Arch­bi­shop Viganò letter: „Berg­o­glio hates the ancient rite“

Tridentine Mass


Cardinal Blase Cupich, with the bureau­cratic autho­ri­ta­ria­nism that distin­gu­ishes the offi­cials of the Berg­o­glian church, has ordered the Canons of the Insti­tute of Christ the King Sove­reign Priest who carry out their ministry in the Arch­dio­cese of Chicago to suspend all public func­tions in the ancient rite begin­ning at the end of the month of July, revo­king the facul­ties granted to them in accordance with the Motu Proprio Summorum Ponti­ficum.

It is obvious to anyone that this decision is intended to prevent the exer­cise of a right that no eccle­si­a­stical autho­rity can deny, a fortiori condi­tio­ning it on the accep­tance of doctrinal and litur­gical prin­ci­ples that are in blatant conflict with the immu­table Magis­terium of the Catholic Church.

Indeed, every baptized person has the right to attend Holy Mass and to be admi­nis­tered the Sacra­ments in the form that Bene­dict XVI’s Motu Proprio Summorum Ponti­ficum acknow­ledged may never be abro­gated. Depri­ving the faithful of Chicago of their right is a very grave abuse, and the fact that Cupich’s decision is tacitly approved by the Roman Sanhe­drin adds to the embezz­le­ments of the Ordi­nary the confir­ma­tion of a broader plan intended to cancel throug­hout the entire Catholic world the sign of contra­dic­tion that is the Apos­tolic Mass. A sign of contra­dic­tion because its very exis­tence is a silent condem­na­tion of decades of doctrinal, moral, and disci­pli­nary deviations.


It is no secret that Berg­o­glio has a hatred of Tradi­tion, and that he does not miss any occa­sion to deride and discredit those who want to remain Catholic and are not willing to aposta­tize from the Faith. Just as well known are his predil­ec­tions for his colla­bo­ra­tors and confi­dants: they are all united by sodomy, lust for power, and corrup­tion in finan­cial matters. It should ther­e­fore be no surprise that one of his pupils – an intrinsic friend of the serial molester McCar­rick along with other no less contro­ver­sial Prelates like Donald Wuerl and Joseph Tobin – returned the favor of his unde­served promo­tion to the See of Chicago by showing himself to be a loyal executor of his benefactor’s orders. A promo­tion that – permit me to remind you – I stre­nuously opposed when I was serving the Holy See as Apos­tolic Nuncio to the United States, and that today appears even more scan­da­lous after the distur­bing reve­la­tions made by Church Mili­tant (here and here) regar­ding Cupich’s invol­vement in the cover up of evidence related to the sexual crimes of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin. In 2019, Cupich was inves­ti­gated by federal autho­ri­ties and by the attorney general of Illi­nois for not having turned over incri­mi­na­ting docu­men­ta­tion on Arch­bi­shop Bernardin and his accom­plices that was in the posses­sion of the Arch­dio­cese of Chicago. And we have also learned that, while Cupich would like to see Bernardin the cham­pion of progres­si­vism cano­nized (here), there are actually very serious accu­sa­tions hanging over Bernardin made by one of his abuse victims, accu­sa­tions which the Congre­ga­tion of Bishops, the Secre­ta­riat of State, and the Arch­dio­cese of Chicago have never followed up on, despite the fact that these accu­sa­tions mention the profa­na­tion of the Blessed Sacra­ment during a Satanic ritual with minors carried out in 1957 by the young priest Father Joseph Bernardin and his brother priest Father John J. Russell, who was later conse­crated as a Bishop and is now deceased. 

It is truly diffi­cult, if not comple­tely impos­sible, to find any justi­fi­ca­tion for the decision of Cupich, who considers the cele­bra­tion of the Mass of all time to be a sin of inju­ring the Council, but who stran­gely enough knows how to be indul­gent and under­stan­ding towards sodo­mites, child molesters, abor­tio­nists, and profa­ners of the Eucha­ristic Species. Cupich pro domo sua. It is Cupich, of course, who, when he was instructed by Berg­o­glio to preside over the Commis­sion on Sexual Crimes of the American Clergy and was asked about the Memo­randum I issued in August 2018, commented with scan­da­lous impudence:

The Pope has a bigger agenda: he’s got to get on with other things, talking about the envi­ron­ment and protec­ting migrants, and carrying on the work of the Church. We’re not going to go down a rabbit hole on this. . . . Years ago, if a Cardinal had allowed himself to respond like this, the whole world would have come down; but today obviously times have changed. . . . Here we can also allow ourselves a bit of inso­lence. So much is known that the media will not tear their garm­ents for so little.” (here and here).

You read that correctly: “For so little.” In the secular world, if a manager prevented his subor­di­nates from doing their job and encou­raged disho­nest and corrupt employees by promo­ting them and cove­ring up their crimes, he would be fired on the spot and asked to pay millions in compen­sa­tion for the damage caused to the company’s image. Instead, on the multi­co­lored band­wagon of the lavender mafia protected by Berg­o­glio, these forms of sordid compli­city with evil and fero­cious aver­sion to the Good have become the norm, confir­ming that moral corrup­tion is the neces­sary corol­lary of doctrinal devia­tion and litur­gical license. The crisis of eccle­si­a­stical Autho­rity – begin­ning from the very top – is unde­niable, as confirmed by the crea­tion of Cupich as Cardinal as well as the names of those to be given the red hat at the upco­ming Consistory.

If in temporal matters civic rulers who are obedient to the deep state make use of corrupt offi­cials to carry out the silent coup of the “Great Reset,” at the same time on the eccle­sial front we see that cardi­nals and prelates who are no less corrupt and who are obedient to the deep church. With Bergoglio’s placet they are brin­ging the subver­sive plan of Vatican II to comple­tion, which is destined to lead to the Reli­gion of Huma­nity yearned for by Freemasonry. 

But if on the one hand it is a duty to denounce and condemn the into­le­rable abuses of these rene­gades who have as their goal the destruc­tion of the Church of Christ and the cancel­la­tion of the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass, on the other hand it seems to me that it is neces­sary to recon­sider how certain forms of care­free accep­tance of Vatican II on the part of the Insti­tute of Christ the King may have wrongly allowed its members to believe that Rome would have looked the other way regar­ding buckles and capes as long as they did not criti­cize the Council or the Novus Ordo.

This shows us that – beyond the impromptu cere­mo­nial conno­ta­tions that are bit too ancien régime (which however are very mode­rate in Chicago and in general throug­hout the United States) – it is the Triden­tine Mass in itself that is a formi­dable profes­sion of Faith and an unflin­ching refu­ta­tion of the patched-toge­ther reformed liturgy, whether it is cele­brated by an old parish pastor or a newly orda­ined priest, regard­less of whether he wears a Roman fidd­le­back or a medieval chasuble. It is that Mass, and the Mass par excel­lence, cele­brated in the one Rite that is truly extra­or­di­nary, not because it is occa­sional but because it is incom­pa­rably supe­rior to the Protes­tan­tized imita­tion that is the Monti­nian rite, which a Curé of Ars would have looked upon with horror.

This Mass, the Mass of the Holy Church, the Mass of the Apostles and Martyrs of all times, our Mass – this is the Mass that truly causes them scandal. It is not Roman birettas and bows that scan­da­lize them; it is not the mozzettas and rochets that scan­da­lize them. The real thing that scan­da­lizes them is the Catholic Mass, and this is what they rail against, with the rage of here­tics – the same people who preach “welco­ming” and “inclu­si­vity,” which applies to ever­yone without condi­tion except for good priests and faithful laity. In reality, this ought to be enough to convince us to totally ignore the last dying wheezes of a Hier­archy that is blinded in both intellect and will because it is alien to Grace.

This umpte­enth show of strength by Cupich, who is cynical and ruthless towards the faithful even before the Canons of the Insti­tute of Christ the King, can consti­tute a healthy moment of reflec­tion on the many omis­sions and equi­vo­ca­tions that need to be clari­fied, espe­ci­ally in the matter of accep­tance of the Conci­liar mens and the Berg­o­glian “magis­terium.” I trust that the Canons of Christ the King and all of the Ecclesia Dei insti­tutes will be able to see in these days of trial a precious oppor­tu­nity for puri­fi­ca­tion, coura­ge­ously witnessing to the neces­sary cohe­rence between the profes­sion of Faith and its cultic expres­sion in the Mass, and the conse­quent irre­con­ci­la­bi­lity between these and the doctrinal and litur­gical devia­tions of Vatican II. Because it is not possible to cele­brate the Mass of Saint Pius V and at the same time to accept the errors of its enemies.

Cupich knows this very well, and this is why he wants to prevent the cele­bra­tion of that Mass. He knows how much that Mass is a very powerful exor­cism against the servants of the devil, both those who wear miters and those who do not. He knows how imme­dia­tely that Mass is under­stan­dable to anyone for its super­na­tural sense of the sacred and divine – the myste­rium tremendum of Moses before the burning bush – and how that Mass opens the eyes of the faithful, warms their hearts, and enligh­tens their minds. After decades of unspeakable torm­ents, the faithful are finally able to approach the Majesty of God, to be converted, to change their lives, to educate their children in holi­ness, and to spread the Faith by their example. What could be more desi­rable for a Bishop who is truly a Shep­herd of the Sheep entrusted to him by the Lord? And what could be more detest­able for those who want to see the Sheep be torn to pieces by wolves or fall into the abyss?


The lay faithful, priests, and Bishops have the sacred and urgent duty to rise up against the decis­ions of these comple­tely discredited charac­ters and to demand, without yiel­ding an inch, that the venerable Triden­tine Liturgy remain an inviolable bulwark of doctrine, mora­lity, and spiri­tua­lity. We must obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29), espe­ci­ally when these men have demons­trated by their repre­hen­sible conduct, that they do not love either God or their brot­hers in the Faith. 


+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Arch­bi­shop

20 July 2022


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