Kissinger has cele­brated his 100th birthday: Can he fix it again?

Henry Kissinger - World Economic Forum's India Economic Summit 2008, New Delhi Quelle: World Economic Forum, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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By the Editor | Henry Kissinger, the doyen of diplo­macy and supreme global policy, can look back on an excep­tional career: He has not only shaped the foreign policy of the United States as Secre­tary of State and National Secu­rity Advisor under the admi­nis­tra­tions of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, but also served as Director of the Council on Foreign Rela­tions from 1977 to 1981. Beyond that, he has remained irre­placeable as an advisor to world-wide govern­ments, as well as an unique poli­tical stra­te­gist for distinct supra­na­tional groups up to this day.

His exper­tise and unique posi­tion ensure that Kissinger, despite his advanced age, has remained still in great need and conti­nues to be perso­nally called upon to solve the most sensi­tive poli­tical tasks: There seem no alter­na­tives available at this stage!

The problems of the trans­na­tional establishment

U.S. hard­li­ners and their Euro­pean vassals at govern­mental level, due to their shrin­king power, have replaced the former concept of global balance of power with that of an over-aggres­sive war-policy. This has not only upset the previous world order, but in addi­tion has made the current turn of the era extre­mely dange­rous. With their hasty two-front war against Russia and China – inclu­ding economic sanc­tions – the Atlantic agita­tors have ulti­m­ately brought the former „Kissinger Concept“ to a cras­hing standstill.

Today, Henry Kissinger expresses concern that the faction of Western hawks has managed to weld the super­powers Russia and China toge­ther. As a stra­te­gist, he knows full well, that the West of the „15 percent“ [of the world’s popu­la­tion] on their own does not face the ghost of a chance against the combi­na­tion of Russia and China all together.

Ther­e­fore, the very task assi­gned to Henry Kissinger from those power groups with still clear heads has been: To sweep-up the poli­tical sham­bles left-over by western warmon­gers, which do encom­pass the ever-incre­asing danger of a nuclear war as well.

The required poli­tical feat and pitfalls attached

The diplo­matic feat required of Kissinger involves pulling off a nego­tiated sett­le­ment before the Western alli­ance falls econo­mic­ally and mili­ta­rily apart enti­rely: They might only be able to hold out for another four to six months. After the original plan of the Atlantic warriors, the Coup d‘ État in Moscow for the planned „regime change“ with simul­ta­neous(!) mili­tary attack by their Ukrai­nian Bandera army corps, could not be realized until today – contrary to the multiple promises of the colla­bo­ra­tors inside Russia – thus a so-called „free­zing“ of the conflict for the survival of the West has mean­while been urgently required.

For that purpose, it would be neces­sary to include EU-Europe inclu­ding Great Britain, as well as China in a „nego­tiated solu­tion“ at the expense of Russia. If anyone could achieve this, there was one man exis­ting, to be known under the name of Kissinger!

The grand soigneur of high diplo­macy has in mind to include Great Britain and France in a nego­tiated solu­tion, as they would have the poli­tical intellec­tual prere­qui­sites: Germany has been excluded because Kissinger, in an inter­view with the Econo­mist, explained, that Germany had no histo­ri­cally consis­tent global expe­ri­ence, apart from the 20 years under the great statesman Bismarck, but apart from that, it had never been able to clearly decide among the available options.

As for China, one must suspect that the U.S. may once again be tempted to offer China – instead of Taiwan – access to former Soviet terri­to­ries, even in crea­tive ways, as e.g. like a leasing deal offer of Crimea. While this has not worked in the past due to deve­lo­p­ments before and after 2015 in the Ukraine, it has certainly made China all the more cautious in the meantime.

In contrast to the one-dimen­sional U.S. war-hawks, Kissinger will try to pull-over India to the Western side, because of its animo­si­ties with China. This is not likely to be easy, because the Indians, after their painful expe­ri­ences under British colo­nial rule, know very well what desires might be hidden behind Western „Trojan offers“ finally: Of course, to go to war for and on behalf of the Atlantic warmongers!

Regar­ding Japan the inten­tion seems to let them turn into a nuclear power within some years, in the hope to win them over against China in the long run and side with their “North Altantic Alli­ance” without the previously needed mili­tary pressure.

The above mentioned „concept of diplo­macy“ would only come at the expense of Russia, followed by Central Europe and China. However, in contrast to the prevai­ling current Atlantic policy, Kissinger is not so deluded as to try to crush Russia altog­e­ther because, in line with his studies of the 19th century and Metter­nich, he advo­cates the prin­ciple of a balance of power policy on a global scale as well.

As a matter of fact, the energy and raw mate­rial supplies from Russia at mani­pu­lated exch­ange rates should remain so for all future, after the value-society of the West has become fully used to the mani­pu­lated dumping prices over too many decades. In this way, their arti­fi­cial prospe­rity of the West could be further stret­ched into the future. However, the „inter­na­tional commu­nity of the 15 percent“ might have made its calcu­la­tions too hastily and over­looked the ulti­mate driver, supposed to keep the centre posi­tion still: Russia.

Due to the fact, that the Western campaign against Russia seems geared for collapse before the end of the year 2023, it is expected from Henry Kissinger based on his high diplo­matic acumen as well as vast expe­ri­ence to have saved our world from a nuclear escala­tion – limited or unli­mited whatsoever – but finally.

The more, we would like to perso­nally extend our very best wishes to Henry Kissinger for his life, health and further profes­sional success in his 101st year!

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