Dutch govern­ment to force citi­zens to take in migrants in their own homes!

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Just like the farmers‘ protests that have been going on for weeks, an extre­mely explo­sive vote in the Dutch parlia­ment went almost unno­ticed by the world. There, a plan of Mark Rutte’s globa­list govern­ment was approved, which, among other things, provides for the forced accom­mo­da­tion of refu­gees in the private homes of citizens.

Govern­ment can even relo­cate citi­zens for the benefit of migrants!

The Dutch parlia­ment now passes a law („Popu­la­tion Relo­ca­tion Act“) that allows the govern­ment to require people to house refu­gees. For example, the govern­ment can require citi­zens to provide „refu­gees“ with rooms in their own homes and to feed them.

If neces­sary, the govern­ment can also resettle people – that is, evict them from their own homes – to accom­mo­date refu­gees. Here is how the various parties in the Dutch parlia­ment voted:

Wartime law reactivated

The Senate (Eerste Kamer) must now give its final bles­sing to the law. The law itself origi­nally dates from 1952 and was conceived in the context of the war and its after­math. Perhaps not coin­ci­den­tally, Dutch Prime Minister Rutte recently said publicly, „The war in Ukraine is also our war“, which was perhaps done with a view to justi­fying the acti­va­tion of this law.

Although the govern­ment empha­sises that there will be no forced housing of refu­gees or forced resett­le­ment at the moment, and there are no plans to do so. But the law is about giving the govern­ment this power.

Housing only for „refu­gees“?

In the Nether­lands, a large part of the housing is subsi­dised housing. Waiting lists can be over a decade long. One large city, Utrecht, has just announced that for the next six weeks newly available housing will only be given to refu­gees. It seems that those respon­sible are deli­bera­tely setting out to provoke and divide.

The fact that housing levies are also possible in Germany is proven, among other things, by a case that the online rese­arch maga­zine dokumentationsarchiv.com was able to discover: A mother with three (!) children had her flat termi­nated because of asylum seekers‘ accom­mo­da­tion. Here is the link.

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