MEP: „Grea­test crime against huma­nity in history“.

Image: Christien Anderson

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | Econo­mist and MEP Chris­tine Anderson is known and feared for her sharp-tongued spee­ches in the EU Parlia­ment. In one speech, she tackled head-on the covid vacci­na­tions enforced in the EU by poli­ti­cians and the main­stream (in part) with indi­rect coer­cion, saying:


„This vacci­na­tion campaign will go down in medical history as the grea­test scandal and, moreover, will be known as the grea­test crime ever committed against humanity“

Chris­tine Anderson, AfD MEP, 24.7. 2022, link (full speech)

Anderson completed a commer­cial appren­ti­ce­ship and, accor­ding to her own state­ments, a degree in econo­mics in the USA and works there in a trading company. She has been an MEP for the AfD since May 2019 and was previously the party’s parlia­men­tary group leader in a district council in North Hesse (Limburg-Weil­burg) for two years. She is a staunch oppo­nent of the EU and calls for Germany to leave. She is repre­sented in parlia­men­tary commit­tees on gender issues, arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence and the EU single market [link]. Unfor­gettable is the recep­tion she gave to the woken Cana­dian Prime Minister Justin „Fide­lito“ Trudeau in the EU Parliament…


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