China-US rela­tions at a cross­roads: the diplo­matic wisdom of Kissinger’s visit to China

20. Juli 2023: Henry Kissinger (100) musste persönlich zu Xi Jinping, denn Sleepy Joe und seine Administration können es einfach nicht und müssen zu Hause bleiben | Foto: Xinhua

Xi Jinping, the Chinese Presi­dent held a meeting with former US diplomat Henry Kissinger in Beijing, prai­sing him as an “old friend” and acknow­led­ging his historic contri­bu­tions to foste­ring China-US relations.

During their meeting, Presi­dent Xi empha­sized the poten­tial for both China and the US to succeed and prosper toge­ther. He expressed hope that influ­en­tial figures like Kissinger would play a cons­truc­tive role in resto­ring bila­teral ties to the right track, parti­cu­larly as China-US rela­tions are at a critical juncture.

Chinese analysts noted that Kissinger’s visit to China, being the latest high-profile US public figure to do so after visits by other US offi­cials, indi­cates an acce­le­ra­ting resump­tion of high-level inter­ac­tions between the two count­ries. This visit has created a posi­tive momentum for impro­ving the bila­teral rela­tions, which have been strained due to Washington’s poli­cies aimed at contai­ning and encir­cling China.

Chinese offi­cials and experts urged the US to capi­ta­lize on this momentum by taking concrete steps in line with Presi­dent Joe Biden’s commit­ments. Some sugges­tions included scrap­ping addi­tional tariffs, promo­ting people-to-people exch­anges, setting boun­da­ries on tech rest­ric­tions, and acting prudently on the sensi­tive issue of Taiwan.

During the meeting at Villa 5 of the Diaoyutai State Guest­house, where Kissinger’s first meeting with Chinese leaders took place over five decades ago, Presi­dent Xi high­lighted the special signi­fi­cance of the visit. He commended Kissinger’s frequent visits to China, stres­sing that the Chinese people value friend­ship and never forget the contri­bu­tions made by their old friends.

Looking back at history, Xi recalled how Chairman Mao Zedong, Premier Zhou Enlai, Presi­dent Richard Nixon, and Kissinger, with their stra­tegic vision, made the right decision to coope­rate and norma­lize China-US rela­tions fifty-two years ago.

As the world under­goes signi­fi­cant trans­for­ma­tions and the inter­na­tional land­scape expe­ri­ences major shifts, Xi empha­sized that China and the US are once again facing a crucial decision about their future relationship.

This article was published on VOICE OF EUROPE

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