Novak Djokovic: „We are Chris­tians,“ asks fans to forgive critics“

Wikimedia: Novak_Djokovic

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | After his 7th victory at Wimbledon, London’s oldest and most pres­ti­gious tennis tour­na­ment, the Serbian inter­na­tional was given a folk hero’s welcome by thou­sands of fans in Belgrade earlier this week. This was his first tour­na­ment win after the humi­lia­ting hiccup in Australia with a ban from playing and his depor­ta­tion by the autho­ri­ties. There, they feared his role model effect on the popu­la­tion groa­ning under a rigo­rous hygiene regime, as he stead­fastly refused to risk his health by having a corona vacci­na­tion. He was also unable to parti­ci­pate in two tour­na­ments in the United States because of an entry ban for the unvac­ci­nated [link].


In his address he said:

„Good evening Belgrade, good evening Serbia. These are defi­ni­tely the most beau­tiful moments in life. When I am lucky enough to play the sport that I love so much, that I have played all my life, a sport in which I have really achieved great successes that I am proud of, but I am most proud when I can return home and share my joy with my people. Thank you, you are wonderful!“

„It is Chris­tian to forgive and we are Chris­tians, we look, we forgive, only God knows and the people around me what happened, I don’t want to talk about it now and give the impres­sion that I am complai­ning. All this has influenced this moment, has moti­vated me to return to the paths of old glory, to fight for the biggest trophies in sport.“

Novak Djokovic, speech 11.7.2022

Novak Djokovic’s full speech can be read here [link].

Djokovic says he prac­tices tele­ki­nesis and tele­pathy, calling them „gifts of that higher order, source, god, whatever, that allow us to under­stand the higher power and the higher order within ourselves“ [link], in the home­land of the genius physi­cist and inventor Nicola Tesla, such views are probably not that unusual [link].

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