Turin: Blow against „psycho sect of the beast“

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By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER|A sensa­tional trial against the self-styled „Sect of the Beast“ began in Turin’s Palace of Justice on 26 April 2022. Charges were brought against 28 people by Lara Ruffino and Paolo Stupino of the Turin Anti-Mafia District Office and the Novara prose­cutor Silvia Baglivo.


Of the accused, 21 are women aged between 24 and 62, all from Milan or Lombardy. Il Dottore, the 77-year-old leader of the sect, wanted to rob the „educated and intel­li­gent upper classes of their female offspring“. The indict­ment is for „criminal conspi­racy“ to commit crimes against the „sexual sphere, serious sexual violence and sexual gang violence, inclu­ding against minors“.

The victims were subjected to metho­dical brain­wa­shing and sexual torture by the cult’s own psycho­lo­gists with the aim of destroying the „thin­king ego“ in order to „kindle the inner fire“ and thereby enter a „magical, fantastic and very secret world“. Many victims, some of whom fell into the cult’s clut­ches as children, suffered a reduc­tion in their mental abili­ties as a result of the trau­matic expe­ri­ences of abuse [link].

The cult leader could rely on his accom­plices who acted as tortu­rers. The recruit­ment of new victims was done through a network of busi­nesses, inclu­ding two dance schools, a school for the „Celtic sword“ (?), several herbal shops, a handi­c­raft busi­ness and a publi­shing house. These were mainly children or unsu­spec­ting young people. The cult controlled every aspect of the lives of the female members, both in the personal and family sphere and in education.

New members were often selected from the wealthy class for finan­cial reasons. They were usually comple­tely isolated from the outside world, inclu­ding family, but some­times other family members were recruited. The „doctor“ decided on the studies, trai­ning or work the girls had to do, almost always in compa­nies linked to the orga­ni­sa­tion, with the calcu­la­ting aim of binding them perma­nently to the sect.

A victim’s account shows that the group was formed in the mid-1980s from the merger of two parallel orga­ni­sa­tions from the province of Novara. The guru was able to monitor every move­ment of the female follo­wers in the area from his resi­dence. The psycho-sect owed its success in recrui­ting and indoc­tri­na­ting new victims to the use of psycho­lo­gists who are them­selves initiated and part of the group [link].

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Torture methods

The prac­tices to which the girls and older members were forced are horrific. These included group sex, some­times with the guru, abuse with objects or animals and various torture methods. Whip­pings or hanging from the ceiling with hooks, woun­ding the victims with boiling wax in the genital area, tattoos, bites in the nose and head or „pier­cings“ were also part of the „punish­ment reper­toire“. After a certain age, the girls and women were enslaved and had to work in the sect’s own facto­ries. They were cut off from all normal family and friendship ties in order to be able to immerse them­selves comple­tely in a pretended fairy­tale world. Then began the „mental, physical, emotional and spiri­tual subju­ga­tion“ [link]. It is possible that this profes­sio­nally run group is part of a larger lodge-like orga­ni­sa­tion, its name and the sexual and psycho­lo­gical abuse suggest a Satanic connec­tion. However, there is no infor­ma­tion on this so far [link].

Short film clips from the inner life of the sect can be seen here:

Psychotic cults always use the same mecha­nisms to subdue their victims and control their percep­tions and emotions. Here are links to the topic: link, link.

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