Shocking „children’s programme“ with fluting demon queen & tran­nies in sex club

Screenshot: twitter @apocalysenow

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | In keeping with the ubiqui­tous public pride month of June, a video of a trans­ves­tite mode­stly calling himself the „Demon Queen of Polka and Baklava“ has surfaced in front of todd­lers. The man from St. Louis ironi­cally gave to himself the name Maximum Beauty or „Maxi Glamour“ and squeals on a flute in front of a group of todd­lers! For some years now, there have been incre­asing efforts to condi­tion young children with sexua­lised and occult border crossings in order to inter­fere with their normal development.
Glamour’s face is painted blue, his disguise is remi­nis­cent of a comic book character. The video itself was deleted after a critical author drew atten­tion to it. It shows only a short clip with small children grouped around the actors. Judge for yourself whether you as a parent would put your child through this [link]! In the USA, accor­ding to DQSH [link], there are regu­larly such perfor­mances for small children in woken centres such as New York, New Jersey or Los Angeles and San Fran­cisco under the name Drag Queen Story Hours.

Screen­shot: YouTube

„DQSH captures the imagi­na­tion and playful­ness of child­hood gender flui­dity, giving children glamo­rous, posi­tive and unas­ha­medly queer role models,“ says the Drag Queen Story Hour website. „Kids can see people who defy rigid gender rest­ric­tions and imagine a world where you can present yourself however you want and where dres­sing up is real.“

Drag Queen Story Hour website, as of 11.6.2022 [link].

Such repro­gramming agendas under­stan­d­ably trigger nega­tive reac­tions ever­y­where. In 2017, there was such a story hour with the „killer clown“ Xochi Mochi at the Michelle Obama Library in Long Beach, Cali­fornia. Accor­ding to his own state­ments, he has HIV and his „stoned mind“ no longer works very well [link]. The nega­tive conse­quences of a sexua­lised upbrin­ging can already be clearly seen in indi­vi­dual children influenced in this way: this 11-year-old boy dresses up as a drag queen because of his brain­wa­shing [link].

Drag Queen show for children in gay sex club

In Houston, Texas there was a tranny perfor­mance for children in a gay sex club, with more to follow this month. Footage of it can be seen here [link]. The primary school children were encou­raged to dance along or give notes to obsce­nely dressed and shame­l­essly moving men. The head of the Repu­blican Party in the state of Texas, Bryan Slaton, reacted very quickly: he would work toge­ther with other elected offi­cials to have such events banned for reasons of child welfare [link]. The conser­va­tive governor of the state of Florida, deSantis, also wants to have a similar law drafted.

Links to orga­nised Satanism

The Satanic Temple in the USA is also a gathe­ring place for paedo­philes and other psycho­paths. Access to small children is parti­cu­larly important to them. Abor­tions are performed by them in a ritual way and as a sacri­fice to Satan. They try to gain access to primary school children through the After School Satan Clubs, which have now been estab­lished in several states, and indoc­tri­nate them accor­ding to their lodge ideo­logy. We reported on this in a sepa­rate article [link].

There are close personal and orga­ni­sa­tional connec­tions between the drag queens and the Satanic Temple [link, link]. There they feel accepted in their self-chosen other­ness. Finally, their ideal of herm­aphro­di­tism is embo­died in the appearance of Baphomet, who is depicted with male and female geni­tals. Parents who expose their children to such egoma­niacs and self-promo­ters only to polish their ego through pseudo virtue signal­ling should ask them­selves whether they are not massi­vely dama­ging and trau­ma­ti­sing their child.

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