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Capitol as seen from US High-Court Building, Washington | Source: debaird., CC BY-SA 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

By the EDITOR | Six month ago – on September 26, 2022 – three of four strands of the Nord-Stream I & II gas pipeline, supposed to supply Russian gas at appropriate prices to Germany, were blown up by C4 plastic explosives. Legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh came-up with the details, which have reconfirmed, that the Biden administration plus three Scandinavian countries have engaged in state terrorism. On that day of infamy, the United States of America and its willing accomplices have declared war not only on Russia, but on the whole world by means of their special method, which has become known world-wide under the term of “state-terrorism”.

It seems this monstrous crime as it stands-out from so many, serves as a fitting symbol to an American century in its final decline. At the same time mankind has been becoming witness of the turn of an era: The cards of global policy are being reshuffled by the concert of great powers at this time again. 85% of the world’s population cannot be stopped any longer to realize and join the globalization concept for a multipolar world order. However, that future trend will remain diametrically opposed to well-known Atlantic attempts in their quest for monopolar one-world-domination.

Against this background, Unser-Mitteleuropa Global Research has undertaken a report, which reflects on the history and traits of the American Century. The report reveals the methods and attempts of the Atlantic powers by imposing their hegemonic concept on the rest of the world – that is today some 6.6 billion of all earth’s inhabitants. However, that vast majority knows very well, that these final attempts of the West will be doomed to fail in the end.

Finally, we would like to hope that the Atlantic hardliners on their own will sooner or later realize, that there has been left only one acceptable solution and exit: To give-up their excessive claims for one-world-domination. It would be in the best of their interests as well!


Exporting “American democracy”, fake democracy, globally serves as a significant component of the foreign policy of the United States. Starting from transforming the political systems of Germany and Japan, the US has been conducting all kinds of democracy export activities over the past seven decades so as to maintain its supremacy and hegemony. According to its official website, the activities carried out by the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) each year involves more than 100 countries, accounting for about half (233) of the total number of countries in the world, covering all continents.

Attack 9/11 on Twin Towers, New York: Who has been benefitting?              Source: National Park Service, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Countries in the world vary distinctly in the level of economic development, historical and cultural backgrounds, and other aspects. Therefore, the forced and unidirectional export of “American democracy” has not brought improvement in local governance, instead created greater turbulence, conflicts, and disasters. It leaves only mines of “democracy” along its path, either detonated or dormant, threatening world peace, stability and development.

„Freedom, which lightens the world (1908)“: As far as the theory is concerned!   Source: Otto Heinigke and Owen Bowen, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

 1.0 “Fake Democracy” as a Pretext to Devise the “War of Asia”

For a long time, the United States has played up and promoted “American democracy” in Asia and succeeded in almost nowhere, leaving countries with only corruption, election fighting, political chaos, and economic decline. Under the severe invasion of “American democracy”, some Asian countries suffered from the “democratic trauma” which damaged the economy and brought an extraordinary pain to local people.

Colin Power presents the UN-Security Council fake evidence for war                   Source: United States Government, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

1.1 Interfering in Iraq and Leading to Human Tragedy

On March 20, 2003, the US and its Western allies accused Iraq of possessing “weapons of mass destruction” and used it as a pretext to launch a war against Iraq without the authorization of the United Nations’ Security Council. However, up to now, the US and the Western nations have not found any concrete evidence to support their allegation. Instead, the US military intervention has directly caused a decades-long humanitarian disaster and displacement of the Iraqi people. The so-called efforts to help the country build “democracy” have only brought along more conflicts and riots. Since 2003, Iraq has recorded more than 208,800 incidents of violent conflicts and civilian deaths, most of which occurred after the country started to follow the pattern of the so-called “American democracy” in 2005. In February 2022, Iraq fell to a new low in the annual democracy index compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), ranking 116th out of 167 countries, and was classified as “authoritarian”.

US-Soldier guarding Afghan „natural resources“: Here poppy fields & fruits for West
Source: sbass0311, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

1.2 Failing to Transform Afghanistan and Leaving Behind Social Poverty and Instability

The American war in Afghanistan lasted for 20 years. Instead of bringing peace and prosperity to the nation, the US established a weak and corrupted “democratic” government, thus bringing decades of poverty and misery to the Afghan people. In 2022, the US military withdrew from Afghanistan in a hurry, and the Taliban government was restored, further confirming that the “democratic transformation” plan carried out by the US in Afghanistan is arrogant and hypocritical. The war in Afghanistan has not only caused huge losses and injuries of the American people, but also brought countless deaths and continued turbulence to the Afghan people.

Statue of Liberty in June 1885: Has been the scaffolding up again?
Source: unknown artists on Leslie’s staff (these are woodcuts, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

 2.0 “Fake Democracy” as a Flag to Provoke the “Chaos of Europe”

Solidarity of Europe is seen as a potential rivalry and even a threat to American hegemony. Therefore, the US has always been seeking to manipulate a long-term instability within Europe through various kinds of intervention. Since the 1990s, the US has orchestrated many political events such as the upheaval in Eastern Europe, the breakup of Yugoslavia, the turmoil of Ukraine and the “Rose Revolution” in Georgia. What the US brought to the people of Europe are not democracy, human rights, peace or prosperity, but turbulence, wars, loss of faith and division of peoples.

NATO-Terror-Bombing Raid hitting Belgrade: And happens so soon again?
See page for author, AGPL <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl.html>, via Wikimedia Commons

 2.1 Interfering in Yugoslavia and Leading to its Disintegration

The 2000 presidential election of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia became the first arena for the large-scale American intervention in open elections in the 21st century Europe. According to reports in the New York Times and the Washington Post, the US Congress allocated a total of US$77 million for direct intervention in the domestic politics of Yugoslavia. The day after the Yugoslavian election, the US House of Representatives again approved US$105 million to help the opposition camp against Slobodan Milošević. At the same time, the US provided the anti-government forces with direct training, public opinion campaigns and polling station supervision to manipulate the election situation. Its fabricated polling results directly made the opposition leader Vojislav Koštunica the most “popular” candidate. Subsequently, Slobodan Milošević was forced to step down after US political maneuvering and was ultimately subjected to trial for the so-called war crimes in the International Court of Justice in The Hague till his death. With this brutal American intervention, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia gradually fell into pieces with only Serbia and Montenegro in 2003. Following Montenegro’s independence in 2006, the former republic was completely disintegrated by the US intervention.

Source: PANONIAN, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Independence square during clashes in Kyiv, Ukraine. Events of February 19, 2014. Colour Revolution in Kiev on 19.2.2014 a few days before the final coup d’état                                                                                                                                           Source: Mstyslav Chernov/Unframe/http://www.unframe.com/, CC BY-SA 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

 2.2 Meddling in Ukrainian Democracy and Bringing Social Unrest and War

Since the turn of the 21st century, the US has continuously strengthened its political intervention in Ukraine, resulting in two political overturns within the country and changed the Ukrainian government from “Pro-Russia” to “Anti-Russia”. In 2004, the US, through the National Democratic Institute (NDI), engineered an “Orange Revolution” of regime change in the country. Yet after only two years of growth, the Ukrainian economy quickly turned into recession.

On February 21, 2014 – after mediation by Germany and Poland – Ukrainian President Yanukovych, democratically elected in 2010, signed an agreement with the political opposition to settle the Maidan crisis. This alarmed Atlantic forces behind coup plotters and insurgent forces. With funding from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the Open Society Foundations (OSF), it became possible to maneuver social insurgency movements. This allowed internal conflicts and disputes in Ukraine to be curated and escalated when necessary: Heavy rioting with covert support from obscure services led to the coup just one day after Feb. 21, 2014, which resulted in the forced exile of then-President Viktor Yanukovych. But the night before, President Obama had personally called Putin to lull him into a sense of security and to tell him not to worry.

Ukraine as the victims of a war of aggression by the US & allies against Russia

The US meddled twice in the Ukrainian domestic politics, creating two decades of political upheaval. In particular, the promise of democracy and prosperity for the Ukrainian people never materialized. On the contrary, Ukraine’s economy stagnated or even deteriorated. Political turmoil also put Ukraine in the middle of a geopolitical conflict between Europe and the US on the one side and Russia on the other side. America’s so-called “democratic” support for Ukraine is even more to blame for triggering the current Russian-Ukrainian war.

Georgia becoming another victim of Atlantic power politics without regrets

2.3 Orchestrating Georgia’s “Rose Revolution” and Leaving Behind Pain and Suffering

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US launched a program to “support the newly independent states”. It used all resources to carry out a series of actions in the former Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) advocating to “cultivate democratic soil”, “create a democratic atmosphere”, “identify democratic officials” and “set a democratic example” in order to transform these countries into the so-called “new-type democracies”. In 2003, the US government engineered a “Rose Revolution” in Georgia that brought to power the pro-American Mikhail Saakashvili regime. However, after the “Rose Revolution”, the US supported Georgia to adopt a pro-Western and anti-Russian policy, which caused a heavy loss in Georgia’s foreign trade and worsened the domestic economic situation. World Bank data showed that in 2007, 38.8% of Georgians lived below the poverty line.

Solidarity for Belarus colour revolution in Munich! Who has been financing this?
Source: Henning Schlottmann (User:H‑stt), CC BY-SA 4.0

2.4 Subverting the Belarusian Government and Smearing its Political Leaders

In August 2020, the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko was re-elected. The US-backed opposition challenged the election results and activated massive protests which lasted for several days. Carl Gershman, the NED president of the time, admitted that the NED had been working in Belarus for a long time and engaged in “civic movements” in eastern regions of Vitebsk and Gomel. In February 2022, Damon Wilson, the current NED president, held direct talks with the Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya at the Denver Democracy Summit on how to topple the so-called “dictatorship” of Alexander Lukashenko. They exchanged views over further promoting “democratic movements”. The American open advocacy for the subversion of a lawful foreign government which enjoyed a high popular support gestured utmost contempt for the public opinion and independent will of the Belarusian people. This revealed that the so-called American “democracy” is not only fake democracy but also anti-democracy concealed with a mask of hypocrisy.

The Network with organization for core funding the actions abroad
Source: swprs.org/organizations-funded-by-the-ned/

2.5 Infiltrating into Southeast Europe’s “Right-wing Forces” and Manipulating Puppets to Sell Out National Interests

The US government, through NED, has funded right-wing political parties in southeast Europe, trained their leaders, and blatantly interfered in the political affairs of foreign countries to create “political puppets” in line with American interests and against their own national interests. In 2020, NED provided US$820,000 for the NDI’s “Party Integrity” program in 10 countries across southeast Europe to bring together the leaders of 35 parties including Conservatives, Liberals and Social Democrats for technical assistance and training. The project was an essential vehicle for NED to penetrate into and guide the development of right-wing political movements in southeast Europe so as to make them align with American strategic interests.

Africa as target for hegemonic control hidden behind a fake-democracy

3.0 “Fake Democracy” as a Spearhead to Bring the “Pain of Africa”

To consolidate its global hegemony, Washington wielded the spear of “fake democracy” in African countries, and inflicted African continent with bloodshed and catastrophe. Under the banner of “American democracy”, the US has continuously intervened in the internal affairs of African countries through various means of military interference, economic embargo, and political sanction, especially in Angola, Somalia, Libya and so on. These interventions have unleashed a long-term civil unrest, brutal wars, astonishing human tragedy of destruction and displacement.

3.1 Creating Civil Strife in Angola and Bringing Endless Disaster to its People

In the 1970s, American support for forces like União Nacional Para an Independência Total de Angola (UNITA), led by Jonas Savimbi, virtually prolonged the Angolan Civil War and seriously hampered the country’s democratic progress. Back in 1975, the Socialist Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (MPLA) came to power. In order to curb the Soviet influence in Africa, the US then supported the disgruntled UNITA and Frente Nacional de Libertação de Angola (FLNA) and deliberately provoked the Angolan Civil War. The war did not end until US supported leader Jonas Savimbi was killed by government forces in 2002. Only then did the Angolan people manage to find a democratic path which was suitable for their national conditions. The country is still suffering from slow economic recovery and democratic progress due to the hereditary legacy of the civil war.

Tomahawk-US-Terror-Attack by USS Barry for target in Libya on 29.3.2011
Source: U.S. Navy photo by Lt.j.g. MonikaHess, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

3.2 Attacking Libya and Causing Tragedy through Manipulation of “Democracy”

In 2011, the US and other Western countries brazenly intervened in the uprising across Libya, turning the conflict into a protracted international war. Today foreign forces and regional factions are still vying for control over Libya. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces led by the US launched military operation in Libya. In addition to the bombing of military installations of the Libyan government forces, they also carried out the indiscriminate bombing of roads, power stations and residential areas, generating a large number of civilian deaths and casualties. This has brought incalculable humanitarian catastrophes not only to Libya but also to the entire North Africa. As of July 13, 2011, air strikes of the Western allied forces killed 1,108 civilians and injured 4,500 more, according to the report released by the Libyan government of the time. Like in Iraq, the US government, after its military intervention in Libya, also interfered in the country’s so-called “political reconstruction”. It urged a new pro-American government to secure the US right to exploit energy resources so as to consolidate the US hegemony over the world economy. In January 2016, the State Department disclosed some email messages of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and made public the real “threat” posed by the Gaddafi administration. Washington then believed that Gaddafi was trying to use the reserve of 143 tons of gold and 143 tons of silver of his government to set up a pan-African monetary system and use it for trade of oil and other commodities. This plan directly challenged the very kernel of the “dollar hegemony” and prompted the US aggressive intervention in Libya, leading to a tragedy of destruction and displacement.

3.3 Repeatedly Stationing troops in Somalia and Hindering the Country’s Development

The US has a long history of military intervention in Somalia, and its policy uncertainty in recent years has led to an escalation of civil unrest in the country. The change from Donald Trump to Biden administration has led to a reversal of the American policy towards Somalia, exacerbating the internal turmoil. End of 2020 ordered the Trump administration the withdrawal of troops from Somalia. The move, doubtless to say, created great uncertainty for the peace process and the reconstruction of the country given that the nation was under the serious terrorist threat particularly when there were upcoming parliamentary and general elections. On May 16, 2022, the new US President, Joe Biden, re-issued an order authorizing the US military to redeploy hundreds of troops to Somalia. The return of the American army was aimed to rebuild a lasting US military presence in the region for more effective combat of the Al Shabab group. The political confrontation between the two parties in America not only generated negative consequences in the US but also perpetuated instability overseas. Other countries fell victim to the internal political fight of the US. Somalia has lost its rights for independence, autonomy and steady development due to the “American democratic fight”. Both Trump’s withdrawal and Biden’s “return” to Somalia served the political agenda of the ruling party and aimed to preserve American hegemonic power globally. This is a manifestation that the US always places its own national interests above those of Somalia and its people.

4.0 “Fake Democracy” as a Cover to Facilitate the “Tragedy of the Americas”

The US practice of hegemony has become increasingly detested in the Americas while Washington keeps intimidating a number of countries in the name of “democracy”. Its formation of a “clique” based on ideological difference tears the continent apart by isolating certain countries such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. It has been imposing embargos and sanctions against Cuba for around 60 years, resulting in a difficult living condition for many Cubans. During the pandemic, the US government insisted on accelerating the deportation process of Latin American immigrants despite strong objection coming from their home countries. All these acts indicate negligence for human rights and exhibit the hypocrisy of “American democracy”, the double standard of American human rights assertion, and the nature of American hegemony.

Concept american and Cuba flag on cracked background

4.1 Long Blockading and Sanctioning against Cuba to Subvert the Cuban Government

The US government has been long categorizing Cuba as a “state sponsor of terrorism” with the fabricated allegation that Cuba manufactures biological weapons for terrorist acts. Aiming to strangle the Cuban economy and incite social unrest within the country, the Trump administration abruptly tightened its harsh restrictions on Cuba, attempting to cut off the country’s major sources of foreign exchange including tourism, medical services and remittances from diaspora. These measures ignored Cuban people’s right of life and put their health at risk. For Biden, during his presidential campaign, he denounced Trump’s Cuba policy saying that it did harm to the Cuban people and vowed to lift some of the restrictions. However, after he took office, he declared that the “Cuba policy is not a priority” and hence refused to remove any Trump-era restrictions as promised. After protests broke out in Cuba in July 2021, Biden even threatened to impose more sanctions “unless there’s some drastic change in Cuba”.

US Poster praising take-over of Cuba 1898 as result winning Spanish-American War
“for Humanity’s Sake”: Best of all lies?
Source: See page for author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Over the years, the US government has been undertaking anti-Cuba propaganda around the world. It has bolstered the funding for “pro-American democracy” groups within Cuba and instigated dissident organizations to launch protests and sabotage activities against the Cuban government and to press the so-called “international community” to interfere into Cuba’s internal affairs. Statistics show that NED and USAID grants for projects over Cuba in the past 20 years have amounted to around US$250 million. Between 2017 to 2021, there were four NED projects of “freedom of information”, with a total funding of US$2,591,000, each receiving more than US$600,000. All of these grants went to the US-based Cuban Democratic Directorate, which is a key player engaged in producing and broadcasting distorted information about Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela through radio programs. It also provided training and guidance for local “pro-democracy groups and activists” to fabricate and disseminate fake news in social media to stimulate anti-government sentiment and protests in the target countries. In mid-June 2021, a Cuban Democratic Directorate’s radio program which fabricated that the Cuban health care system collapsed during the CoV pandemic triggered a wide-spread social panic in Cuba. Later in July, amid public concerns over street protests, another fabricated news came out reporting “more than 100 protesters are missing”. This fake news, widely spread over the social media through the use of social-bots and cyber army, manipulated public opinion on the internet and instigated social unrests.

In 2021, Cuba went through its worst economic crisis in 30 years under the dual impacts of harsh US sanctions and the pandemic. The country suffered tremendously from rising inflation and shortage of food, medicine and power. At the UN General Assembly convened in June 2021, a total of 184 countries voted in favor of a resolution to demand the end of the US economic blockade on Cuba. The US was one of the only two countries which voted against it. History has proved that severe US sanctions have exacerbated the crisis in Cuba and jeopardize the welfare of the Cuban people. “American democracy” has nothing to do with the well-being of Cuban people, but aims to overthrow the current Cuban government through agitation of dissident movements and install a Cuba regime controlled by the US instead of the Cuban people. The hypocrisy of “American democracy” clearly illustrates that it is not only fake democracy, but also anti-democracy, as it notoriously strangles the civil rights and welfare of the Cuban people.

4.2 Rearing Anti-Government Forces and Engineering Violent Coups in Ecuador and Bolivia

The US has been funding and training right-wing and anti-government political forces in Latin America for a long time. It closely collaborates with opposition leaders and builds up anti-establishment networks among social elites and grassroots organizations. It facilitates the trade union movement, instigates the opposition elites to launch civil campaigns and even violent coups to overthrow leaders who dare go against American interests. In 2019, NED granted in particular US$1,200,000 to the Solidarity Center to help rally wide-spread social movements organized by union organizations across the Andes. Around US$30 million from NED went to local parties, unions, media and opposition groups in Ecuador between 2012 to 2015. With the American funding, the Confederation of Indigenous Nations of Ecuador mustered indigenous communities in the country and started a series of “rebelling” protests which unleashed a large-scale civil unrest.

Evo Morales speaks in Mexico, which had offered him asylum
Source: EneasMx, CC BY-SA 4.0

NED has also been engaged in deploying and supporting the opposition in Bolivia. It orchestrated street protests and directed police and military forces behind the scenes to force the elected president Morales to step down after the 2019 Bolivian election. During 2013-2018, NED, together with USAID, provided the Bolivian opposition with more than US$70 million through various channels to integrate the country’s white elites and former right-wing political leaders into a consolidated force against the then-incumbent president. To further mess up Bolivia in the name of democracy, NED built up anti-establishment networks among universities, think tanks and non-governmental organizations and set up an “Indian Brigade”, aiming to turn Bolivia’s social movements and indigenous movements into an anti-establishment movement.

4.3 Disseminating Fake News and Interfering in the Nicaraguan Election through Public Opinion Manipulation

In countries where the US failed to establish opposition leaders, it wantonly disseminates fake news which tarnishes their lawful electoral system and procedures to breed public doubts over “illegal elections”. As in 2021, mainstream US media such as the New York Times and other so-called “independent media”, actually sponsored by NED, fabricated and spread plenty of void allegations against the Nicaraguan general election. They accused Nicaragua of preventing the opposition from participating in the election, shutting down polling stations, barring foreign observers and media during the election, and having an extremely low turnout. Yet the fact is that none of the opposition candidates mentioned in those “news reports” registered themselves in the election and the country did confirm a list of 232 foreigners, among whom, 165 were election escorts and observers and 67 reporters. In addition, according to the Supreme Electoral Council of Nicaragua, the turnout rate of the 2021 election is 65.26%, with the prevailing Sandinista National Liberation Front getting 75.87% of the votes, similar to the situations back in 2011 and 2016. The American attempt to interfere in the Nicaraguan election through fake news and public opinion manipulation was again foiled by the independent voting and democratic will of the Nicaraguan people.

5.0 Fake Democracy and the Plight of Oceania

The Solomon Islands have become independent from UK by 1978
Source: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salomonen

5.1 Intimidating the Government of Solomon Islands and Provoking Geopolitical Fight

The Biden Administration, with the change in the American Indo-Pacific strategy, reassured that the US will deploy more diplomatic and security resources to the region and formulate a long-term strategy to contain the so-called China’s “expanding regional ambition”. On April 22, 2022, right after the signing of the China-Solomon Islands security agreement, the US government sent Kurt Campbell, National Security Council Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific, and Daniel Kritenbrink, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, to visit the Solomon Islands. They met with President Manasseh Sogavare. According to Solomon Star News, a leading local newspaper, the purpose of this visit was to urge President Sogavare to abandon the pact with China. Solomon Star News stated that after the US-Solomon Islands meeting, the US side even made an intimidating statement claiming to closely monitor and respond to any move taken by China to establish a de facto permanent military presence. This is a blatant act that the US upholds its own interests above the will of people in another country and politically hijacks the Solomon Islands by provoking geopolitical conflicts. It is also a clear manifestation of US hegemony and a blow to democracy of the Solomon Islands and its people.

Kiribati: Pacific Island State since 12.7.1979 independent from UK
Source: TUBS, CC BY-SA 3.0

5.2 Openly Interfering in Kiribati and Encroaching on its Diplomatic Autonomy

 On September 20, 2019, the Republic of Kiribati severed ties with Taiwan and re-established its diplomatic relations with People’s Republic of China, making it the 7th country to cut off diplomatic ties with Taiwan after Tsai Ing Wen took office in 2016. It is reported that the US government sent out a delegation with a failed attempt to coerce Kiribati to reconsider its decision. Under a series of the American extremely coercive moves including a threat to withdraw its ambassador, Kiribati rejected the black hand of “American democracy hegemony” and insisted on renewing its diplomatic relations with China and abiding by the “One China” policy. Financial Times reported on May 21, 2022 that “China is intensifying its drive for influence in the Pacific by negotiating security deals with two additional island nations following a pact with the Solomon Islands, according to officials in the US and allied countries”. It claimed that this alarmed the US. For a long time, the US had been confident that it could exert dominance over the South Pacific with its baton. Thus, when it redesigned its Indo-Pacific Strategy, Washington again turned its shotgun of “American democracy” aiming at the long ignored South Pacific countries and hunted for American supremacy over those island countries’ autonomy in internal affairs and diplomatic relations.

Waving flag of Fiji and USA: Pazific Island State independent from UK since 1970

Meanwhile USA takes care of the British colonial heritage!
Source: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fidschi

5.3 Playing up “China Threat” to Interfere in Fiji’s Foreign Relations

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Fiji in February 2022. It was the first visit by a US secretary of state in 36 years. Series of visits of the US and its allies to the South Pacific indicate that long-ignored Pacific island countries have come back to the American sight.

Tavarua Island – island of the Fiji Island Chain – Source: Tourism Fiji

By exaggerating “China threats”, the Biden administration seeks to deliberately manufacture non-existent conflicts and rivalry within the region. This tactic has successfully recruited Fiji to become the first Pacific island country to participate in the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity after it was released by the United States.

However, one thing seems certain: Also that interference has not followed the spirit of the democracy, just like atomic-bomb-testing by the West during the last century, which have devasted and polluted certain islands in the Pacific!

A report of Unser-Mitteleuropa Global Research – 26.03.2023

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