Expo­nen­tial increase in athlete deaths (+ 1700%) and myocar­ditis in young men

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By MATTHIAS OLDORFF | At inter­vals of a few weeks, more and more rese­arch results are beco­ming known that suggest a clear causa­lity between various heart dise­ases, espe­ci­ally myocar­ditis, peri­car­ditis and heart attacks, and previously admi­nis­tered Sars-Cov mRNA vaccines. The numbers, espe­ci­ally from English-spea­king count­ries, are so dramatic that mass vacci­na­tion should be stopped imme­dia­tely! A clini­cally vali­dated test shows an increased risk of coro­nary syndrome, a blockage of the coro­nary arte­ries, after the second mRNA vacci­na­tion. This test contains protein markers that are also rele­vant for other heart dise­ases such as myocar­ditis. So in addi­tion to these purely obser­va­tional-statis­tical surveys, there are also more and more scien­tific articles that can estab­lish such a connec­tion at the mole­cular level.



In a new rese­arch paper, the US health autho­rity CDC has coll­ected the myocar­ditis cases after Pfizer-Biontech and Moderna mRNA vacci­na­tions based on entries in the vaccine injury data­base VAERS [Link]. The data were analysed toge­ther with US univer­si­ties and hospi­tals. A total of 1626 cases of myocar­ditis, or inflamm­a­tion of the heart, an auto­im­mune disease, were iden­ti­fied. Due to the inflamm­a­tion, the heart muscle enlarges and at the same time loses its effi­ci­ency, scar tissue deve­lops. In order to provide the same neces­sary pumping power as before, the heart has to work harder.

Espe­ci­ally young men affected by vacci­na­tion myocarditis

Espe­ci­ally after the 2nd vacci­na­tion shot, the risk of contrac­ting the disease increases very strongly: 105.5 cases / 1 million doses admi­nis­tered occurred in the most affected group of 16–17 year-old male adole­s­cents. Slightly fewer cases occurred in 12–15 year-old male adole­s­cents (70.7 cases per 1 million doses admi­nis­tered) and 18–24 year-old young men (52.4–56.3 cases per 1 million doses admi­nis­tered). Most of those who fell ill (82%) were male adole­s­cents who were admitted to hospital (96%). They also complained of chest pain, pres­sure, discom­fort (89%), short­ness of breath (30%), heart rhythm distur­bances (72%). There was also a change in the heart on imaging (MRI, link) in 72% of cases.

Myocar­ditis risk increased by a factor of 133 through mRNA vaccination

Another study by the American health autho­rity CDC suggests that mRNA vacci­na­tions (Pfizer, Moderna) increase the risk of myocar­ditis, an incurable inflamm­a­tion of the heart muscle tissue, by a factor of 133! This means that a drastic increase in heart disease, in many cases fatal, is to be expected in the general population.

The US cardio­lo­gists‘ asso­cia­tions (American Heart Asso­cia­tion and American College of Cardio­logy) advise pati­ents to stop compe­ti­tive sports for 3–6 months and to resume them only after their cardiac perfor­mance has been restored. They strongly advise against follow-up vacci­na­tions for those who have had the disease [Link].The cases of peri­car­ditis, i.e. inflamm­a­tion of the peri­car­dium, are also incre­asing expo­nen­ti­ally. Here are the dramatic combined case numbers of myocar­ditis and peri­car­ditis in the US vaccine injury data­base VAERS [link]:

Source: openvaers.com/%5B/caption%5D

Vaccine injury data­base VAERS: only 1% of cases entered!

The vacci­na­tion damage data­bases operated by the health autho­ri­ties, such as VAERS, state that only a frac­tion of the cases are even entered. The actual number of people who have fallen ill is ther­e­fore many times higher. The figures entered there by doctors or hospital staff are in turn used by the CDC, the US Centers for Disease Control, as the basis for their publi­ca­tions such as the one mentioned above. So the drama of the numbers is not even remo­tely reflected!

„Under­re­porting“ refers to the fact that VAERS receives reports for only a small propor­tion of actual adverse events. The extent of under­re­porting varies widely.“

VAERS, 8.6.2022
1700 % more young athletes have died since vacci­na­tion began
This obser­va­tion is based on a compa­rison of offi­cial deaths in the last 16 months with compa­ra­tive values from a rela­tively long period of 39 years. In both periods, the athletes died predo­mi­nantly from cardio­vas­cular failure.

Source: expose-news.com/2022/06/04/athlete-deaths-18x-higher-than-expected/%5B/caption%5D

The monthly average of athlete deaths between January 2021 and April 2022 has increased by 1700% compared to the period from 1966 to 2004. Even greater increases can be expected in the fore­seeable future: in March 2022, the death toll tripled again compared to the monthly average in 2021. If this trend conti­nues, it would even be an increase of 4120 %!

The compa­ra­tive study (1966–2004) was intended to improve the Inter­na­tional Olympic Committee’s (IOC) health protocol for parti­ci­pants in compe­ti­tions. The main cause of death at that time was an increased failure of the cardio­vas­cular system compared to the normal popu­la­tion (2.5 : 1 cases). Of the cases coll­ected in the study, heart failure was the cause of death in 90%, and there were a total of 1101 deaths over the 39 years [link]. In compa­rison, between January 2021 and April 2022 alone, 683 athletes died. The worst month (in terms of the figures coll­ected) was March with 91 deaths, April has not yet been fully evaluated [link].

chart: goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/%5B/caption%5D

PLUS Cardiac Test: second vacci­na­tion increases risk of coro­nary syndrome

A newly deve­loped clinical test, PLUS Cardiac Test, can predict acute coro­nary syndrome (ACS), a narro­wing of the coro­nary arte­ries, with a high degree of accu­racy. This test uses so-called protein markers, inclu­ding IL-16 (cyto­kine), soluble Fas (apoptosis or cell death marker), liver cell or hepa­to­cyte growth factor (HGF), which indi­cates chemo­taxis of T immune cells into the cardiac epithe­lium, and a number of others. Accor­ding to the PLUS test, after the second mRNA vacci­na­tion (Pfizer or Moderna), the 5‑year risk of deve­lo­ping coro­nary syndrome increased to 25% compared to the unvac­ci­nated, who had an ACS risk of 11%. HGF also plays a role in the inflamm­a­tion of the heart muscle (myocar­ditis), as does the apoptosis marker sFas [link].

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