Go Woke, Get Broke: CNN, Netflix & 50% drop in Disney share price!

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By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | The enter­tain­ment industry is incre­asingly having to pay expen­sive educa­tional money for the propa­ga­tion of woke phra­seo­lo­gies. In 2019, Gilette and its parent company Procter & Gambler alien­ated their own custo­mers with an acti­vist adver­ti­se­ment about „toxic mascu­li­nity“ and lost the incre­dible sum of $8 billion [link]. Since 2016 at the latest, there has been an inten­si­fying conflict between the acti­vist left, which wants to poli­ti­cise all content, and the fed-up viewers, who react by refu­sing to consume. In this way, they are putting incre­asing pres­sure on the finan­ci­ally strong corporations.

Left-wing jour­na­lists called their oppon­ents „racists, homo­phobes, hypo­crites, sexists and miso­gy­nists“ in Gamer­gate and Comic­s­gate, trig­ge­ring strong reac­tions and a culture war [link, link]. This morally dressed-up power struggle is about cultural inter­pre­ta­tive sove­reignty over enter­tain­ment programmes.

Huge revenue losses for Netflix

Netflix lost over 200,000 subscri­bers in the first quarter of 2022, and even expects to lose another 2 million paying custo­mers in the second quarter. In addi­tion, the strea­ming service lost 700,000 subscri­bers due to its decision to leave the Russian market. Shares fell from $700 to just $190. Actually, the 2021 covid rest­ric­tions and lock­downs should have trig­gered gold rush senti­ment, yet the provider is losing custo­mers in droves. In fact, the decline in sales is due to content! An internal company state­ment [link] provides infor­ma­tion on this.

Netflix pulls emer­gency brake

„Depen­ding on your role, you may have to work on titles that you find harmful,“ the notice conti­nues. „If you would find it diffi­cult to support our breadth of content, Netflix may not be the best place for you.“

Netflix Jobs [link]

Elon Musk spoke of a woke virus that defines cultural produc­tion at Netflix, that is, an obses­sion with sexual, ethnic and other mino­ri­ties [link]. In the future, it will no longer be girls with degrees in gender studies who decide what kind of programme viewers get to watch. Those who don’t like it can leave. That’s the gist of a memo that caused a stir at the Los Gatos, Cali­fornia-based company [link, link]. Back­ground: Last year there had been protests by woke employees because of the show „The Closer“ by Dave Chap­pelle, who was accused of being insen­si­tive to trans­gender issues [link].

Disney loses $50m

While Netflix seems to be adap­tive, Disney is less respon­sive. In the first quarter of 2022, the Burbank, Cali­fornia-based media company is also leading huge losses. The 8.5% plunge in shares [link] coin­cided with Disney’s culture war over LGBT educa­tion mate­rials and parental say-so rights in Florida’s schools. Acti­vist employees and woke media had urged the enter­tain­ment company to stand up to Florida’s conser­va­tive governor de Santis, CEO Bob Chapek raised the pros­pect of no longer dona­ting to Florida Repu­bli­cans [link]. In response, Disney lost legal privi­leges, namely self-gover­nance over the Disney theme park, which had previously been an auto­no­mous admi­nis­tra­tive district [link]. Disney Pixar’s film „Ligh­tyear“ flopped at the box office. The spin-off story (spin-off) of the Toy Story fran­chise, a children’s film that is, scared off parents with a lesbian love story [link].

Disney is incre­asingly spre­a­ding demon worship [link] and LGBT issues [link, link] in its children’s shows. Disney Pixar’s film „Ligh­tyear“ flopped at the box office. The spin-off story of the Toy Story fran­chise, a children’s film that is, scared off parents with a lesbian love story [link]. Mean­while, there are popular YouTube chan­nels picking apart the subver­sion of woke ideo­lo­gies in Disney family enter­tain­ment (Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar). If the first quarter of 2022 was already bad for Disney, things were about to get really disas­trous for the corpo­ra­tion in the second quarter! Compared to June of the previous year, the shares lost almost 50% of their value [link]!

CNN and J. K Rowling

Femi­nist J.K. Rowling had fallen out of favour with trans acti­vists for daring to empha­sise the two sexes of humans. Rowling is now allowed to help produce a new Harry Potter series for HBO Max [link]. How the majo­rity of consu­mers will react to the various „diverse“ adapt­a­tions of the Celtic-Germanic lore of Lord of The Rings in the new Amazon series remains to be seen [link].

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