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20. Juli 2023: Henry Kissinger (100) musste persönlich zu Xi Jinping, denn Sleepy Joe und seine Administration können es einfach nicht und müssen zu Hause bleiben | Foto: Xinhua

Xi Jinping, the Chinese President held a meeting with former US diplomat Henry Kissinger in Beijing, praising him as an “old friend” and acknowledging his historic contributions to fostering China-US relations.

During their meeting, President Xi emphasized the potential for both China and the US to succeed and prosper together. He expressed hope that influential figures like Kissinger would play a constructive role in restoring bilateral ties to the right track, particularly as China-US relations are at a critical juncture.

Chinese analysts noted that Kissinger’s visit to China, being the latest high-profile US public figure to do so after visits by other US officials, indicates an accelerating resumption of high-level interactions between the two countries. This visit has created a positive momentum for improving the bilateral relations, which have been strained due to Washington’s policies aimed at containing and encircling China.

Chinese officials and experts urged the US to capitalize on this momentum by taking concrete steps in line with President Joe Biden’s commitments. Some suggestions included scrapping additional tariffs, promoting people-to-people exchanges, setting boundaries on tech restrictions, and acting prudently on the sensitive issue of Taiwan.

During the meeting at Villa 5 of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, where Kissinger’s first meeting with Chinese leaders took place over five decades ago, President Xi highlighted the special significance of the visit. He commended Kissinger’s frequent visits to China, stressing that the Chinese people value friendship and never forget the contributions made by their old friends.

Looking back at history, Xi recalled how Chairman Mao Zedong, Premier Zhou Enlai, President Richard Nixon, and Kissinger, with their strategic vision, made the right decision to cooperate and normalize China-US relations fifty-two years ago.

As the world undergoes significant transformations and the international landscape experiences major shifts, Xi emphasized that China and the US are once again facing a crucial decision about their future relationship.

This article was published on VOICE OF EUROPE

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