Russia shows alleged war crimes by Ukrai­nian army (videos)

On 4 April, Russia’s perma­nent repre­sen­ta­tive to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya, presented evidence of what Russia believes were staged provo­ca­tions in Buka at an emer­gency press confe­rence. The diplomat called the brie­fing after the Secu­rity Council’s rota­ting presi­dent this month – Britain – twice in one day rejected Russian requests for a meeting on the events in the Ukrai­nian town of Buka.

Yesterday, the Embassy of the Russian Fede­ra­tion in Sofia, for its part, distri­buted video footage to the media showing the inhu­mane treat­ment of alle­gedly captured Russian soldiers by Ukrai­nian soldiers.

„We are sending you for your infor­ma­tion video footage recording facts about the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against Russian priso­ners of war during the special mili­tary opera­tion of the Armed Forces of the Russian Fede­ra­tion,“ the embassy said.

In one of the clips, Ukrai­nian mili­tary offi­cers take a photo with a captured Russian pilot and have him chant „Glory to Ukraine“.

Another video shows a Ukrai­nian calling the wife of a killed Russian soldier and beha­ving inde­cently towards her:

Russian soldiers are crammed like cattle into an open pickup truck, naked, in tempe­ra­tures around freezing:

„We regu­larly receive reports of torture and ill-treat­ment of captured Russian soldiers, they are some­times even more cruel than the methods used in the glori­fied Ukrai­nian fascist Germany. All such cases will be care­fully inves­ti­gated. The guilty will receive the deserved punish­ment,“ the Russian diplo­matic mission in our country announced at the time.

„The atti­tude of the neo-Nazis towards the captured Russians and citi­zens of the DPR and LNR has shocked the whole world. This concerns the issue of modern demo­cra­cies. A few days ago the world saw the horrible video footage docu­men­ting the atro­ci­ties of Ukrai­nian mili­tants who not only tortured Russian priso­ners of war, but also show their bestial nature,“ Russian Foreign Ministry spokes­woman Maria Zakha­rova said on 29 March.

„They shoot them in the legs and leave them without medical help. This is like cruelty to animals, borde­ring on sadism. The Ukrai­nian figh­ters are happy about it. All crimes will be inves­ti­gated in detail, the guilty will be brought to justice,“ she said at the time.

We should not pretend that what we have now seen in this recording never happened, she demanded.

The footage released by the Embassy of the Russian Fede­ra­tion can be viewed here. Please note that (note: source of the article) cannot guarantee their authen­ti­city. The videos contain scenes of extreme cruelty and are not suitable for children, people with weak nerves or heart problems. We do not recom­mend that anyone under the age of 18 view them. The videos can be viewed HERE at your own risk.

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