Tina Turner is dead : „I will meet you in the sky tonight“ (Video)

An obituary by our „old white wise man“-correspondent ELMAR FORSTER


„Life is nothing but a succes­sion of ways to survive.“ (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

Tina Turner’s lyrics did not go down in music history for deep philo­so­phical reflec­ti­ve­ness. But what made Tina so immortal was her irre­pres­sible energy for life, which – despite the most severe strokes of fate – never let her despair of her great love, this earthly life:

I didn’t have anybody, really: No foun­da­tion of life. So I had to make my own way. Always, from the start. I had to go out in the world and become strong, to discover my mission in life.“ (Tina Turner)

Her diffi­cult life is well known. Tina has never hidden it, but she has also never been snivel­ling about it. Already at the begin­ning of her musical career in the seven­ties, she had to take medi­ca­tion against high blood pres­sure, which even­tually led to kidney failure. Then came colon cancer and a stroke.

And yet there must have been some­thing that made Tina strong:

While I was facing so many health problems … the inesti­mable value of my long spiri­tual prac­tice became appa­rent.… I summoned my inner lioness and roared. I roared and roared, again and again, until I over­came all the health problems, just like every other chall­enge before.“ (Tina Turner)

„God only burdens each person with as much as he can bear.“ (Marquez)

In this respect, however, God also ulti­m­ately meant well with her:

The real power behind I found within myself, some­thing that’s in all of us, I think: a little piece of god just waiting to be disco­vered.“ (Tina Turner) „Don’t be afraid. God is already waiting for you at the door. I don’t believe in God, but I’m afraid of him.“ (Marquez) Do not be afraid. God is already waiting for you at the door. I don’t believe in God, but I am afraid of him.“ (Marquez)


„People are not born on the day their mother gives birth to them. But when life forces them to give birth to them­selves.“ (Marquez)

Tina’s life was extra­or­di­nary – in both posi­tive and nega­tive ways: for example, that as an 83-year-old mother she had to say goodbye to her younger son first; he died of bowel cancer.

But because life obviously did not mean well for her, she deve­loped a resi­li­ence against it that almost made her an Untoucheable.

Even as a child, she suffered from the sepa­ra­tion from her older sisters because her parents changed resi­dence. Tempo­r­a­rily, she was brought up by her strict grand­par­ents. Nevert­heless, she never felt loved by her parents. At the age of eleven, her mother left the family to escape her violent marriage to her husband. Her half-sister Evelyn died in a car accident.

„No person deserves your tears: and those who deserve them will never make you cry.“ (Marquez)

Tina’s whole life – like all of ours – was also marked by the eternal search for love:

But Tina’s hope in a happy marriage failed: in 1957 she entered into a love affair with the married rock star Ike Turner. The rela­ti­onship was marked by violence: Ike alle­gedly beat her for the first time with a wooden shoe-stret­cher when she wanted to leave him.

After the birth of their son Ronnie, in 1960, the couple married. This was followed by a suicide attempt in 1968 as the marriage continued to be riddled with violence. Tina divorced in 1978.

Her older son Raymond Craig (64) came from an earlier rela­ti­onship. She also adopted two of Ike Turner’s children and raised them as her own.

„A true friend is one who takes your hand but touches your heart.“ (Marquez)

But the wait was finally worth it for Tina: she had been married to Erwin Bach (67) since 2013. He gave his wife a kidney in 2017.

„The secret of a beau­tiful old age is dealing with loneli­ness in a digni­fied way.“ (Marquez)

I am not wise, but the begin­ning of wisdom is there. It’s like rela­xing into – and the accep­tance – of things.“ (Tina Turner)

„No matter what happens, no one can take away the dances you’ve already danced.“

She danced one of her most beau­tiful dances with David Bowie. May the phrase now come true:

I will see you in the sky tonight.

„Take good care of your heart. You die inside from a broken heart.“ (Marquez)

In this respect, however, Tina’s life was an almost super­human success.

„She was a power woman … One of the first and one of the last!“ (Thomas Gott­schalk on Instagram)

And one more thing: Tina Turner’s time-emptiness as a woman is shown precisely by the fact that she never venti­lated meanin­g­less combat femi­nism – and never embit­tered (hete­ro­se­xual) love. And she never used blind hate-femi­nism pretexts to divert atten­tion from her own respon­si­bi­lity towards life…

Because Tina knew:

We have no other world to which we can emigrate.“ (Marquez)


Nothing in the world is more diffi­cult than love.

And yet she remained true to love:

I will love you till I reach the end.“ (in a duet with David Bowie)

dedi­cated to LT


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