Inter­na­tional Russo­phile meeting in Bulgaria

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The meeting of the inter­na­tional Russo­phile move­ment took place these days, comple­tely unim­pressed by the almost hyste­rical “fear of ever­y­thing Russian”, pushed from the West.

Annual meeting this time in Bulgaria

Last weekend, the annual meeting of the inter­na­tional Russo­phile move­ment took place in Bulgaria with the lively parti­ci­pa­tion of around 10,000 participants.

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This time the event was combined with a big cele­bra­tion for all parti­ci­pants. They met in a huge open-air area that almost exuded “Wood­stock character”.

Nume­rous artistic and tradi­tional cultural perfor­mances were offered to the parti­ci­pants and spec­ta­tors of the Russo­phile meeting.

parti­ci­pants of the Russo­phile meeting
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This year, nume­rous foreign guests also accepted the invi­ta­tion of the chairman of the Russo­phile move­ment Nikolai Malinov.

Front in the middle – Nikolai Malinov Presi­dent of the Russo­phile Move­ment foto: private

After the very well attended (on average around 10,000 visi­tors) cultural event on September 16th, there was a press confe­rence on the follo­wing Sunday, September 17th.

On the occa­sion of this, the indi­vi­dual inter­na­tional repre­sen­ta­tives and parti­ci­pants of the Russo­phile move­ment had their say on the contents of the conference.

Press-confe­rence in Sofia
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After the move­ment had deve­loped steadily for 20 years, espe­ci­ally in Bulgaria, acti­vi­ties have now also been planned in other countries.

The declared goal is to actively coun­teract Western anti-Russian propa­ganda, which is prima­rily controlled by the western media.

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