Arch­bi­shop Viganò: „the family is certainly at the center of the globa­lists’ attack“

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By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | According to the Arch­bi­shop, the French Revo­lu­tion the royal crown has been wrested from the souver­eign rights of Christ the King in the name of alleged „rights of man and the citizen“. Since then the masonic elite and priva­tely owned central banks have wrecked havoc on society. The family is at the center of the attack in order to finally collapse all social order, which is the prere­qui­site for the long planned final enslave­ment of mankind.

The following tran­script of a video inter­view Arch­bi­shop Carlo Maria Viganò gave to Armando Manoc­chia from Byoblu TV has been trans­lated by Life­si­teNews [Link]. The video is in Italian and can be found in two parts, here and here.

Your Excel­lency, [Here in Italy] we are now in economic and finan­cial bankruptcy, where the public debt is now over 2.7 billion euros. In my opinion the problem is the moral and ethical bankruptcy not only of the ruling class but also of a signi­fi­cant part of the popu­la­tion. What can we do to recon­struct a social fabric that includes an ethical and moral sense? 

Arch­bi­shop Viganò: Bankruptcy is the inevi­table result of multiple factors. The first is the transfer of the mone­tary sover­eignty of indi­vi­dual nations to a supra­na­tional body such as the Euro­pean Union. The Euro­pean Central Bank is a private bank, lending money at inte­rest rates to member states, forcing them into perpe­tual indeb­ted­ness. I recall, en passant, that the Euro­pean Central Bank is offi­cially owned by the Central Banks of the nations that are part of it; there­fore, since the Central Banks are controlled by private compa­nies, the ECB itself is essen­ti­ally a private company, and acts as such.

The second factor is seig­ni­o­rage, that is, the income that the Central Bank derives from the issu­ance of money on behalf of the state, which borrows with it not for the mate­rial cost of prin­ting bank­notes, but for their nominal value: a theft to the detri­ment of the commu­nity, because the money belongs to the citi­zens and not to a private subject composed of private banks.

The third factor lies in the economic and finan­cial policy of the Euro­pean Union, which imposes loans at inte­rest by gran­ting the funds that indi­vi­dual nations have previously paid. Italy, which is a net contri­butor, thus finds itself having to anti­ci­pate billions on which it not only does not receive inte­rest, but which are returned to it for usury as if they were not its own.

The fourth factor is due to the wret­ched fiscal poli­cies of recent [Italian] admi­nis­tra­tions, on the peremp­tory order of the Troika, namely the Inter­na­tional Mone­tary Fund, the Euro­pean Commis­sion and the Euro­pean Central Bank, which are offi­cial credi­tors of the member coun­tries. The substan­tial tax exemp­tion of large finan­cial and busi­ness groups and the harass­ment of small busi­nesses are the basis of the progres­sive impo­ve­rish­ment of the country and the failure of many acti­vi­ties, with the conse­quent increase in unem­ploy­ment and the crea­tion of cheap labor. And let’s not forget that it is always the Euro­pean Union that imposes the so-called reforms, based on a false narra­tive – think of global warming or over­po­pu­la­tion – with the black­mail of the loans it has made to member coun­tries: gender equa­lity and other horrors have been intro­duced into national legis­la­tions without any consul­ta­tion of citi­zens, indeed knowing full well that they were against it.

Finally, the subver­sive action of the U.N. Agenda 2030 – that is, the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum – has as its declared purpose the transfer of the wealth of nations and indi­vi­duals to large invest­ment funds managed by the globa­list mafia. This subver­sive opera­tion must be denounced and prose­cuted by the magis­trates, because it consti­tutes a true silent coup against the community.

I would, however, like to point out that the economic aspect is only one means of achie­ving far more worrying goals, such as total control of the world’s popu­la­tion and its enslave­ment: if citi­zens are deprived of home ownership; if they are prevented from having freedom of enter­prise; if endemic unem­ploy­ment is caused and incre­ased by uncon­trolled immi­gra­tion and health emer­gen­cies, redu­cing labor costs; if Italians are harassed with exor­bi­tant taxes; if the tradi­tional family is pena­lized by making it prac­ti­cally impos­sible for two young people to marry and have children; if educa­tion is destroyed begin­ning in elemen­tary school and the cultural vacuum is created by frus­tra­ting the talent of indi­vi­duals; if the history of our native land is cancelled and the glorious heri­tage that made Italy great is denied in the name of inclu­si­ve­ness and the renun­cia­tion of our national iden­tity, what can one expect, if not a society without a future, without hopes, without the desire to fight and engage?

In order to rebuild the social fabric, it is essen­tial first of all to have awareness of the coup d’état that is curr­ently in progress, carried out with the compli­city of those who rule and the entire poli­tical class. Under­stan­ding that we have been robbed of our inali­en­able rights by an inter­na­tional criminal orga­niz­a­tion is the first, indis­pensable step to take. Once this is unders­tood, espe­cially by the healthy side of the insti­tu­tions and the judi­ciary, it will be possible to try the trai­tors who made this silent coup possible, banis­hing them forever from the poli­tical scene. Obviously, Italy will have to regain its sover­eignty, first of all by leaving the Euro­pean Union.

In this work of recon­struc­tion, in which the Anti-Globa­list Alli­ance you have initiated will play a decisive role, what will be the first initia­tives to be launched?

Arch­bi­shop Viganò: It will be necessary to imple­ment a far-sighted and wide-ranging project, which has as its purpose the intel­lec­tual, scien­tific, cultural, poli­tical and even reli­gious forma­tion of the future ruling class, endowing it with the capa­city for critical judgment and firm moral refe­rences. Schools and foun­da­tions will have to be set up from which will emerge a ruling class of righ­teous citi­zens, honest rulers, and entre­pre­neurs who know how to recon­cile the legi­ti­mate demands of profit with workers’ rights and consumer protection.

Those who hold public office, like every honest citizen, must be aware that they have respon­si­bi­lity before God for what they do, and that they must put the common good before personal inte­rest, if they want to sanc­tify them­selves in the role that the Lord has assi­gned to them and deserve para­dise. We must educate children and young people in honesty, in a sense of duty and disci­pline, in the prac­tice of the cardinal virtues as a cohe­rent conse­quence of the theo­lo­gical virtues; in the respon­si­bi­lity of knowing that good and evil exist, and that our freedom consists in moving in the sphere of what is Good, because this is what God has willed for us. You are my friends, if you do what I command you, Our Lord said (Jn 15:14). And this also applies to public affairs, where mora­lity has been replaced with corrup­tion, seeking personal gain, the abuse of laws, the betrayal of citi­zens and cowardly enslave­ment to hostile powers. Let’s take an example from the alle­gory of good government, depicted by Ambrogio Loren­zetti in the halls of the Palazzo Comu­nale in Siena: we will find that simpli­city of princi­ples which inspired and guided the public autho­ri­ties in the Italian muni­ci­pa­li­ties [Comuni] of the fifte­enth century.

In Italy, the non-poli­tical culture of the last 50 years produced a corrupt ruling class, and now, perhaps precisely because of this, we have a tota­li­ta­rian regime. Our beloved and wonderful country is under­going the most nega­tive effects in its history. It no longer seems to be a part of Europe or the West. The citi­zens, the indi­vi­dual people, no longer count for anything. Poli­ti­cians first of all, then governments, and now entire nations are subser­vient to the diktats of the Globa­list Agenda of the New World Order. In addi­tion to the corrup­tion mentioned above, is there any corre­la­tion with the fact that Italy was histo­ri­cally the cradle of Chris­tia­nity and the center of the Catholic Church?

Arch­bi­shop Viganò: But it’s obvious! The globa­list fury is espe­cially impac­ting in a ruth­less and cruel way the Catholic nations, against which it has conti­nued to rage for centu­ries to erase their Faith, iden­tity, culture and tradi­tions. It is precisely the Catholic coun­tries – Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland – that have suffered the most from the attack of the Masonic elite, which on the other hand favors the Protes­tant nations in which Free­ma­sonry has ruled unchal­lenged for centu­ries. With the French Revo­lu­tion the Cape­tian Monarchy was destroyed; with the First World War the Austro-Hunga­rian Empire, also Catholic, was destroyed, as well as the Orthodox Russian Empire. With the Second World War the Savoy Monarchy was destroyed, which was first an accom­plice of the so-called Risor­gi­mento and then its victim. Regime change is not a recent inno­va­tion; quite the contrary!

There are coun­tries that do not tole­rate Catholic nations being prospe­rous and compe­ti­tive, inde­pen­dent and at peace, because this would be proof that it is possible to be good Chris­tians, to have good and just laws, fair taxes, pro-family poli­cies, prospe­rity and peace. There must be no term of compa­rison. This is why they want not only the misery of the popu­la­tion, but also its corrup­tion, the ugli­ness of vices, the cynical selfi­sh­ness of profit, the enslave­ment to the lowest passions. A people healthy in soul and body, free, inde­pen­dent and proud of its iden­tity is fear­some, because it does not easily renounce what it is and does not allow itself to be subdued without reac­ting. A people who honor Christ as their King know that their rulers see them­selves as His vicars, and not as despots obedient to those who enrich them or empower them.

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Let us not forget that the French Revo­lu­tion wrested the royal crown from Jesus Christ, setting up the alleged “rights of man and of the citizen” against the sover­eign rights of God. Rights that, freed from respect for the natural moral law, now include abor­tion, eutha­nasia (even of the poor, as is the case today in Canada), “marriage” with people of the same sex, “marriage” with animals, and even “marriage” with inani­mate things (you got it right: there are propo­sals for laws appro­ving these things made by the 5 Stelle [Italian poli­tical party]), gender theory, LGBTQ ideo­logy and all the worst that a society without princi­ples and without faith can claim. The secu­la­rism of the state is not a conquest of civi­liz­a­tion, but rather a deli­be­rate choice of barba­riz­a­tion of the social body, on which the supposed neutra­lity of the government with regard to reli­gion is imposed, which in fact is a reli­gious choice of mili­tant and anti-Catholic atheism. And where the mani­pu­la­tion of the masses fails to force them to make certain “reforms,” the black­mail of EU funds takes over, given only to those who obey EU diktats. In essence, they first destroy the economy and take away national mone­tary sover­eignty and decision-making auto­nomy in fiscal and economic matters, and then tie aid to the accep­t­ance of a corrupt and selfish model of society in which no honest person would want to live. “Europe asks us to do it!” – that is, a lobby of tech­no­crats not elected by anyone and which is inspired by princi­ples totally irre­con­cil­able with the natural law and with the Catholic Faith.

But if the deep state has moved to erase the Catholic reli­gion from the public life of nations and from the private life of citi­zens, we ought to reco­gnize that the deep church has also made its own contri­bu­tion to this secu­la­riz­a­tion, ever since the Second Vatican Council, to the point of endor­sing secu­la­rism even though it was condemned by Blessed Pius IX and rele­ga­ting the doctrine of the social King­ship of Christ to a symbolic and escha­to­lo­gical dimen­sion. After sixty years of dialogue with the menta­lity of the world, Jesus Christ is no longer King even of the Catholic Church, while Bergo­glio also renounces the title of His Vicar and prefers to pass his time playing with the Pach­a­mama in St. Peter’s.

The artfully created psycho-pandemic has produced psychosis, panic, terror, and physical and mental suffe­ring that has left an inde­lible mark, severe social unrest, some­thing that has never before occurred in such a way in human history. They have reduced man to a zombie. What is the message that can be conveyed in the face of this imposed conforming and format­ting of the population?

Arch­bi­shop Viganò: You rightly used the term “format­ting,” which in a certain sense recalls precisely the Great Reset inau­gu­rated by the psycho-pandemia and which today conti­nues with the war and energy emer­gency. We must ask ourselves what may have led entire nations to aposta­tize their Faith, to erase their iden­tity without remorse, to forget their tradi­tions, allowing them­selves to be shaped on the model of the Anglo-Saxon idea of the melting pot. This ques­tion applies espe­cially to our beloved Italy, disfi­gured by decades of ideo­lo­gical subor­di­na­tion on the one hand to the French left or Soviet Commu­nism, and on the other to “Neo-Con” American Libe­ra­lism. Today we see that Chinese commu­nism and globa­list libe­ra­lism have merged toge­ther in the Davos World Economic Forum, threa­tening the whole world and our country in particular.

Of course, the Second World War created the condi­tions for the colo­niz­a­tion of Italy, according to a conso­li­dated model that we see still adopted today by NATO: destroy, bomb, and raze to the ground real or presumed dicta­tor­s­hips, in order to replace them with puppet regimes at the service of foreign inte­rests. Redis­co­vering the pride of affir­ming one’s iden­tity and sover­eignty is an essen­tial step for the redemp­tion of Italy and the recon­struc­tion of all that has been destroyed. That is why I consider that the model of multi­po­la­rity is an inte­res­ting prospect to combat the globa­list Levia­than that today threa­tens us in all aspects of ever­yday life.

The defeat of the deep state by the healthy forces within the United States of America will be the premise for a peaceful coexis­tence of nations, without there being one nation that consi­ders itself supe­rior and legi­ti­mized to subju­gate the others. This is why Donald Trump was ousted by elec­toral fraud from the Presi­dency of the United States, repla­cing him – yet another regime change – with a character so corrupt that he is unable to govern without being maneuvered.

Can it be said that the West is in crisis because it rejects God and the natural law, and above all because it unde­re­sti­mates the value of life and has made a huge mistake from a moral, economic, and social point of view that has led to the current ethical drift and to moral decline?

Arch­bi­shop Viganò: I do not think we can speak of a “mistake;” it is rather a fraud, a betrayal carried out by those who, in posi­tions of power, have guil­tily decided to trans­form Italy into a colony partly of Germany (as far as economy), partly of France (as far as culture), partly of the United States (as far as inter­na­tional poli­tics), and partly of the entire Euro­pean Union (as far as fiscal policy and so-called reforms). We are always subser­vient to someone, despite the fact that our country has shown many times in history – in times that were much more diffi­cult and trou­bled – that it can compete very well with great foreign powers.

The basic problem is that the governments we have had – since the Savoy Monarchy – have been comple­tely mano­eu­vred by Free­ma­sonry, deci­ding on reforms, decla­ring wars, drawing borders and stipu­la­ting trea­ties always and only on the orders of the Lodges. Noto­riously Masonic parlia­men­ta­rians, Free­mason minis­ters, Masonic univer­sity profes­sors, primary Free­ma­sons, senior Masonic offi­cers, Free­mason publis­hers and Free­mason bishops have obeyed the oath of alle­gi­ance to the Grand Lodge and betrayed the inte­rests of the Italian Nation. Today Free­ma­sonry avails itself of its “secular arm,” the Davos Forum, which sets the agenda for the United Nations, the World Health Orga­niz­a­tion, the Euro­pean Union, the various “phil­an­thropic” foun­da­tions, the poli­tical parties and the Bergo­glian church.

But the fact that this coup d’état is so vast and bran­ched does not imply that it is less real; indeed, the present situa­tion is very serious precisely because it involves hund­reds of nations that are in fact governed by a single elite group of criminal conspi­ra­tors. On the other hand, there is no need to talk of “conspi­racy theo­ries”: just listen to what the main archi­tect of the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, said on May 23 while spea­king at the Davos Forum: “The future is not built by itself: it is we [of the World Economic Forum] who will build the future. We have the means to impose the world we want. And we can do this by acting as a ‘stake­holder’ in the commu­nities and colla­bo­ra­ting with each other” (here and here).

The Ukrai­nian crisis is also part of this plan: “With the right narra­tive we will use the war to make you green.” Schwab’s advisor, Yuval Noah Harari – who sums up all the “talents” of the woke intel­lec­tual as an Israeli, homo­se­xual, vegan animal rights acti­vist, who is anti-Putin and anti-Russian, as well as fier­cely against Trump – went so far as to state shamel­essly: “In ten years, ever­yone will have a brain implant and eternal life in the digital realm… Google and Micro­soft will decide which book we should read, who to marry, where to work and who to vote for…” (here). Harari is the author of various essays, inclu­ding Sapiens. Da animali a dèi. Breve storia dell’umanità. [Sapiens. From Animals to Gods. A Brief History of Huma­nity] (2011) and of Homo Deus. Breve storia del futuro. [Homo Deus. A Brief History of the Future] (2015). It is the nonsen­sical raving of the trans­human man who thinks he can defeat death and make himself a god.

The fraud carried out against the Italian people was that of making them believe, begin­ning in the nine­teenth century, that it was their will to free them­selves from the yoke of the tyranny of the various pre-unifi­ca­tion Italian states, under the aegis of the Piemon­tesi rulers who were obedient to Free­ma­sonry; that it was their will to rebel against the autho­rity of the legi­ti­mate Sover­eigns in the name of “freedom,” without under­stan­ding that they would be subjected to much worse corrupt indi­vi­duals; that it was their will to get rid of the Savoy Monarchy in the immediate post-war period in order to set up the Italian Repu­blic in its place; that it was their will to join the Euro­pean Union with the mirage of the Eldo­rado [that it would lead to wealth and prospe­rity], and then find out what decep­tion all this repre­sented. And who was behind these demands for freedom, demo­cracy, progress? Always and only Free­ma­sonry, with its servants infil­trated everywhere.

Perhaps the time has come for Italians to begin to decide their own future without it being dictated by full-blown trai­tors, and for trai­tors to be judged for what they are – criminal conspi­ra­tors – ousting them forever from poli­tics and from any possi­bi­lity of inter­fe­ring with the life of the country. Let the magis­trates and the police remember that very soon those who supported this dicta­to­rial regime will be consi­dered a colla­bo­rator and condemned as such. A jolt of dignity and honor on their part right now would still be credible.

Why does the West, so rich in history and culture, not consider the effects of this atti­tude which contra­dicts and denies the natural law? How is it possible for rational man to deny it?

Arch­bi­shop Viganò: Man is rational, yes. But he is also subject to the passions, to concu­p­is­cence, to the seduc­tions of the world. Only in the life of super­na­tural grace is man helped by God to preserve himself in friendship with God and able to act in the good. But what has the much-cele­brated move­ment of Roman­ti­cism taught us, if not that reason must yield to feeling and that the will cannot govern the passions, that “the heart is not commanded,” while in fact the oppo­site is true? Here too we see how, with opera­tions of mani­pu­la­tion of the rela­tively banal masses – star­ting with Giuseppe Verdi, all opera and novels – the percep­tion of moral duty in the people and in the bour­geoisie has been erased, repla­cing it with enslave­ment to irra­tio­na­lity and momen­tary passion, with all the damage that has followed.

At the origin of the denial of the natural law there is rela­ti­vism, consi­de­ring all ideas accep­table and legi­ti­mate, denying the exis­tence of a trans­cen­dent principle inscribed in man by the Creator. History, culture, and art then become pheno­mena to be analyzed in a socio­lo­gical or psycho­lo­gical key and are no longer what consti­tutes a civi­liz­a­tion. But be careful: those who deny God as Creator and Redeemer do so not to allow those who are not Chris­tians to prac­tice their reli­gion, but rather in order to prevent those who are Chris­tians from shaping society according to the princi­ples of social doctrine and the common good. Behind all this are people who hate Our Lord.

The ques­tion you ask me, Dr. Manoc­chia, should then be: “Why should Satan’s servants stop detes­ting ever­ything that even remo­tely resem­bles Christ, since they have always done so?” To think that we can have a dialogue with an enemy who wants to destroy us is either irre­spon­sible or criminal: there are enemies who must be defeated without any scruple since they are devoted to evil.

The fault of the West is to have believed the lies of the Revo­lu­tion, – which was also a Great Reset – to have allowed itself to be dragged into a whirl­pool of rebel­lion and apostasy, of violence and death. But isn’t that ulti­mately what happened to Adam and Eve when they let them­selves be tempted by the Serpent? Even then Satan’s promise was patently false and menda­cious, but Adam and Eve succumbed to the tempter’s words – You will be like gods! – and they disco­vered that they had been deceived.

What did we Wester­ners think we could achieve by cutting off the heads of kings, nobles and prelates? What did we think could improve, with charac­ters like Fouchet, Danton, Robes­pierre and the whole jumble of corrupt assas­sins that was supposed to replace those who were guil­lo­tined? Did any of us really think that allowing divorce was progress? Or that giving the mother the right to kill the child she carries in her womb was a conquest of freedom? Or that poiso­ning the elderly in their sleep or the sick or the poor is a sign of civi­liz­a­tion? Is there anyone who is honestly convinced that the osten­ta­tion of the most abomin­able vices is a funda­mental right, or that a person can change his sex, grotes­quely modi­fying what Nature has already decided? Those who accept these horrors do so only because these horrors are imposed as a model of “civi­liz­a­tion” and “progress,” and those who accept them want to follow the masses without stan­ding out.

The problem is that contem­porary man is the son of the Revo­lu­tion, uncon­sciously indoc­tri­nated into “poli­tical correct­ness,” to rela­ti­vism, to the idea that there is no objec­tive truth and that all ideas are equally accep­table. This disease of thought is the first cause of the success of the advers­a­ries, because many people ally them­selves with accep­ting their princi­ples without under­stan­ding that it is precisely those ideas that have made it possible to trans­form our society [in such a dest­ruc­tive way].

Enslave­ment to the Euro­pean Union – and its infernal ideo­logy – was just one of the last steps by which Italy was given the coup de grace. That is why, when I hear praise for the Revo­lu­tion, the decla­ra­tion of human rights, the Enligh­ten­ment, the Risor­gi­mento and the Expe­di­tion of the Thousand [a legen­dary patriotic moment in the history of Italian reuni­fi­ca­tion in 1860], I shudder: globa­lism is the meta­stasis of all modern errors, which only the Church – from her very begin­ning – has known how to condemn with fore­sight. And in fact, if globa­lism has expe­ri­enced an acce­le­ra­tion, we owe it precisely to the fact that since Vatican II the hier­archy has been trans­formed from being a sworn enemy of the Masonic conspi­racy into its zealous ally.

The West is under­going a constant and unstopp­able demo­gra­phic decline, with all of the conse­quences that this entails. The current “Vulgate” main­tains that it is a worrying pheno­menon for huma­nity because it will cause greater poverty. Could demo­gra­phic decline be the main cause of economic decline? This pheno­menon does not seem to concern the governments of Western coun­tries. Why is this so, in your opinion?

Arch­bi­shop Viganò: We know, by the explicit admis­sion of the globa­lists, that their main purpose is to drasti­cally reduce the world’s popu­la­tion. Italian Minister for Ecolo­gical Tran­si­tion Roberto Cingo­lani – who coin­ci­dent­ally comes from the Leonardo [aero­space, defense and secu­rity] company – claims that the planet is “desi­gned” for no more than three billion people. He should graciously explain to us how he proposes to elimi­nate the diffe­rence, and above all who has ever autho­rized him – along with his government, the Euro­pean Union, the U.N., the WHO and the whole globa­list mafia – to decide motu proprio to proceed in this direc­tion with abor­tion, eutha­nasia, pande­mics, expe­ri­mental serums, wars, famines, and mass homo­se­xua­lity. Who appointed them “horsemen of the Apoca­lypse”? Who approved their project by popular vote, assuming that such a project could ever be proposed for approval by a nation’s citizens?

It does not surprise me, there­fore, that Western leaders are not concerned about the falling birth rate, the data of which for our country is largely offset by the presence of many non-EU citi­zens, who are much more prolific than Italians. The decrease in popu­la­tion is the result of the premises that have been set precisely for this purpose, just as the lock­downs served to destroy the economy that had already been lain prostrate by compe­ti­tion from multi­na­tional corpo­ra­tions and unfair taxa­tion. In short: we are being governed by members of a global lobby of criminal conspi­ra­tors who tell us directly that their plan is to elimi­nate us, and the whole time we are sitting here wonde­ring why we have to wear masks on buses and not in restaurants.

Do those who do not accept nihi­listic and neo-Malthu­sian theo­ries, perhaps because they are faithful to the princi­ples of Chris­tia­nity, risk being removed from posi­tions of power?

Arch­bi­shop Viganò: But it is obvious: those who do not support the psycho­pan­demic narra­tive, gender theory, LGBTQ ideo­logy, the collec­ti­vist libe­ra­lism of the WEF, the New World Order, and the great universal reli­gion are ostra­cized, dele­gi­ti­mized, and passed off as crazy or criminal. Any dissen­ting voice is uncom­for­table when power is based on psycho­lo­gical violence and mass mani­pu­la­tion. It happens to the doctor who does not accept the Sper­anza [Italian health’s minister] proto­cols, to the teacher who does not discri­mi­nate against the unvac­ci­nated, to the jour­na­list who reports the truth about Ukrai­nian neo-Nazis, to the parish priest who does not want to undergo inocu­la­tion, and to the cardinal who denounces the enslave­ment of the Vatican to the Chinese dictatorship.

Spea­king of life and the natural law also means talking about the back­bone of society, the family. Apart from the decli­ning birth rate, what are the conse­quences of the economic crisis on the family?

Arch­bi­shop Viganò: The family is certainly at the center of the globa­lists’ attack. Family means tradi­tion, iden­tity, faith, mutual help and support, and the trans­mis­sion of princi­ples and values. Family means father and mother, each with their own specific role, irre­pla­ce­able and not inter­ch­an­ge­able, both in the mutual rela­ti­onship between the spouses and also in the educa­tion of children, as well as towards the commu­nity. Family means lived reli­gion, reli­gion that is commu­ni­cated through small gestures, good habits, the forma­tion of consci­ence and moral sense.

You can well under­stand that striking at the family leads inde­fec­tibly to the disso­lu­tion of the social body, which by nature is inca­pable of repla­cing the role of the family. And so we have the following: divorce, abor­tion, same-sex “marriage,” adop­tion of children by single people or irre­gular couples, the depri­va­tion of parental autho­rity for ideo­lo­gical reasons, the elimi­na­tion of grand­par­ents and rela­tives from domestic life, working condi­tions for mothers that do not allow them to perform family tasks, pena­liz­a­tion of women who are married or who have children when they seek employ­ment, indoc­tri­na­tion of children begin­ning in elemen­tary school. In this field too, coura­geous and deter­mined action is needed for the defense of the natural family and for the protec­tion of the rights of parents in the educa­tion of their children, who are not the property of the state.


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  1. A bunch of homo­se­xuals have made a decision at a party where there was much consumed and this is the outcome? If family is out, then whats left? This might just be a joke but it might be the truth cause nothing surprises me anymore.

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