Foot­ball match in Buda­pest – Because of slave knee­ling: 35,000 Hunga­rian children boo English national team down


By our Hungary corre­spon­dent Elmar Forster

National iden­tity versus slave morality

Death of a gladiator

England against Hungary

Tole­rance in prac­tice in the Hunga­rian national team.Ungarische Jubeltraube: Adam Szalai (Mitte) freut sich mit Siegtorschütze Dominik Szoboszlai (l.).

Nothing shows the diffe­rence between a decom­posed Western slave mora­lity from the spirit of poli­tical correct­ness and a national and indi­vi­dual resi­li­ence more clearly than what happened yesterday in Budapest’s Puskas foot­ball stadium…

For Western media, it is an unpar­al­leled breach of taboo: The few who are not trying to hush up this multiple Hunga­rian victory – sporting, mental, histo­rical – are hyper­ven­ti­la­ting right now as usual:

„Scandal in Budapest !“

„Despite the ban on spec­ta­tors because of discri­mi­na­tory beha­viour of its fans, the stands were well filled at the Nations League home match of the Hunga­rian national foot­ball team on Saturday against England (1:0). Even worse, there were whistles from the stands and incom­pre­hen­sion from the players for the British knee­ling.“ (Krone)

Hier der Link:

Prime Minister Orban: „Well done, boys !“ (magyar nemzet)

Post­script: „You can even see it from the moon.“ – Sly histo­rical context: the 60-year foot­ball victory occurred just on the anni­ver­sary of the Trianon Dicta­tor­ship Peace 102 years ago.

And thus, however, history always remains impla­cable with its ques­tion of histo­rical truth: „100 years ago, some said correctly: we will be present at the burial of those who wanted to bury us.“ (Orbán) „Today there is no Czechos­lo­vakia, no Yugo­slavia and no Soviet Union, no British Empire, no French Empire. And what is left of them is now spin­ning in the multi­cul­tural embrace of their vengeful colo­nies.“ (Orban) (Here is my analysis on UM: „100 Years of Trianon. The Broken Silence.“

„Menj vissza anyádba !“ – A Hunga­rian didactic play

At the same time, however, ever­y­thing is also a lesson about sustainable Hunga­rian resis­tance against a deca­dent, arro­gant, East-racist Western pseudo-mora­lity that wants to impose its tota­li­ta­rian poli­tical correct­ness on the whole world. The former will to resist has already won against the Turks, the Habs­burgs, the Soviet Union and against billionaire Soros.

You just have to be able to wait… And show off Western Eastern racism with Schwejk´ian subver­sion… After all, last year the strictly poli­tical-correct UEFA initiated criminal procee­dings against Hungary’s national team for alleged discri­mi­na­tory beha­viour: Two compul­sory home matches were to be played without spec­ta­tors. However, UEFA did not reckon with its Hunga­rian host. Because accor­ding to UEFA regu­la­tions, in the case of ordered „ghost matches“, even – as it seemed until then – only inno­cent children (up to the age of 14) are allowed into the stadium anyway, if they are accom­pa­nied by an adult.

After all, the Puska Arena was well filled with 40,000 visi­tors. But then the unex­pected happened: when the English knee­lers went down on their knees as usual as a sign against racism and discri­mi­na­tion, a deafe­ning caco­phony of children’s boo whistles rang out. But the inten­tion of the Euro­pean umbrella orga­ni­sa­tion to punish Hungary was virtually thwarted.

England’s ‚deeply disap­pointed‘ national team goes down on their knees in front of children

Whether the 1–0 defeat then suffered by Hungary could have anything to do with this unex­pected and psycho­lo­gi­cally disgraceful children’s crusade, the England national foot­ball bubis will then be allowed to cry on their return to psycho­the­rapy group sessions. England national concern foot­baller Coady already set the tone: „It’s a big disap­point­ment. I think ever­yone can under­stand the knee­ling as a country and a team. After all, we’ve talked a lot about why we’re doing it.“ (in, vadhaj­tasok)

Hunga­rian for „deepest contempt“: „Menj vissza anyádba !“

On Coady’s defi­antly sense­less civi­lian courage.…

„It is important to continue what we are doing to get people talking about the situa­tion. We will continue to fight against racism.“

…the Hunga­rian children responded with an abysmal contempt inherent only in the Hunga­rian menta­lity and language: „Menj vissza anyádba !“ Which means, „Go back to your mother !“ – Western visi­tors to our blog will have to use their imagi­na­tion a bit now, though – with so much anti-femi­nist sexism.… The Hunga­rian language, however, is even more explicit in this regard: „Menj vissza a picsaba !“ – „Go back to the cunt !“ and this is really not to be unders­tood sexu­ally, but regressively…

Hungary mon amour

Claudia Roth: Green Ex-Vice-Presi­dent of the German Bundestag on Headscarf-Knee-fall on Arabia VisitQuellbild anzeigen Kunhalmi Ágnes.jpg

Agnes Kunhalmi, Vice-Presi­dent of the Hunga­rian Socialists

As an expa­triate Austrian in Hungary since 1992, I am proud to para­phrase John F. Kennedy’s famous saying: „I am a Hunga­rian!“ – Because here in Hungary, even left-green female Soros acti­vists have remained gracefully feminine.

(Video ankli­cken!)

„Black Panthers“ now in Budapest

Times change, history repeats itself… Only under diffe­rent auspices: The US-American anit-racist Black Panther move­ment has kneeled to death. The future of the world always lies in the unspoiled spon­ta­n­eity of children… Even the old-left grandpa Gröne­meyer knew that… „Put the world in children’s hands!“

However, and this is the message from Buda­pest: The future does not lie in the hands of mani­pu­lated and early-sexua­lised, affluent Fridays-for-Future kiddies… Nietz­sche already knew that: „In the real man there is a child hidden. And wants to play.“

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  1. Thanks @Elmar…that’s a great article and shows how a bunch of children face global MSM 

    Finally, global MSM behaves like babies with their reac­tion and the children in Buda­pest Stadium have shown, they are more adult like MSM …LOL

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