Grotesque psycho­paths of the N.Y. Times: Canni­ba­lism against „climate change“

IMDb, 2022... die überleben wollen... (1973)

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER |The New York Times, which calls itself a „news­paper of record“, wants to break another taboo and norma­lise canni­ba­lism. It is now „in“ to eat one’s fellow human beings, it happens more and more often in series and films, and it is also about „climate change“, so the lame justi­fi­ca­tion. Such and other attempts by elitist misan­thropes to norma­lise unna­tural perver­sions can only surprise those who have no idea of back­ground politics.…

In the article it says loftily „Canni­ba­lism has a time and a place“ [link, link], the author Alex Beggs usually writes in the cooking maga­zine Bon appétit [link, link]. She refers to the TV series Yello­wjacks [link].

New York Times, Twitter Post

Mentally ill-stupid justifications

In it, a girl is stalked, butchered and served on the table like venison. The people respon­sible for the series, Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, are concerned to show that canni­ba­lism does not only occur in extreme survival situa­tions such as ship­w­recks, etc. Diffu­sely, Lyle talks about how „we are obviously in a very strange time“. With the „pandemic, climate change, school shoo­tings“ and „years of poli­tical caco­phony“, suddenly „the unthinkable has become the thinkable“, „and canni­ba­lism falls right into that cate­gory of the unthinkable.“

The comm­ents of their co-producer Bart Nickerson already hint at what it’s really about, which is acting out and norma­li­sing the perver­sions of occult ritual: „But I keep coming back to the idea that part of our aver­sion to these things is a fear of their ecstasy.“ [link]


This is not the only article in the New York Times that casts canni­ba­lism in a posi­tive light. A report on James Cole’s rese­arch from 2017 looks as if the use of human bodies for nutri­tional purposes could be considered, as it discusses the high caloric value of human organs and body parts [link].

Source: Scien­tific Reports; Illus­tra­tions by Dr. James Cole

Shit Storm: „Enemy of the people“, „Sata­nism“

On Twitter, the article was badly received and trig­gered a Shit Storm [link, link]. The follo­wing are a number of incisive state­ments by leading writers and journalists:

„The New York Times, the progres­sive media in general, and the left are promo­ters of all things deviant in huma­nity. Paedo­philia, child indoc­tri­na­tion and now canni­ba­lism. Sick.“

Author Emma­nuel Rincon, link

„The NY Times takes a break from promo­ting the mass killing of the unborn through abor­tion and promotes cannibalism.“

Jour­na­list Tom Fitton, link

„The New York Times is leaning far too hard and far too lite­rally on the already well-deserved epithet ‚enemy of the people‘.“

Jour­na­list Mollie Hemingway, link

„Post-Chris­tian culture is very much like pre-Chris­tian culture“.

Colum­nist Jon Gabriel, link

„These people tell us that eating meat is bad and that the world is ending, but fully endorse cannibalism.“

Schrift­stel­le­ring Gabri­ella Hoff­mann, link

„If a NYT jour­na­list invites you to dinner, don’t go.“

Come­dian Tiernan Douieb, link

Soylent Green or …year 2022…, the future planned for us?

The attempt to elimi­nate or at least miti­gate canni­ba­lism, probably one of the stron­gest and oldest taboos in human history, goes back decades. It was kicked off by the film …year 2022…who want to survive (Soylent Green) in 1973, five years after the offi­cial foun­ding of the Club of Rome and its agenda of „limits to growth“. Given the title of the film, the ques­tion is whether this programme will be imple­mented in the near future!

The Club of Rome is one of many execu­ting bodies of the Committee of 300 with its far-reaching and widely imple­mented agenda to wipe out hundreds of millions of people with the ulti­mate goal of a stable and controlled earth popu­la­tion of under 500 million (Georgia Guides­tones) [link].

The film deals with the elites‘ favou­rite scenario for the future of huma­nity: a dystopia. Through destruc­tion, people must vege­tate in Moloch-like metro­po­lises as slaves and useful cattle. To justify this scenario, the usual blah-blah of over­po­pu­la­tion, chemical pollu­tion of the envi­ron­ment and ‑yawn- climate apoca­lysis is repro­duced. Dead and impri­soned people are recy­cled for decr­epit huma­nity and turned into „soylent green“, a kind of food soup. Another agenda topic, eutha­nasia, is also propa­gated. Through assisted suicide, one of the prot­ago­nists wants to return to Lucifer or „the home of God“ [link]. Many other films and series with compa­rable content [link] were to follow, such as „American Psycho“ (2000), „The Hills have Eyes“ (2006) and „Jennifer’s Body“ (2009).

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