WEF Minions want Trizo­nesia from Holland, Parts of Germany and Belgium


By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | The back­ground to the expro­pria­tions of Dutch farmers is beco­ming incre­asingly clear: it is not about nitrogen dioxide limits to meet agro-ecolo­gical Natura 2000 requi­re­ments! That is just a pretext [link]. Instead, they want to push ahead with the cons­truc­tion of a Tris­tate City Network, a mega-city of 30 million, which is to encom­pass parts of the Nether­lands, Belgium and Germany. The plans are to be imple­mented on behalf of the globa­list WEF and the UN, and the project’s website features the symbol of the 2030 Agenda [link].


Ther­e­fore, of course, in the usual phra­seo­logy, the topic of „sustaina­bi­lity“ cannot be missing, which is just another word for Agenda 2030. The Holland Metro­pole, consis­ting of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague, is to be merged into the Tris­tate City Network [link].

Which „inves­tors“ are behind the Tris­tate City Network?

The so-called insti­tu­tional inves­tors are bodies of the Dutch state or state-controlled cham­bers, such as an employers‘ orga­ni­sa­tion (VNO-NVW), pension funds and the Utrecht Economic Autho­rity. In addi­tion, billion-dollar corpo­ra­tions such as the real estate fund Cushman & Wake­field [link] from Chicago and CBRE [link] from Dallas, Texas are involved. In addi­tion to the Nether­lands, the Tris­tate City will include the western part of Lower Saxony, the Rhine and Ruhr area (NRW) and Brussels.

The citi­zens happy with the Tris­tate City Network, espe­ci­ally the Dutch farmers, are less than enthu­si­a­stic about the neces­sary compul­sory expro­pria­tions [link], as the protests of recent weeks have shown.


Trizo­nesia is an outdated, jocular name for the early, foreign-admi­nis­tered FRG, also known as the Trizone. The Tris­tate City Network is also said to comprise three states. The neolo­gism comes from the Rhenish cheerful Karl Berbuer and evokes asso­cia­tions with an atoll of natives ruled by a colo­nial power. Think of the Great Reset parties with their Young Global Leaders, who call the shots almost ever­y­where in the EU, inclu­ding the Netherlands.

Planned globa­list mega-project

Moreover, such cross-border projects lead to the disso­lu­tion of the nation state, which is presu­mably the main goal of the Tris­tate City. This planned-economy project is remi­nis­cent of the 5 mega-cluster projects being pushed in China and sett­le­ment areas like Chon­quin with 32 million inha­bi­tants or even larger units like in the Pearl River Delta are being created [link].

The Dutch anti-globa­list Thierry Baudet described in an inter­view with the Epoch Times what the caste of poli­ti­cians is really going for by expro­pria­ting Dutch farmers. The inten­tion is to destroy the national character of the country by expel­ling the country’s „indi­ge­nous people“, the farmers, some of whom have been running family farms since the Middle Ages. This is intended to cut spiri­tual and histo­rical roots to land, soil and land­scape and at the same time elimi­nate the proud, self-reliant and inde­pen­dent farmers as a class with a firm iden­tity [link].

State-financed housing for so-called refu­gees is to be built on the vacated land. In the future, a change in the legal situa­tion will also enable the state to force the refu­gees into private houses and provide for them [link].

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