The unknown billionaires behind the global trans agenda

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By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | The bizarre gender ideo­logy, which works towards a disso­lu­tion of gender iden­tity, is being hyped more and more in the media. There is already talk of hundreds of freely selec­table sexual-gender assign­ments. In part, these are simply egoists out to gain an advan­tage and profit from women’s quotas or to gain an unfair compe­ti­tive advan­tage. There is also no lack of bad role models, such as Holly­wood actors [link] who raise their children in a „non-binary“ way. But one should really take the actual victims seriously, espe­ci­ally children, as „beings under cons­truc­tion“ whose „future is in constant deve­lo­p­ment“. It is all the more important to name the elite fami­lies who are the drivers of this global agenda. These include the Pritz­kers, virtually unknown in our country, whose wealth, worth billions, comes from the Chicago under­world and who exert influence world­wide through their foun­da­tions and activities.

What blos­soms is this strange cult doing in the West and what inno­cent victims does it leave behind with their lives destroyed?

Lesbians with penises

In some cases, trans­ves­tites or trans­se­xuals appear to be soldiers of fortune seeking unfair advan­tage and atten­tion.

Screen­shot: Fox News/YouTube

Cases of male athletes under­going hormone therapy to compete as „women“ in female compe­ti­tions are spec­ta­cular. „Lia“ William Thompson had himself admi­nis­tered oestro­gens, but retains his male anatomy below the waist. Provo­ca­tively, by sharing a locker room, he shows this to his female team members before each compe­ti­tion! He tops the mockery of his female compe­ti­tors by now iden­ti­fying himself as a lesbian and main­tai­ning a sexual rela­ti­onship with his girl­friend.

From a meagre 462nd place among the men, he made it to first place among the women through this move:

„Healthy young men do not lose signi­fi­cant muscle mass (or strength) when their circu­la­ting testo­ste­rone levels are reduced to a level (below Inter­na­tional Olympic Committee guide­lines) for 20 weeks“ and „indi­rect effects of testo­ste­rone“ on factors such as bone struc­ture, lung volume and heart size „are not altered by hormone therapy“; ther­e­fore, „the advan­tage for trans­women [biolo­gical men] conferred by the [Inter­na­tional Olympic Committee] guide­lines is an into­le­rable inju­s­tice“ accor­ding to a scien­tific publi­ca­tion [link].

A Green MP in Berlin makes it even easier for himself to benefit from the women’s quota. In order to get a well-paid job as an MP, Markus Ganserer puts on make-up and wears women’s clothes, he puts on a silly show when his lies are called out. By the way, Ganserer is also hete­ro­se­xual, married and has two children. This trig­gered angry protests even in the central journal of femi­nism, Emma, as he thus under­mines one of the most important achie­ve­ments of femi­nism, namely the merit­less women’s quota [Link]. So this is more about a distri­bu­tion struggle for the most profi­table victim status and not about a funda­mental contradiction.

Conser­va­tive-governed US states have put a stop to such excesses, at least in sport: for example, Kristie Noam, the governor of South Dakota and a rancher, passed a strict law. This stops trans­gender people from destroying women’s races. She is also an avowed pro-life acti­vist and has passed one of the stric­test abor­tion laws (Heart Beat Law) in her state, similar to the one in Texas. Major sports fede­ra­tions have also responded to the outcry. For example, the Inter­na­tional Swim­ming Fede­ra­tion (FINA) has stipu­lated that only trans­gender people who have completed their „tran­si­tion“ before the age of 12 are allowed to parti­ci­pate in women’s compe­ti­tions [link].

Explo­sion of trans opera­tions espe­ci­ally among inse­cure girls

What is really worrying is when it is not charac­ter­less profi­teers, oppor­tu­nists and actors, but easily influenced children or adole­s­cents who are under the influence of the (social) media or school who become confused. Natu­rally, this is espe­ci­ally the case during the emotio­nally chal­len­ging puberty. In the social media, they are cleverly led to believe that they can change their gender at will, that there is a free choice of „sexual singu­la­ri­ties“ accor­ding to critical French psych­ia­trists, doctors and scien­tists. The first phase of a sex change, if this is possible at all, is initiated by so-called puberty blockers that inhibit the sex hormones. Normally, such drastic inter­ven­tions are only carried out very rarely, for example when puberty comes too early or in the case of retarded growth.

Pixabay: Mädchen traurig, @Alexas_Fotos

Young girls in parti­cular seem to be greatly inse­cure. In their appeal, the French medical experts denounced a „robbery of child­hood“ and a commer­cia­li­sa­tion of children’s bodies. These would become „lifelong consu­mers of hormonal chemi­cals marketed by phar­maceu­tical compa­nies, recur­rent consu­mers of more and more surgical proce­dures in pursuit of the chime­rical dream of a fantasy body“ . The call came at the right time: there is an accu­mu­la­tion of such cases in France, espe­ci­ally among girls, and in Scot­land a new law is to allow primary school children to have a surgical gender change without parental consent [link]. In Germany, a similar appeal was published by 120 doctors and scien­tists, which above all sharply criti­cises the propa­ganda for trans­gender ideo­logy on state tele­vi­sion [Link].

It can be assumed that most people are trau­ma­tised after such an inter­ven­tion, espe­ci­ally if it takes place in child­hood, and need perma­nent psycho­the­ra­peutic and psych­ia­tric help. Who is respon­sible for the victims of this agenda, where are those behind it to be found?

From Al Capone and the „Outfit“ to the Medical Indus­trial Complex

The Pritz­kers are the ninth richest family in America, accor­ding to Forbes maga­zine [link]. How did they get this wealth? The Chicago Mob, while capable of extreme bruta­lity, is also well orga­nised and surrounded itself early on with a network of lawyers, stooges and bought poli­ti­cians. One of the mafia lawyers who laun­dered money on a grand scale for the „Outfit“ and thus laid the foun­da­tion for the Hyatt hotel chain was Abe Pritzker [link]. Obama, who himself has close ties to the Chicago mob, also owes his rise to the Pritz­kers [link, link].

The family bought influence over the Univer­sity of Chicago Medical School by dona­ting $12 million in 1968 and $30 million again in 2002. In the same year, the Tawani Foun­da­tion was estab­lished, which distri­buted funds to medical insti­tu­tions in the USA and Canada with a focus on gender. The Pritz­kers invest parti­cu­larly in hospi­tals such as the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago to promote „gender and sex deve­lo­p­ment“ programmes or in psych­ia­tric insti­tu­tions so that the expected psycho­lo­gical damage of trans­gender people can be treated.

Accor­ding to its own state­ments, the target group of these acti­vi­ties are „gender crea­tive children“ as well as trans­gender and gender non-conforming youth“. The money for this comes from the „Pritzker Family Foun­da­tion“, which has more than 100 million dollars in capital [Link]. In addi­tion, there are other pots of money like the Pritzker Inno­va­tion Fund [Link], which works towards climate commu­nism and similar globa­list goals.

Aboli­tion of gender as the ulti­mate goal

The Pritz­kers are part of a global alli­ance of corpo­ra­tions, phil­an­thro­pists and supra­na­tional orga­ni­sa­tions that include George Soros, Warren Buffet, the medical tech­no­logy firm Stryker [link], Gold­mann-Sachs, the World Bank [link], inter­na­tional law firms [link], Johnson & Johnson [link] and almost all the big-name corpo­ra­tions [link].

The mega­lo­ma­niac goals set by the elites are comple­tely sick! It is about nothing less than the aboli­tion of the human being. This goal is based on the ideas of gnosis: the creator (demi­urge) is evil, the human body is bad. Only the spirit is good and must ther­e­fore be freed from its corpo­rea­lity. The „G“ of the Free­ma­sons stands, depen­ding on the inter­pre­ta­tion, for Gnosis [Link]; the Gnostics are thus an influ­en­tial and elitist group. A newer variant of gnosis is trans­hu­ma­nism. The name already tells us what it is about: over­co­ming the suppo­sedly evil human nature.

The author Jennifer Bilek coined the term synthetic sexual iden­ti­ties (SSI); trans­gender people are also only an inter­me­diate step towards the crea­tion of pure arti­fi­cial beings [link]. Presu­mably, in a further radi­cal­i­sa­tion step, the boun­dary between man and machine and between man and animal is to be abolished. This would then be the crea­tion of chimeras compa­rable to the mythical crea­tures in Greek myth and machine-humans or cyborgs. The nume­rous programmes of the enter­tain­ment industry are presu­mably intended to help get people in the mood for the imple­men­ta­tion of such an agenda in the future.

Martine Roth­blatt spoke at a speech of a neces­sary colla­bo­ra­tion between tech-trans­hu­ma­nists and tech-trans­gen­ders to achieve this. The „decon­s­truc­tion“ of bise­xua­lity would lead to :

we are making God as we imple­ment tech­no­logy that is ever more omni­scient, omni­pre­sent, omni­po­tent and benevolent.“

Martine Roth­blatt [link]

A terribly nice family

The Pritz­kers have made their corrup­tion- and mob-ridden home­town of Chicago their poli­tical domain; in Illi­nois, Demo­crat Jay Robert („JB“) Pritzker rules. He passed a school ordi­nance to welcome children with arti­fi­cial sexual iden­ti­ties [link] and a new law faci­li­ta­ting early sexua­li­sa­tion [link].


James Pritzker, his brother, is a Repu­blican donor and father of three children, and promoted presi­den­tial candi­dates Mitt Romney and John McCain. He donated to the gun lobby (NRA) and joined the US mili­tary in 1974. In 2013, „Jennifer“ made her gender change public. She has considerable poli­tical and social influence, mainly through the nume­rous family-owned foun­da­tions and insti­tu­tions [link].

Her cousin Penny founded the Pritzker Trau­bert Foun­da­tion in Chicago[link] and made Obama’s successful presi­den­tial candi­dacy possible through the enormous sum of 800 million dollars [link].

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