MEP speaks plain language: Euro­pean Parlia­ment is blind on the left eye

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Left-wing extre­mist and Isla­mist dangers are comple­tely ignored
The delu­sion spread by the poli­tical and media estab­lish­ment in Germany and Austria that a right-wing extre­mist is lurking behind every bush is also spre­a­ding at the EU level. For example, the Euro­pean Parlia­ment is deba­ting the terro­rist threat to the basic demo­cratic order posed by right-wing extre­mist networks. The dangers posed to demo­cracy by left-wing extre­mism or Isla­mist extre­misms such as jiha­dism, on the other hand, do not seem to play any role.

Austrian MEP puts figures on the table

Ther­e­fore, the Austrian Free Demo­cratic MEP Roman Haider (FPÖ) accuses the Euro­pean Parlia­ment in a dispatch of being „blind on the left eye“. Haider backs up his accu­sa­tion with figures that speak for them­selves: The vast majo­rity of terro­rist attacks in 2021 would be attri­bu­table to jiha­dist terro­rism (11 out of 15 attacks). Taking a longer-term view of the years 2010 to 2021, there were also eight times more terro­rist attacks with a left-wing extre­mist back­ground than with a right-wing extre­mist back­ground in the EU (28 right-wing extre­mist attacks, 247 left-wing extre­mist attacks). In addi­tion, accor­ding to a Europol report, terro­rism in the EU had declined, with new assess­ments of left-wing extre­mist attacks, which are no longer clas­si­fied as „terro­rist“ in some states, also contri­bu­ting to this.

The FPÖ poli­ti­cian also points to a 2021 study for the EU Commis­sion on violent left-wing extre­mism and anar­chist extre­mism in the EU, which concluded that „violent left-wing extre­mism receives little atten­tion in science and prac­tice across the EU“ and „that the study situa­tion on violent left-wing extre­mism and anar­chist extre­mism is thin, espe­ci­ally when measured against the high number of appro­pria­tely moti­vated attacks recorded by Europol each year.“

Overall, Haider considers the one-sided focus on right-wing extre­mist terro­rism „down­right negli­gent“ and suspects poli­tical motives behind this one-sided­ness, espe­ci­ally since, accor­ding to the afore­men­tioned study for the EU Commis­sion, left-wing extre­mist ideas „also echo in concepts of the social main­stream and in public debates.“

Main danger Isla­mist jihadists

Haider, however, sees the grea­test and dead­liest danger coming from Isla­mist jiha­dists. In addi­tion to this threat, however, the incre­asing outbreaks of violence by young migrants in Euro­pean cities would be swept under the table in the Euro­pean Parlia­ment. All in all, the liberal MEP finds it „pathetic that the Euro­pean Parlia­ment, for reasons of poli­tical expe­di­ency, concen­trates solely on violent right-wing extre­mists and comple­tely ignores both violent left-wing extre­mism and jiha­dism as well as violent and anti-state young migrants“.

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