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Left-wing extremist and Islamist dangers are completely ignored
The delusion spread by the political and media establishment in Germany and Austria that a right-wing extremist is lurking behind every bush is also spreading at the EU level. For example, the European Parliament is debating the terrorist threat to the basic democratic order posed by right-wing extremist networks. The dangers posed to democracy by left-wing extremism or Islamist extremisms such as jihadism, on the other hand, do not seem to play any role.

Austrian MEP puts figures on the table

Therefore, the Austrian Free Democratic MEP Roman Haider (FPÖ) accuses the European Parliament in a dispatch of being “blind on the left eye”. Haider backs up his accusation with figures that speak for themselves: The vast majority of terrorist attacks in 2021 would be attributable to jihadist terrorism (11 out of 15 attacks). Taking a longer-term view of the years 2010 to 2021, there were also eight times more terrorist attacks with a left-wing extremist background than with a right-wing extremist background in the EU (28 right-wing extremist attacks, 247 left-wing extremist attacks). In addition, according to a Europol report, terrorism in the EU had declined, with new assessments of left-wing extremist attacks, which are no longer classified as “terrorist” in some states, also contributing to this.

The FPÖ politician also points to a 2021 study for the EU Commission on violent left-wing extremism and anarchist extremism in the EU, which concluded that “violent left-wing extremism receives little attention in science and practice across the EU” and “that the study situation on violent left-wing extremism and anarchist extremism is thin, especially when measured against the high number of appropriately motivated attacks recorded by Europol each year.”

Overall, Haider considers the one-sided focus on right-wing extremist terrorism “downright negligent” and suspects political motives behind this one-sidedness, especially since, according to the aforementioned study for the EU Commission, left-wing extremist ideas “also echo in concepts of the social mainstream and in public debates.”

Main danger Islamist jihadists

Haider, however, sees the greatest and deadliest danger coming from Islamist jihadists. In addition to this threat, however, the increasing outbreaks of violence by young migrants in European cities would be swept under the table in the European Parliament. All in all, the liberal MEP finds it “pathetic that the European Parliament, for reasons of political expediency, concentrates solely on violent right-wing extremists and completely ignores both violent left-wing extremism and jihadism as well as violent and anti-state young migrants”.

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