Arch­bi­shop Viganò: grea­test attack on human nature, conscious­ness and free will

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | In the follo­wing inter­view, the eloquent churchman and sharp critic of the globa­list mafia, Arch­bi­shop Viganò, estab­lishes the connec­tion between all the arti­fi­ci­ally created indi­vi­dual crises: the pandemic farce, the Russia-Ukraine crisis and the coming energy and famine crises. More and more patterns of conspi­racy by a hidden synarchy are beco­ming visible. Schwab, Gates and Soros and their backers are coming under incre­asing pres­sure and will have to flee to avoid being lynched, accor­ding to the Archbishop’s prognosis.

The follo­wing inter­view was conducted via video link as part of the Corona Inves­ti­ga­tive Committee under attorney Rainer Füll­mich, it was tran­scribed by Life­si­tenews.

Pursuer of the Lavender Mafia

  1. Your Excel­lency,many people know and appre­ciate you very much for having been a sincere man in an often insin­cere envi­ron­ment even during your service at the Vatican. You have served as a top diplomat, speci­fi­cally as the Vatican Nuncio in the United States, repre­sen­ting the Pope to the local churches in the United States.

It is our great honor and plea­sure to speak with you today. But before we move on to subs­tance and ask you about your assess­ment of the world poli­tical situa­tion, espe­ci­ally with regard to the so-called Corona crisis, please tell us a little bit about your personal history so that viewers who don’t yet know you will realize who you are.

First of all, I would like to express to you, lawyer Reiner Füllmich, and to all your colla­bo­ra­tors and colle­agues, my most cordial gree­tings and my appre­cia­tion for having conceived the idea of the Corona Commis­sion. Your rese­arch for the truth into the manage­ment of the Covid-19 emer­gency and mass expe­ri­men­ta­tion greatly contri­butes to coll­ec­ting evidence in order to bring to justice and punish those who are respon­sible. This consti­tutes an important contri­bu­tion in view of the crea­tion of an Anti-Globa­list Alli­ance, because the authors of the pandemic farce are the same people who today would like to push the world towards a total war and a perma­nent energy crisis.

As far as my “career,” I don’t think there is much to say: I am a Catholic Arch­bi­shop who has held various roles of respon­si­bi­lity in the Vatican, both in the Secre­ta­riat of State of the Holy See as well as in the Gover­norate of Vatican City State, and as Apos­tolic Nuncio, to Nigeria, and finally to the United States accor­ding to the will of Bene­dict XVI. My noto­riety – which is comple­tely unwanted – is a result of my stance regar­ding sexual scandal of former American cardinal Theo­dore McCar­rick and other no less serious cases invol­ving senior members of the Hier­archy. As a Successor of the Apostles, I could not keep silent in the face of the attempts to cover up those shameful facts by the so-called lavender mafia, which enjoys the support and protec­tion of Bergoglio.

Russia-Ukraine crisis: one mono­li­thic bloc of globa­lists, NATO, Deep State, EU, WEF, media machine and the Vatican 

  1. You have an impres­sive resume – but if one sear­ches your name in the old (main­stream) media, one findsdefa­ma­toryarticles that accuse you, among other things, of spre­a­ding Kremlin propa­ganda and making confused state­ments. On closer inspec­tion, this does not seem to us to be the case at all, quite the contrary; rather, you remain true to your repu­ta­tion of being a sincere man even in insin­cere envi­ron­ments, even if it is to your personal disad­van­tage. Where do you iden­tify the “caesura” or “break” in your resume, where this virtue was reinter­preted by the old media as a flaw? What red line did you cross; on what issue did your candor become a danger to the public narrative?

False accu­sa­tions are one of the means used by those who want to elimi­nate an adver­sary whom they fear and cannot fight fairly. In this case, I am considered incon­ve­nient both by the expon­ents of the deep church and the Berg­o­glian cabal, whose scan­dals and cover-ups I have denounced since the time of the McCar­rick case. And I am equally incon­ve­nient for the deep state, which has been able to count on the compli­city of the Holy See as well as almost the enti­rety of the global Epis­co­pate in the events of the last few years. The disso­nant voice of a Bishop, espe­ci­ally when he formu­lates reasoned complaints based on irre­fu­table facts, risks putting the offi­cial narra­tive into ques­tion, both on the alleged renewal of the Church under this “ponti­fi­cate” as well as on the pandemic farce and mass “vacci­na­tion.” Even the recent Russian-Ukrai­nian crisis signi­fi­cantly finds the globa­list elite, NATO, the American deep state, the Euro­pean Union, the World Economic Forum, the entire media machine, and the Vatican all aligned on the same side. Putin’s inter­ven­tion in Ukraine is considered a threat to the New World Order that must be neutra­lized even at the cost of a global conflict.

Thus, if I must iden­tify a “brea­king point” on the eccle­sial front, it defi­ni­tely coin­cided with my denun­cia­tion of the network of compli­city and the scan­dals of corrupt clergy and Prelates which Berg­o­glio has deli­bera­tely and obsti­na­tely sought to cover up. On the civil front, it seems to me that the red line was crossed with my Appeal for the Church and the World, laun­ched two years ago in May 2020 by which I denounced the threat repre­sented by the silent coup carried out by means of the health emer­gency. The energy and food emer­gency, in addi­tion to the war emer­gency, are always part of the distur­bing “scena­rios” that the World Economic Forum and the United Nations have described in great detail well in advance. When, one day not too far in the future, a tribunal judges these crimi­nals and their accom­plices in the insti­tu­tions of almost all of the Western nations, these docu­ments will consti­tute the proof of the preme­di­ta­tion of the grea­test coup d’état of all time. And the same thing will happen with regard to eccle­sial affairs, demons­t­ra­ting that the doctrinal and moral drift that origi­nated with the Second Vatican Council created the neces­sary premises for the doctrinal and moral corrup­tion of the clergy and the simul­ta­neous dele­gi­ti­miza­tion of the autho­rity of the Shep­herds. Let us not forget that the revo­lu­tio­nary processes have always relied on the vices and weak­ne­sses of its repre­sen­ta­tives, both to destroy the State and to weaken the Church.

The second stage of the tech­no­crat coup: „green turn“ for the Great Reset

  1. Your Excel­lency, the Corona and Measures crisis is now ente­ring its third year; in the mean­time, warfare in the East, and espe­ci­ally massive poli­tical and media warmon­ge­ring, has been added to the mix. How do you assess this development?

Let’s clarify a funda­mental point: the Ukrai­nian crisis was deli­bera­tely provoked by the deep state in order to force the world to carry out the Great Reset reforms, in parti­cular the so-called “tech­no­lo­gical tran­si­tion” and the “green shift.” It is the second stage of the globa­list tech­no­crat coup, after the pandemic farce.

The psycho-pandemic marked the first level of a true and proper attack initiated to seize control of govern­ments. In reality, today they are only trying to bypass poli­tical power, which until now served only as a mere executor of orders. Under the pretext of the pandemic they have imposed systems of detailed popu­la­tion control, inclu­ding systems for tracing indi­vi­dual citi­zens who have been inocu­lated toge­ther with the expe­ri­mental gene serum.

[In 2018] at the Davos Forum the CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla said: “Imagine a biolo­gical chip that is included in a pill, that when it is swal­lowed goes into the stomach and emits a signal. […] Imagine the appli­ca­tions, the possi­bi­lity of making people obey. […] What is happe­ning in this field is fasci­na­ting” (here). And Albert Bourla says “what is happe­ning” because he is talking about exis­ting tech­no­lo­gies, not imagi­nary projects. The presence of graphene and self-assembling nano-circuits is now admitted even by those who a year ago called those who were sounding the alarm “conspi­racy theo­rists.” The popu­la­tions of the nations adhe­ring to the Agenda 2030 are now mostly “vacci­nated,” or rather they have been gene­ti­cally modi­fied and their immune systems have now been compro­mised in an irrever­sible way. And perhaps – as some lawyers are now denoun­cing – it will be disco­vered that along with the genetic serum they have injected chips that are capable of control­ling even people’s reac­tions, inter­fe­ring with their beha­vior, and making them docile if there are riots, or violent if it is neces­sary to have a pretext for mili­tary inter­ven­tions. We are well beyond a global coup: this is the grea­test, most sensa­tional, unpre­ce­dented attack on the human person – on man’s freedom consci­ence, and will.

You can well imagine the risk deri­ving from giving the WHO sove­reign control over the health systems of various nations in the case of an emer­gency pandemic, when those who must decide about vaccine campaigns and treat­ments, on contain­ment measures and lock­downs, are all financed by the big phar­maceu­tical compa­nies and by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foun­da­tion, which theo­rizes about the perpe­tual pandemic and the perpe­tual booster vaccine. Even the reso­lu­tion that was planned to be voted at the WHO – and which at least for now has been avoided – went in the direc­tion of total control by the globa­list synarchy. We should ther­e­fore not be surprised if, in the pitiful attempt to hide the adverse effects of the expe­ri­mental gene serum, the WHO is now sounding alarms about the alleged monkeypox, whose symptomo­logy is curiously similar to some of the side effects of the mRNA “vaccine” (here). Both the WHO and the Euro­pean Medi­cines Agency (75% of which is financed by Big Pharma) have shown them­selves to be in a clear conflict of inte­rest and totally depen­dent on the phar­maceu­tical industry.

Ukraine crisis culpably turned into war for the Great Reset

Regar­ding the Russian-Ukrai­nian crisis, what should have been an opera­tion of peace to put an end to the ethnic perse­cu­tion of the Russian-spea­king mino­rity in Ukraine by neo-Nazi extre­mists, has been deli­bera­tely and culpably trans­formed into a war. The repeated appeals of presi­dent Putin to the inter­na­tional commu­nity for the Minsk Protocol to be respected have fallen on deaf ears.

Why? For the simple reason that it was an excel­lent opportunity.

First, it was an oppor­tu­nity to impro­vi­so­rily create a global energy crisis with which to force the tran­si­tion to alter­na­tive energy sources, along with all the busi­ness this repres­ents. Without a crisis, how could the increase in the price of gas and petrol be imposed as an instru­ment to force compa­nies and indi­vi­duals to make the famous “ecolo­gical tran­si­tion” that no one has ever voted for and that has been imposed by bureau­crats who are enslaved by the elite?

Second, in order to destroy in a controlled and ruthless way all of the compa­nies considered useless or harmful to the global economy of the multi­na­tional corpo­ra­tions. Millions of artisan compa­nies, small busi­nesses that make the nations of Europe unique, and Italy in parti­cular, were forced to close because, after the disas­ters caused by the lock­downs and the rules of the psycho-pandemic, an increase in gas and oil prices was provoked, with criminal specu­la­tion by the “market” and without the Russian Fede­ra­tion getting an extra penny. All of this was desired by the Euro­pean Union, taking orders from NATO, by means of sanc­tions that have reper­cus­sions on those who have imposed them. The cancel­la­tion of the tradi­tional economy is not an unfort­u­nate conse­quence of an unex­pected conflict, but rather the preme­di­tated criminal action of a global mafia, compared to which the tradi­tional mafia seems like a bene­fi­cial part­ner­ship. The advan­tage of this subver­sive opera­tion bene­fits the multi­na­tional corpo­ra­tions that can acquire compa­nies and real estate at bank­ruptcy prices, and also the finan­cial compa­nies that profit from loans to millions of new poor people. Here too, the ideo­lo­gical – and infernal – purposes of the elite make use of the compli­city of economic poten­tates whose aims are merely to make profit. With the war, the mili­tary industry and the no less flou­ris­hing industry of infor­ma­tion tech­no­lo­gies and merce­na­ries now have the oppor­tu­nity to conclude lucra­tive deals, with which they gene­rously reward the poli­ti­cians who have voted to send arms and support to Ukraine.

Third, one purpose of the war in Ukraine was to allow for the cover-up of the scandal of Hunter Biden, who was involved with the Meta­biota society in finan­cing biola­bo­ra­to­ries in which bacte­rio­lo­gical weapons of mass destruc­tion are produced. The siege of the Azov­stal steel plant was moti­vated precisely by the need to hide both the members of foreign NATO forces along with the neo-nazis of Azov and Pravij Sektor, as well as the biolabs banned by inter­na­tional conven­tions which were intended to be used to carry out expe­ri­ments on the local population.

Fourth, because the psycho-pandemic narra­tive, despite the compli­city of the main­stream media, did not prevent the truth from getting out and gradu­ally spre­a­ding to ever-wider sectors of public opinion. The crisis in Ukraine was intended to have been a well-run opera­tion of mass distrac­tion, in order to avoid visi­bi­lity of the incre­asingly uncon­troll­able news about the lethal effects of the expe­ri­mental serum and the disas­trous conse­quences of the measures taken by nations during the emer­gency pandemic. The falsi­fi­ca­tion of data is now overt; the deli­be­rate conce­al­ment of the results of the first phase of the expe­ri­ment is admitted by the phar­maceu­tical compa­nies them­selves; aware­ness of the usel­ess­ness of masks and lock­downs has been certi­fied by multiple studies; the damage done to the psycho-physical balance of the popu­la­tion and in parti­cular to children and the elderly is incal­culable, just as there has also been incal­culable damage to students as a result of distance lear­ning. Keeping people glued to their tele­vi­sions or to social media with anti-Russian propa­ganda in order to prevent them from begin­ning to under­stand what has been done to them is the least these crazy crimi­nals can do, crimi­nals who are just as respon­sible for the pandemic as they are for the Russian-Ukrai­nian crisis.

If we take the script of this screen­play planned out by the globa­list elite, we find that beyond the scenario of the pandemic there are other planned scenes that are no less distur­bing, which we have already seen anti­ci­pated by the media since last year. The energy crisis, which is not an unfort­u­nate conse­quence of an unfo­re­seeable crisis in Ukraine, but rather a means by which on the one hand to impose the “green economy” moti­vated by a non-exis­tent climate emer­gency, and on the other hand to destroy national econo­mies, making compa­nies fail for the advan­tage of multi­na­tional corpo­ra­tions, causing unem­ploy­ment and thus crea­ting under­paid labor, forcing nations to go into debt because they have been deprived of their fiscal sove­reignty, or in any case to go into perpe­tual debt because of seigniorage.

Coming famine

The food emer­gency is also in Klaus Schwab’s script. It has begun for certain products in the United States and Europe, and more gene­rally for grain and cereal products in many nations of Africa and Asia. Then we discover that Bill Gates is the largest landowner in the United States just when there is a shortage of grain and agri­cul­tural products; and that Bill Gates is the head of a start-up that produces “arti­fi­cial human milk” just when there is a shortage in the United States of powdered milk for babies. And let’s not forget that the multi­na­tional agri­cul­tural compa­nies are succee­ding in impo­sing the use of their sterile seeds – which must be re-purchased every year – and banning the use of tradi­tional seeds, which would allow poor count­ries not to depend on them.

Whoever desi­gned the series of present crises, whose roots were laid down at the begin­ning of the 1990s with the priva­tiza­tion of state-owned compa­nies, also made sure to place people trained by the World Economic Forum for this purpose in govern­ments, insti­tu­tions, and inter­na­tional agen­cies, at the head of central banks and large stra­tegic assets, in the media, and in the main world reli­gions. Look at the Prime Minis­ters of the prin­cipal Euro­pean count­ries, of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand: they were all recruited from the “Young Global Leaders for Tomorrow group, and the fact that they are at the highest levels of leader­ship of these nations, of the UN, and of the World Bank ought to be more than suffi­cient to put them on trial for subver­sion and high treason. Those who have sworn to apply the laws in the inte­rests of their own nations commit perjury at the moment in which they have to answer for their own actions not to the citi­zens of their nations but to face­less tech­no­crats whom no one has elected.

Global synarchy as a direc­ting caste

It is easy to make the accu­sa­tion that all this is a “conspi­racy theory,” but such a dismissal no longer holds water, just like the accu­sa­tion of “colla­bo­ra­tio­nism” no longer works against anyone who expresses perple­xity about the Russian-Ukrai­nian crisis and its manage­ment at the inter­na­tional level.

Those who do not want to under­stand the plot because they are afraid of what they might discover persist in denying that there is a script and a director, that there are actors and extras, sets and costumes. But can we really believe that the richest and most powerful people in the world would have agreed to launch such an attack on huma­nity in order to realize their delu­sional globa­list dream, deploying an enormous amount of energy and resources, without having first planned ever­y­thing in great detail and just leaving it all to chance? If people who intend to purchase a house or start a busi­ness carefully plan it all out, why should it be a “conspi­racy theory” to reco­gnize that in order to obtain uncon­fessable and criminal results, the elite must


Those who do not want to under­stand the plot because they are afraid of what they might discover persist in denying that there is a script and a director, that there are actors and extras, sets and costumes. But can we really believe that the richest and most powerful people in the world would have agreed to launch such an attack on huma­nity in order to realize their delu­sional globa­list dream, deploying an enormous amount of energy and resources, without having first planned ever­y­thing in great detail and just leaving it all to chance? If people who intend to purchase a house or start a busi­ness carefully plan it all out, why should it be a “conspi­racy theory” to reco­gnize that in order to obtain uncon­fessable and criminal results, the elite must resort to lies and deception?

Gates and Co. will have to flee to avoid being lynched

If you will allow me to make an analogy, I would say that our atti­tude towards the present facts is similar to someone who finds himself having to put toge­ther a puzzle composed of thou­sands of pieces but without having the final completed picture in front of him. Those who have cons­tructed the globa­list “puzzle” have done so with the intent of making the final picture of what they wish to obtain unre­co­gnizable. However, anyone who sees the entire picture, or even only one signi­fi­cant part, starts to reco­gnize how the pieces fit toge­ther. And anyone who has seen the final picture also knows how to inter­pret the silences and conni­vances of govern­ment offi­cials and even of the oppo­si­tion parties, how to explain the compli­city of doctors and para­me­dics in crimes committed in hospi­tals that went against all of the scien­tific evidence, and the compli­city of bishops and priests who even reached the point of denying the Sacra­ments to those who are not vacci­nated. Once large areas of the puzzle become visible – and this is exactly what is happe­ning now – it will be much easier to put the remai­ning pieces into place. And by that point Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, the other conspi­ra­tors, and those who, remai­ning hidden, preside over this criminal, global conspi­ra­tion, will be on the run to avoid being lynched.



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