Iceland: 30% more deaths in the first quarter of 2022 and almost doub­ling of still­births and infant deaths in 2021

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By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | In the small North Atlantic island nation of just over 360,000 people, 28 per cent more islan­ders died in 2022 between January and March than in the 1st quarter average of the previous five years. That was 760 people. In the afore­men­tioned 5‑year period, the average was 592 in the first quarter. The abso­lute numbers ranged from a minimum of 560 to a maximum of 620 deceased.


In Iceland, there was a 30% increase in deaths in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the first quarter of 2021! In the previous months from December 2021 onwards, the so-called „booster vacci­na­tions“ were admi­nis­tered mainly to frigh­tened senior citi­zens. It is not only the elderly who are seeing a seemingly inex­pli­cable rise in deaths, but also the unborn and infants, where the numbers have been rising sharply since the spring 2021 vacci­na­tion campaign.

The Icelandic chief epide­mio­lo­gist Thorolfur Gudnason explains this with Covid deaths, but in the statis­tics only 64 of them are counted as Covid deceased. These figures must be ques­tioned in them­selves, since probably, as in most other regions of the world, those „on or with“ Covid-19 were counted indiscri­mi­na­tely as Covid deaths. Nevertheless, there remains an unex­p­lained excess morta­lity of over 100 deaths if the 5‑year average is taken as a compa­rison. The majo­rity of the dead were over 70 years old. In December 2021 and January 2022, over a third of the popu­la­tion received a third „vacci­na­tion“, also called a booster, prima­rily middle-aged and elderly people. Two died immedia­tely after recei­ving mRNA Covid-19 vacci­na­tion. It is not clear how many people in total are suffe­ring from possible side effects of the vacci­na­tions, as here too, analo­gous to the rest of the world, under-repor­ting is to be assumed.

Still­births almost double

In the pandemic year of 2020, there was no increase compared to the last 10 years, 28 children died as miscar­riages or before reaching the age of one. Between 2011–2020, there was an average of 5.9 miscar­riages and deceased babies per 1000 live births per year. In 2021, there were almost twice as many, at 10.7 per 1000 births. The vacci­na­tion campaign started in Iceland at the begin­ning of 2021 and reached a coverage rate of 70 per cent „fully“ vacci­nated on 15 July. According to the autho­ri­ties (Statis­tics Iceland), 11 cases of „damaged“ foetuses have been reported in Iceland up to April 2021. What causes the amniotic damage, still­births and infant deaths? (Source: Frettin)

Main­stream: „unex­p­lained“ deaths

The main­stream relies on two sources (as of 29 April 2022) to promote vacci­na­tion for pregnant women as safe: a study that came out in June 2021, it was so poorly desi­gned that its conclu­sions are not valid, according to Children’s Health Defence. Another, commis­sioned by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), is flawed. In it, the conclu­sion and the data basis do not match. For example, the figures actually show that covid vacci­na­tions increase the likeli­hood of prema­ture births. There are also two other serious criti­cisms related to the study design. These publi­ca­tions are also contra­dicted by an Israeli study from February 2022, authored by Joesh Guetzkow of the Hebrew Univer­sity in Jeru­salem, which suggests a 34 per cent incre­ased risk of miscar­riage in vacci­nated mothers! The main­stream, its „fact checkers“ and the „government scien­tists“ who are depen­dent on poli­tics and the phar­maceu­tical compa­nies are not swayed by this. All kinds of vacci­na­tions, inclu­ding the Covid-19 mRNA vacci­na­tion, are promoted, espe­cially for pregnant women, because the foetus gains immu­nity. How is this obvious danger to foetuses and infants caused?

Breast milk contains immu­no­glo­bulin A (anti­bo­dies) and spike proteins and mRNA of the vaccine after vaccination.

Breast milk from vacci­nated pregnant women contains immu­no­glo­bulin A (IGA) against the Sars-Cov-19 virus at usual concen­tra­tions. The same study (preprint), published in October 2021 (BNT162b2 vacci­na­tion induces SARS-CoV‑2 specific anti­body secre­tion into human milk with minimal transfer of vaccine mRNA), also demons­trated that spike proteins and vaccine mRNA are present in breast milk at low concen­tra­tions. The so-called placental barrier (syncy­tio­tro­phob­last) serves as a protec­tive barrier for the growing embryo and foetus against poten­ti­ally harmful influ­ences from the maternal bloo­d­stream such as patho­gens. It has been shown that this barrier can be crossed by anti­bo­dies and BNT162b2-Pfizer mRNA (Effi­cient maternal to neonatal transfer of anti­bo­dies against SARS-CoV‑2 and BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine). The foetus or infant, if its mother is vacci­nated, is there­fore exposed to the dangers of vaccine-related health damage in the same way as she is!


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