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By our Hungary correspondent ELMAR FORSTER

“EU not satisfied until there is a liberal government.”

Hungarian Justice Minister Judith Varga summed it up: “The EU will not be satisfied until there is a liberal government in Hungary.” (UM reported) And further: the so-called “rule of law” report “is a political witch hunt against a country that does not accept that its ideology is determined by the EU Parliament.”

Eternal defamation: The so-called “rule of law” report

The pretended reason is used again and again – in the form of Goebbelian propaganda (“Repeat a lie until people believe it.”): By constructing so-called violations of fundamental rights and legal uncertainties. The punitive measure against Hungary has not yet been decided: For the decision on the proposal must be made by the EU Council of Ministers, a body of the governments of all 27 Member States. The decision is taken by qualified majority: at least 15 countries with at least 65 percent of the EU population would have to agree. A veto by just one country cannot therefore prevent the decision. The decision must be made within a period of four weeks. Theoretically, however, it could be postponed for up to three months. In this way, the EU Commission would then cut 7.5 billion euros in subsidies to Hungary, mainly from the Covid reconstruction programme. This sum was once promised to Hungary in return for its approval of the Covid reconstruction programme. The EU has thus broken its word.

Hungarian shadow government formed

The formation of a Hungarian shadow government, this week, against the Orban government, which is democratically in power for the fourth time, combines at least three elements: ridiculousness, coup lust and Soviet imperialism. Even the Orban-hating opposition has only scorn for it, because they know: that the self-proclaimed ghost government with a “support of 5, 10 or even 15 percent of the electorate is not enough” to replace the Orban government – as for example the Hungarian left-liberal EU parliamentarian Donáth Anna wrote. Moreover, the ghost government consists exclusively of ex-socialist cadres from the pre-Orban era of 2010: “How can voters be expected to rally behind an opposition in which the majority consists of personalities associated with the past pre-2010 era?” (mandiner)

Chairwoman Klara Dobrev is wife of socialist ex-Lieutenant Prime Minister Gyurcsany

The chairperson of the would-be government-in-exile at home is none other than the wife of the socialist ex-prime minister Gyurcsany, who brought the country to the brink of civil war with his lying speech in autumn 2006. (UM reported several times: “We fucked it!”) But left-wing EU elites never showed any concern about that.

The wife of the current opposition politician Gyurcsany is Sofia-born Klára Dobrev, and since 2019 EU parliamentarian and ex-vice president of the EU parliament. Dobrev is considered a decomposer of nation states: After all, she had always called for the globalist concept of a “United States of Europe”.

Dobrev was socialised in a Stalinist family

Dobrev, who studied economics, grew up in Hungary and Bulgaria as the daughter of a Hungarian mother and a Bulgarian father. Her maternal grandfather, Antal Apró, was a feared Stalinist politician and traitor during Hungary’s 1956 revolution and the subsequent Kádár era. On the very first night of the Hungarian uprising of 23-24 October 1956, Antal Apró was a member of the notorious “military commission”: as a result, he issued an internal directive calling the participants in the uprising “fascist vermin” and giving the order to shoot at the revolutionaries, including civilians. From 27 October, he was a member of the board of Imre Nagy’s new revolutionary government and at the same time its traitor. For afterwards Antal Apró returned to the Stalinist counter-revolutionary government of János Kádár. Finally, he personally supervised the show trial of Imre Nagy and his comrades-in-arms and was thus partly responsible for their murder.

Dutch Inquisition parliamentary delegation expected in Hungary

Among other things, this delegation is to investigate the “rule of law”, in the form of a working visit to Hungary. (hvg) – as the communications department of the Chamber of Deputies confirmed to (hvg). It is all based on the decision of the “European Affairs Committee” in its meeting last week: according to which some of its members want to use the autumn break of the Dutch Parliament for a working visit to Hungary. The committee members would currently prepare an inventory of potential topics on the rule of law.

In reality, this visit is a crude mixture of threats, interference by a left-wing elitist biased foreign inquisition authority on the Soviet model to support a left-wing anti-democratic counter-revolution…

“Rule of Law” Report: Slander of Leftist EU Fight Feminists

For more than five years now, left-wing EU parliamentarians led by left-wing feminist amateur anti-fascism campaign feminists have been preparing a coup against the democratically legitimised Orban government:

The ultra-left-green, French EU parliamentarian Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield (GDC), is apparently swearing the EU parliament to a coup against the legitimate and democratically legitimised Hungarian government. And it is doing so with a downright infamous modus operandi: GDC heads the so-called “EU report on the rule of law in Hungary” and now gave a scandalous interview to the TV channel rtl.hu in which she “questions the legitimacy of the mandate of the Hungarian government”.

Smear narrative: media, judiciary, corruption

The eternal slander against sovereign Hungary is reheated for the umpteenth time: the situation of the media, the independence of the judiciary, as well as corruption in the country would be “the biggest problems in the functioning of Hungarian democracy”. The accusations that some independent journalists are being slandered by the pro-government media, for example, remain downright absurd in the direction of non-functioning media freedom. – This is absurd in so far as GDC’s interview on the extremely anti-government Hungarian RTL proves the opposite. Moreover, GDC confuses “libel” with legitimate “criticism” by conservative journalists of left-wing libel journalists. (Here is my analysis of the “media hate campaign against Hungary”).

Furthermore, the GDC smear strategy tries the following pattern, which has so far failed in Hungary: If only the Hungarian media situation were similar to that of Russia. Then follows an attack on the Hungarian Minister of Justice Judit Varga and Minister of the Interior Sándor Pintér: because they rejected the slanderous concerns about the rule of law. – An openly totalitarian argument…

The Reality: Media Pluralism in Hungary

Hungary has 393 TV stations, 234 terrestrial and internet radio stations, 6731 print and 3540 internet newspapers: 85% of the media belong to the conservative camp and 83% to the left. (Media analysis) The left-wing media sector has even grown by 45% since Orban came to power (20120-20).

Left-totalitarian narrative

When asked about the legitimacy (for the fourth time) of Orban’s democratically legitimised government, this is followed by an almost totalitarian statement questioning the right of self-determination of a sovereign state: “Even if Viktor Orbán won the election in a wonderful democracy with a thriving media environment, he would not have the power to take measures that violate European values and laws.” (GDC)

The GDC’s flimsy slander narrative is that Hungarian democracy “doesn’t really work”, that “only on paper” would “everything be fine” – a blatantly ostrassist-neo-colonialist argument.

Open preparation for a coup from outside

Delbos-Corfield’s “strong doubts” about whether Hungarian democracy is in the right condition to legitimately carry out its governmental mandate are nothing but a totalitarian preparation for a coup from outside in the sense of the US doctrine of so-called “coulour revolutions”. (Here is my analysis of the subversive political demagogy of the Hungarian Soros Left).

What the Western European left could never get over…: That the coulour revolutions never worked in Hungary… (Here my analysis: “Is there a conspiracy against Hungary ?”).

The absurd circular reasoning of the GDC: While it too does not believe in vote rigging, it does believe in: “Media disinformation that would have made it impossible for Hungarians to make conscious and informed decisions. – An obviously ostrassist argument full of hatred for Hungarians, against an apparently politically incompetent people.

Has GDC never heard of the officially confirmed media manipulation in favour of pro-refugee reporting (propagated by the German elites). (see FAZ) Because by now “the majority of Germans feel they are being lied to by the media.” (U. Ulfkotte: “Gekaufte Journalisten”) – During the refugee crisis-2015, “the press had largely adopted the perspective of the political elite” (nzz) – The New Year’s Eve rapes-2015/16 of hundreds of women by North African male gangs were kept quiet for days – “for fear of the truth” (Zeit).

Hate-feminist smear campaign by Dutch transgender activist Sargentini.

GDC is now trying to rehash the ostrassist Hungary-hating Sargentini report (adopted four years ago in the EU Parliament under pressure from the Left-Greens). This is also because it has not had the desired anti-Hungarian effect. Then follows another blatant exclusionary defamation: “It is now clear everywhere that the Hungarian government is different from the others, and that is why it has been marginalised in a way.” (GDC)

The Sargentini lie report is motivated by radical left ideology to the highest degree: Sargentini, a now retired political functionary radical emancipate, was in fact a member of the Dutch groen-left party, an amalgamation of communists, pacifists, radicals and left sectarian evangelicals.

For example, one completely vague accusation was that an “unfavourable climate” prevailed in the 2018 Hungarian election campaign. The accusation that Hungary had held direct democracy (i.e. referendums hostile to Brussels and Soros) was also downright grotesque. In the Middle Ages, witch dances were punishable by death. It is hardly possible to be more grotesque: the condemnation of Hungary’s immigration-sceptical attitude because, among other things, “parallels were drawn between terrorism and migration”. Even the German Federal Criminal Police Office has made this connection of “crime in the context of immigration”. Furthermore, racial profiling of Gypsies is assumed. Conversely, this would mean that members of the Roma minority would no longer be allowed to be controlled by the police. All the attacks on the Roma minority (March 2008 – August 09) took place during the time of the socialist-liberal Gyurcsány government. (see Spiegel) The Roma politician and deputy parliamentary speaker Jaroka Livia, who sits for Orbán in the Strasbourg parliament, vehemently defended the Hungarian government: “Everything they say here against the Orbán government are lies – concerning the situation of minorities in Hungary.” (Speech starting at 1:55:34)

The fact that transgender activist Sargentini demonises any positive appreciation of family is logical due to her radical left-wing lifestyle, but her justifications read like postmodern feminist witchcraft: In hate-fight rhetoric, she rambles about “negative gender stereotype(s) about the role of women”. Or that “by taking the needs of families into account throughout” it should be achieved “that the population grows”. The dictatorship of the transgender rainbow in pure swamp culture… How else is a healthy population pyramid to be created than through heterosexual reproduction? Even the testosterone-refugees who have been waved in still do it this old-fashioned way….

New media-political hate campaign against Hungary started

It is not without reason that anti-Hungarian campaigns are also multiplying on other channels: for example, the unilateral suspension of the 43-year-old bilateral tax treaty with Hungary by the USA. The reason: Hungary, as a sovereign state, refuses to introduce a global minimum tax of 15% planned by the EU as economically harmful. (vadhajtasok)

And then the latest cry of the Western system press in the style of clumsy anti-nuclear propaganda from the late seventies, mixed with ostrassisms of evil war-mongering from dark Russia: “Danger for Europe – Hungary’s nuclear power plant project: billions for Putin’s war chest” (Krone)

Orban’s answer to the hate campaign: National identity

In the victory speech of 3 April, the Hungarian Prime Minister declared: “All of us… If we stick together, we can go through even the thickest wall. Let us also protect the family, let us protect Hungary and let us protect Hungary’s peace and security.

We have won a huge victory… We will do everything to earn the trust we got from you tonight.” (Viktor Orban)


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