ladyboy Puer­aria Sex Change Female Curvy“ on Amazon in Germany and Austria, promi­sing a sex-chan­ging effect! Appar­ently, the hormones are plant hormones derived from the genus Puer­aria (legume family); rele­vant infor­ma­tion on concen­tra­tions or active ingre­di­ents is comple­tely missing.


It is probably also intended to appeal to girls or women who are dissa­tis­fied with the size of their breasts or buttocks. „Women with a penis“ [link] are promised that it will shrink and form femi­nine curves, a femi­nine skin will develop, i.e. an oestro­genic and at the same time testo­ste­rone-blocking effect will occur.

Thai „natural medicine“?

Presu­mably, this is a modi­fi­ca­tion of a „natural medi­cine“ deve­loped in Thai­land or Laos with isofla­vones and other subs­tances with an overall (phyto-)oestrogenic effect. Species of the genus Puer­aria come from there, and the name Ladyboy (Kathoy) suggests such an origin. These herm­aphro­dites are a wide­spread part of Buddhist culture there and their „femin­inity“ is attri­buted to karmic back­grounds from previous lives [link].

Wiki­media: Kathoy1649

Amazon adver­tises its product with the follo­wing description:

Trans­form. Femi­nizer Pills! Trans­form Femi­nizer Pills are a breakth­rough solu­tion to enhance and develop femin­inity. Simply take one pill a day to get bigger breasts, a curvier waist to hip ratio and a perky and femi­nine bottom. The unique blend of ingre­di­ents will help make your voice higher and more femi­nine, skin will soften and male chest and back hair will gradu­ally decrease. You may even find that your penis gradu­ally shrinks. It is also adver­tised as crea­ting a „fairer world“.

This formu­la­tion contains a high dose of female hormones that ensure you develop femi­nine features while blocking all signs of mascu­li­nity. Develop femi­nine features and block signs of mascu­li­nity! Big breasts! Slim waist! Curvy hips! Perky femi­nine buttocks! Trans­form and femi­nise your look and voice! Trans­form products will change and femi­nise your appearance! Products formu­lated with 100% safe and natural ingre­di­ents „Changes“ products, great results, fast! High quality results! Trans­form has deve­loped a unique line of products speci­fi­cally desi­gned to help you change and develop your body natu­rally and safely. At Trans­form, we want to help create a more just world where everyone’s gender, gender iden­tity, gender expres­sion and sexual orien­ta­tion are accepted and respected. We have deve­loped this unique range of products to give you the results you want, quickly and safely.

Amazon, 16.7.2022, Link

Reviews: all just a scam?

The first (presu­mably purchased) reviews still sound euphoric, with talk of rounder hips, bigger breasts and a shrunken penis. This is followed by a few inters­persed nega­tive reviews in which the effect is doubted.

Screen­shot: Amazon, 16.7.2022
Screen­shot: Amazon, 16.7.2022

Part of a product line

A whole range of other similar products can also be found on Amazon, which adver­tise, for example, a testo­ste­rone-blocking effect, i.e. they also suggest a gender-chan­ging effect! The main danger is that children and adole­s­cents, influenced by the gende­rism hyped in the media, try to change their gender through self-therapy and possibly harm their own health in the process. Here, doctors are asked to clas­sify this situa­tion in a medi­cally correct way.


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  1. While Amazon is selling dange­rous ¨snake oil¨ they are refu­sing to carry legi­ti­mate histo­rical books correc­ting the offi­cial, mali­ciously disho­nest histo­rical narra­tive. It´s all very depressing.

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