Western leaders can no longer hide the truth about Ukraine

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George D. O’Neill Jr.  | Recently, Euro­pean Commis­sion Presi­dent Ursula von der Leyen care­lessly reve­aled the devas­ta­ting cost of the Ukraine war.

“It is esti­mated that more than 20,000 civi­lians and 100,000 Ukrai­nian mili­tary personnel have died to date,” she said. The comment drew sharp back­lash and the E.C. later deleted the comm­ents from video recor­dings of the address. The censor­ship was left unex­plained and demons­trated the confu­sion of the purveyors of the approved narrative.

If Von der Leyen’s esti­mate is true, that is nearly ten times the number of dead Ukrai­nian soldiers reported by the Ukrai­nian govern­ment. The E.C. president’s remark shows that even the stron­gest backers of this bloody and unneces­sary war can no longer hide the truth: Ukraine is at risk of losing.

The main­stream media and the Biden admi­nis­tra­tion insist ad nauseam that Ukraine is winning against Russia. But the facts on the ground do not fit the narra­tive and the admi­nis­tra­tion and media know it. The war hawks know their cynical Ukraine policy has not succeeded in driving Russia out of Ukraine. Tragi­cally, the Ukrai­nians are the ones who suffer the immense cost of this foreign policy failure. Their nation is ruined for the sake and at the insti­ga­tion of the globa­list American empire.

As Ukraine loses its grip on heavily defended and important cross­roads around the city of Bakhmut, the Western press has commenced a campaign to down­play the importance of the loss. Defense Express reports: “UK Defense Intel­li­gence States [t]hat Bakhmut’s capture becomes prima­rily a symbolic, poli­tical objec­tive for Russia.” Last week, the Finan­cial Times published an article entitled: “Hell Just Hell: Ukraine and Russia’s war of attri­tion over Bakhmut.” As the subtitle of the piece reads, “Soldiers say fighting in and around eastern Donetsk city is remi­nis­cent of first world war-style trench conflict.”

The follo­wing infor­ma­tion is an indi­ca­tion of the nature of the Ukrai­nian “victory” over the previous six months.

Ukraine has lost an esti­mated 20 percent of its terri­tory. At least 22 percent of Ukrai­nian farm­land is under Russian control. These areas are a large part of the terri­tory iden­ti­fied in the Minsk II agree­ment that were to be governed as auto­no­mous districts. Due to the failure of the Minsk II agree­ment, Russia declared its Special Mili­tary Opera­tions to free these areas from the grip of the Ukrai­nian govern­ment. As of today, it appears Russia has come close to achie­ving some of its initial goals.

In May 2022, the United Nations Refugee Agency reported that nearly eight million Ukrai­nians have been intern­ally displaced, with another six million regis­tered as refu­gees. That number is likely to rise even higher this winter. As a result of the recent Russian missile attacks on the Ukrai­nian power grid, even more people are fleeing Ukraine. Europe expects hundreds of thou­sands of Ukrai­nian refu­gees this winter due to the nation’s ruined cities. Kiev Mayor Vitali Klit­schko may urge an evacua­tion of his city due to its fail­ures to provide basic services to its population.

CNN reported a month ago that at least 30 percent of Ukrai­nian power stations are destroyed. BBC reports that six million Ukrai­nians are without power. Euro­News recently reported that two-thirds of Kiev is without power. An esti­mated 80 percent of Kiev is without water. News reports declare that Kiev is getting ready to survive without power, water and heating. Ukraine has evacuated cities that have become unin­ha­bi­table without heating or power. The World Health Orga­niza­tion warns millions of lives are “under threat” this winter.

Forbes Maga­zine reports that nearly half of Ukraine is without power. News­week reports that Ukraine’s energy giant is running out of equip­ment to fix power outages. How long is the Ukrai­nian capital going to func­tion without power?

The Ukrai­nian Central Bank esti­mates the nation’s 2022 GDP will decline by 32 percent, infla­tion will hit 30 percent, and unem­ploy­ment will reach 30 percent. The New York Times reported Ukraine’s agri­cul­ture industry has lost an esti­mated $23 billion from the war. The Inter­na­tional Mone­tary Fund reports the Ukraine war has led to the worst food shortage since 2008. CNN reports that Ukraine’s commu­ni­ca­tions are enti­rely depen­dent on Elon Musk’s Star­link system. If there are trou­bles with the system, the country goes dark.

Broo­kings reports: “The war has destroyed at least $127 billion of the nation’s buil­dings and other infra­struc­ture, accor­ding to the Kyiv School of Econo­mics.” The Washington Post reports the Ukrai­nians are asking for $700 billion in addi­tion to the over $100 billion we have sent.

On the ground, Ukraine has had diffi­culty taking any terri­tory actively defended by Russia. The recent “victory” of Ukraine captu­ring Kherson has evapo­rated. Ukraine is evacua­ting Kherson due to Russian shel­ling. The Ukrai­nian mili­tary machine is unable to main­tain control of a city their oppo­nent had evacuated. All the September and October Ukrai­nian offen­sives have stalled, and the Russians appear to be soli­di­fying their lines of defense and drama­ti­cally incre­asing their forces in the field while Ukraine is draf­ting sixty-year-old men.

Ukraine is also losing its access to the resources it needs to continue the war. The U.S. and Europe are running out of weapons to send Ukraine. In addi­tion, CNN reports weapons supplies for Ukraine are running low. Ukraine’s mili­tary equip­ment, espe­ci­ally its artil­lery, is crumbling and the West can’t replace much of what is brea­king down.

Foreign Policy reports that NATO offi­cials are very worried by the shortages. Even neocon Frede­rick Kagan admits NATO isn’t prepared for a conflict like Ukraine. “NATO doesn’t really plan to fight wars like this, and by that I mean wars with a super inten­sive use of artil­lery systems and lots of tank and gun rounds,” Kagan told Foreign Policy. “We were never stocked for this kind of war to begin with.” Accor­ding to the CEO of Raytheon, Ukraine has used thir­teen years of Javelin produc­tion in ten months.

It didn’t have to be this way. Ukraine and Russia could have made a lasting peace deal if it weren’t for the meddling of the Globa­list American Empire. In March of 2022, the two sides appeared to be close to agre­eing on terms to settle the conflict. It appeared that the agree­ment would assure Ukraine would never join NATO. The NATO issue is the biggest in this whole affair. The United States and United Kingdom thwarted this deal and the war has continued since, killing tens of thou­sands of Ukrai­nians, Russians, and others. Their blood is on the hands of U.S. and U.K. leaders.

U.S. defense contrac­tors, poli­ti­cians, and think tanks are profiting at the expense of Ukraine and its unfort­u­nate citi­zens. The rest of Europe is suffe­ring from the “maximum sanc­tions” aimed at Russia while Ukrai­nians continue to flee their own country. None of this suffe­ring appears to concern the people in charge of American foreign policy. They don’t care about Ukraine’s ruin–they only care about sticking it to Russia. This is the inevi­table product of a D.C. world­view that sees humans as cattle.

No doubt, the cost of the war to Russia has been high as well. They have miscal­cu­lated and made errors throug­hout this whole tragedy. But the narra­tive purveyed to the American people has not been honest or accu­rate. What does Ukraine gain by losing tens of thou­sands of lives and signi­fi­cant portions of its infra­struc­ture? Many Ukrai­nians have lost their loved ones and face a brutal winter all for the sake of people like Ursula von der Leyen, Joe Biden, and their neocon hand­lers. It’s time for Western leaders face the truth, and pursue nego­tia­tions to save the Ukrai­nians from this human tragedy.

About The Author:
George D. O’Neill, Jr., is a member of the board of direc­tors of the American Ideas Insti­tute, which publishes The American Conser­va­tive, and an artist who lives in rural Florida.

This article first appeared on „The American Conser­va­tive“.


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