„Mandates must never end“-hardliner and commu­nist becomes WHO’s chief social engineer

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By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | The posi­tion of head of the Tech­nical Advi­sory Group (TAG) was recently filled by psycho­lo­gist Prof. Susan Michie [link, link]. This body has an important advi­sory func­tion in the WHO’s „pandemic manage­ment“ [link]. Michie had previously helped draw up the Covid rules for the British govern­ment on the Scien­tific Advi­sory Group on Emer­gen­cies (SAGE) [link].


Michie had emerged as a hard­liner for the enforce­ment of Covid measures such as social distancing and manda­tory masks. She still called for tougher rest­ric­tions on the popu­la­tion, saying the measures should be kept in place „forever“, „we have to adapt to the new life­style“ [link].

Ideo­lo­gical motivation

The current head of the World Health Orga­ni­sa­tion, Dr Tedros Adhanom Gebrey­esus, was a leading member of the Tigray Peoples Libe­ra­tion Front (TPLF), a commu­nist mafia that ruled Ethiopia from 1991 to 2018. He goes by the nick­name „Tedros the Terro­rist“ [link]. Susan Michie, for her part, has been a member of the commu­nist party for 40 years, her health measures and recom­men­da­tions seem to be purely ideo­lo­gi­cally moti­vated, the idea of a hygienic dicta­tor­ship appearing in Lenin’s work as early as the 1920s as a means of impo­sing a red dictatorship.

And where does the scien­tific approach of psycho­lo­gical beha­viour change come from? The social engi­neer was supposed to create a „New Man“ for the Soviet state on the basis of Beha­vo­rism („Pavlov’s dog“), a human being as morally free and soul­less as possible [link]. This bundle of psycho­lo­gical methods is incre­asingly used by the state or supra­na­tional actors to enforce a desired beha­viour against the inte­rests and will of the indi­vi­dual, espe­ci­ally through the media.

What is the ulti­mate goal?

The appoint­ment of the fanatic Michie [link] shows that the Covid and other future osten­sible disease control measures have only just begun accor­ding to the will of the WHO and are to be ruthl­essly continued until all poli­tical goals have been achieved.

To whom are the people to be thus subjected? Despite all the class struggle rhetoric, it is only about enab­ling the elite circles of the high and finan­cial aris­to­cracy behind the mask of commu­nism to radi­cally expand their power at the expense of the middle class.

It is no coin­ci­dence that Michie comes from the United Kingdom: the Socia­list Inter­na­tional, the central organ of all left move­ments, has its head­quar­ters in London, the mother­land and world centre of Free­ma­sonry, it was from here that the French Revo­lu­tion was steered, it was in London that Karl Marx wrote his mani­festo [link, link].

„We mean the word ‚red‘ lite­rally, for we shall shed such floods of blood that all the human losses suffered in the capi­ta­list wars will tremble and pale in compa­rison. The grea­test bankers across the ocean will work in closest contact with us. If we win the revo­lu­tion, we will build power […] on the ruins of the burial of the revo­lu­tion, and we will become a power before which the whole world will kneel. We will show what true power is. By terror and blood­baths we shall reduce the Russian intel­li­gentsia to a state of utter stupi­dity and idiocy and to an animal exis­tence… At present our young men in their leather jackets, the sons of watch­ma­kers from Odessa, Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitsa, know how to hate ever­y­thing Russian! What a plea­sure it is for them to physi­cally destroy the Russian intel­li­gentsia – offi­cers, acade­mics and writers!…“

Leon Trotsky in Aron Simanovich’s „Rasputin: The Memoirs of his Secre­tary“, link

Screen­shot: Winter­watch, Karl Marx statue, Chem­nitz, Germany

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