Life insu­rance company bails out after vaccine death because „volun­tary vacci­na­tion with expe­ri­mental vaccine“ counts like suicide!

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Life insu­rance company bails out after vaccine death as „volun­tary vacci­na­tion with expe­ri­mental vaccine“ counts as suicide!

The case is curr­ently causing a stir and sensa­tion in France. A rich, elderly Pari­sian busi­nessman from Versailles, who has taken out many life insu­rance poli­cies (worth millions) for the benefit of his children and grand­children, dies from a Covid vacci­na­tion (not disputed by the doctors or his life insu­rers). But then comes the hammer: the insu­rance company does not pay the premium, because the deceased acted at his own risk in the Corona vaccination.

Taking an expe­ri­mental injec­tion with fatal conse­quences is like suicide

The insu­rance company refused to pay out the premium to the family because the policy expli­citly excludes the use of expe­ri­mental drugs and treat­ments (inclu­ding the Corona vacci­na­tion). Conse­quently, the family sues the insu­rance company, but loses. The judge states:

„The side effects of the expe­ri­mental vaccine are publi­cized, and the deceased could not claim not to have known about them when he volun­t­a­rily took the vaccine. There is no law or mandate in France that forced him to be vacci­nated. Ther­e­fore, his death is essen­ti­ally suicide.“ 

This leaves the Versche­rung doubly „fine“ because suicide is also excluded from the Polizze.

Here is the verdict summa­rized mutatis mutandis:

„The court reco­gnizes the insurer’s clas­si­fi­ca­tion of parti­ci­pa­tion in the phase three expe­ri­ment, the proven harm­less­ness of which is not given, in view of the announced side effects, inclu­ding death, as legally taking a lethal risk volun­t­a­rily, which is not covered by the policy and is legally reco­gnized as suicide. The family has appealed. However, the insurer’s defense is reco­gnized as well-founded and contrac­tually justi­fied because this publicly disc­losed taking of a fatal risk is legally reco­gnized as suicide because the customer was noti­fied and agreed to volun­t­a­rily take the risk of death without being required or coerced to do so.“

Vaccine deaths soon to be counted as suicides?

Conse­quently, the now death after vacci­na­tion will be considered as suicide by the courts (at least in France)! Insu­rers will now start to pay back life insu­rance poli­cies on a large scale, since taking a fatal risk by vacci­na­tion will de facto exclude them from the contract, making it void. Unima­gined also are the conse­quences for loans with banks, etc. So far, nothing has been heard of this scan­da­lous case in the French main­stream media.

The family’s lawyer, Carlo Alberto Brusa, made the case public on social media.

US life insu­rance compa­nies deny similar cases

Similar stories have already been reported from the U.S. here:
„Life insu­rance compa­nies may deny payouts for vacci­nated people because Covid vaccines consti­tute ‚medical experiments.‘“
Life insu­rance compa­nies there, however, denied corre­spon­ding reports from injured parties.
„The fact is that life insu­rers do not consider whether or not a poli­cy­holder received a COVID vaccine when deci­ding whether to pay a claim,“ said Paul Graham, senior vice presi­dent for policy deve­lo­p­ment at the American Council of Life Insurers .

„Life insu­rance contracts are very clear about how poli­cies work and what reasons, if any, can lead to a denial of bene­fits. A vaccine against COVID-19 is not one of them. The under­wri­ting evalua­tion of an applicant’s insu­ra­bi­lity is not affected by the individual’s vacci­na­tion status.“

However, these state­ments were made only after cases similar to the one in France were publi­cized and labeled as „fake news.“ Thus, the claims of the injured parties stand against those of the insu­rance companies.

Editor’s comment:

For the sake of order, it should be mentioned that upon request, the dome­stic (Germany, Austria) insu­rance compa­nies promise not to make bene­fits depen­dent on the respec­tive vacci­na­tion status, both as far as vacci­nated and unvac­ci­nated people are concerned.

Demands to disad­van­tage the unvac­ci­nated in terms of costs in case of hospi­ta­liza­tion, on the other hand, are made by corona shar­pe­ners, as ever­yone knows.

The infor­ma­tion from France here in the article refers to the source we mentioned and to infor­ma­tion from Nicole Delé­pine, former head of the pedia­tric cancer depart­ment at the Assis­tance Publique-Hôpi­taux de Paris, on the website Riposte Laïque.

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  1. The article fails to mention that vaccines curr­ently approved and used world-wide, inclu­ding in the EU and the US, have nothing to do with phase-three expe­ri­mental vaccines that are involved in this case.

    • All these C‑vaccines are curr­ently still in this expe­ri­mental phase. They only have emer­gency use autho­riza­tion. Check it.

      • emer­gency use autho­riza­tion is still autho­riza­tion in the US, there is no more data coll­ec­tion etc to do at this phase, so its wrong to claim expe­ri­mental. The only thing left is for the FDA panel to vote on final approval.

  2. In the US, suicide is not payable until after the contract is in force for 2 years. After the second year, the insurer cannot deny a claim regard­less of suicide, while sane or insane. The death must occur within the first two years to be declined.

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