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An analysis by P.Poppel – Center for Geostrategic Studies (Belgrade)

When considering the Ukraine conflict since 2014 and especially since the beginning of the Russian special operation, the geopolitical analyzes focus almost exclusively on the West and Russia.

However, we must always view and analyze this conflict in the context of the overall geopolitical situation.

This conflict, along with the associated sanctions, also had a massive impact on world markets. Old trading partnerships were broken off and new relationships were formed.

P.Poppel and S. Lawrow the Minister of Foreign Affairs Russian Federation

Above all, these emerged more quickly and efficiently than would have been possible and conceivable without the conflict.

But the world is not only taking on a “new shape” economically as a result of these events, many other areas are also being affected by this rapid change.

The effects on warfare must not be forgotten either.

P.Poppel at the Russian Federations Akademy of Science

According to our analyses, the Ukraine conflict also represents a turning point for the military leadership and weapons technology.

The massive use of unmanned ordnance (drones), the establishment of large private military service providers and the actual nuclear threat show that this conflict has opened a new chapter in military history.

P.Poppel with General Nikolay Kosizyn (Ataman of the Don Cossacks Army)

A particularly interesting factor is the fact that for years now, China has had the opportunity to observe and analyze both Western and Russian military technology and tactics.

This will give China a great advantage in military conflicts in the future.


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