Mental abuse: Horror and zombie teddy bears for toddlers

Screenshot: Amazon, Zombie Teddy

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLAGER | The mail order company Otto and Amazon offer (or offered) zombie teddies for children. The product descrip­tion on Amazon (1.6.2022) proudly states that „wounds, innards, bones and inju­ries […] have been elabo­ra­tely modelled by hand“. Zombie Teddy“ is stated as the manu­fac­turer. At Otto, these strange products, which presu­mably trigger night­mares in small children, were offered under the „Feluna cuddly animal series“ as „creepy cuddly bear“. This is clearly about todd­lers as a target group!


This is quite clearly a case of crossing the line! Children and young people are supposed to be protected from public displays of violence and porno­graphy by protec­tive laws. Every horror film has an age rating appro­priate to its content. So how can it be that such products are allowed to be adver­tised to todd­lers at all?

What kind of product deve­lo­pers and marke­ting depart­ments put such products on the market that are harmful to young children? It seems obvious that there are delibe­rate efforts at work here. Espe­ci­ally in popular culture, more and more boun­da­ries have been crossed in recent years. They serve to dull the senses in order to get children used to occult content as early as possible. Parti­cu­larly repul­sive are the semi-porno­gra­phic videos of music performer Lil Xi Nas, a self-confessed Sata­nist. Accor­ding to his own depic­tions and appearances at schools, primary school children are his target group !

Screen­shot: YouTube, Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

Judging by the customer reviews on Amazon, there are enough adults who view these horror teddies posi­tively. Presu­mably there are also enough jaded and morally insen­si­tive parents who even give their children some­thing like this! It seems that the Zombie Teddies have trig­gered a wave of complaints, and Otto has already taken them out of their range.

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  1. …unsere armselig, täglich schmut­zi­gere Welt soll wohl hiermit für jedes normal empfin­dende mensch­liche Wesen zum dreckigsten, teils schon „säu-isch´sten“ Augi­as­stall verkommen, durch solcherart Mißbrauch unge­ahnter Dimen­sion ‑im übertragenenWortsinne.Dieser dreckige Stall mit allen erdenk­li­chen Mitteln den Frommen dieser Erde zu über­lassen sei – um ihn mit „Stumpf und Stil“ baldigst a u s z u m i s t e n.Ein nicht mehr zu über­bie­tender Frevel an den schüt­zens­wer­testen Kinder­seelen – diese hiermit eher schon gewollt zu empa­thie­losen Zombies mutieren könnten, zerbro­chen an Leib und Seele. „Pfui Deibel“ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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