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Dr. med. Andreas Heisler about the status of CoV in 2023 in a straight talk

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Where is the world heading in the midst of the CoV-plot?

By the Editor | The CoV-plot rests on a total of three dimensions: a medical dimension, a political dimension, and a legal dimension. In each of these areas pressing and burning questions have meanwhile arisen:

Unser-Mitteleuropa spoke exclusively to Dr. med. Andreas Heisler, President of the Swiss-based independent medical and health network ALETHEIA – which has been supported by more than 12,000 members at this stage. ALETHEIA was founded in summer 2020 after the break-out of the «CoV Plandemic» to counter the incredible excesses and encroachments of the governmental CoV-regime with an increased sense of reality as well as civic responsibility.

After our article about Dr. med. Heisler’s assessment of the situation a year ago, Unser-Mitteleuropa has asked Dr. med. Heisler to provide our readers an up-date and overview with regard to the state of the «CoV-Crime of the Century»:

Question: In an Open Letter dated 6 October, 2022 to the Federal Department of the Interior (EDI), ALETHEIA has stated that the Swiss population has been harassed “with measures contrary to human rights” and that the CoV-certificate is being introduced “with not serious arguments”. Despite this fact, the Swiss people have surrendered in meanwhile three referendums to the scientific disproportionality of their rulers at Federal Bern, but have not seemed supported in their decision by ALETHEIA – the goddess of truth – according to Greek mythology:

  • on 6/13/2021 on the Covid-19 bill with 60.2%.
  • on 28.11.2021 to the extension of the Covid-19 law with 62%
  • on 6/18/2022 to extend the Covid-19 law with 61.9%.

How do you explain the Swiss electorate’s subservience to reason, true science, and the growing pile of hard facts?

“The slander of Apelles”: The naked truth ALETHEIA on the far left – in front the dominant society with representatives of ignorance, slander, conspiracy and others

Source: Sandro Botticelli (1445–1510), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons; Uffizien, Florence

Dr. Heisler: One answer to the question could indeed be the Swiss electorate’s subservience to reason, true science and the growing mountain of corresponding facts.

Unfortunately, during the so-called Covid pandemic, the population in Switzerland also presented itself as far too authority-trusting and intimidated. Here, too, the principles of defamation, denunciation and collaboration have been exposed at an unimagined level.

Another explanation for the high approval ratings for the extension or proliferation of constitutionally problematic laws and regulations supposed to be inhumane, could possibly have been active electoral manipulation.

It has been particularly perplexing, that the first two referenda had shown a voter turnout of 60% each, while the third had been only 40%: Yet virtually identical approval ratings occurred. That gives me pause for thought.

Question: On July 8, 2021, ALETHEIA asked Swissmedic by Open Letter to the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) to suspend the approval of the so-called Covid “vaccines” after the so-called “vaccinations” against CoV have turned-out ineffective, unsafe and unnecessary. Did Swissmedic subsequently try to refute ALETHEIA’s reasoning?

Dr. Heisler: Swissmedic never addressed the arguments. All that was heard was that it was a temporary (de facto emergency) and lawful authorization. The vaccines were safe and effective was stated.

Question: Does the result of the referendums provide the Federal Government a carte blanche for medical experiments on humans in the future?

Dr. Heisler: I suspect that even a negative result of the referenda, i.e. a rejection by the electorate, would not have prevented the Federal Council from again approving medical experiments on humans in case of doubt. Unfortunately, this is why the Federal Council can actually rely on a label “confirmed by direct democracy”.

Question: Does such behaviour constitute a violation of the “Nuremberg Code” of 1947?

Dr. Heisler: In my view, this behaviour constitutes indeed a violation of the Nuremberg Code of 1947. A mRNA-packaged into Nano-lipids have never been tested on humans. The approval study situation is extremely poor; far too few humans have been “treated” for far too short a time. The entire preclinical phase, which is supposed to take at least 2 years, has not taken place. This can also not be simulated on the computer, as presented by so-called scientists and the mainstream media.

The true extent of the catastrophe is becoming more and more apparent and can be seen in the excess mortality and the decline in births since the so-called vaccination campaign was rolled-out.

Question: Did the useless respectively counterproductive government measures you described lead to health workers quitting or being laid off?

Dr. Heisler: What I see now is the imminent collapse of our health care system. What we were threatened with at the beginning of the so-called pandemic, and which should only have been prevented by the unspeakable measures, has now occurred in Switzerland after the WHO ended the “pandemic”: The health care system no longer functions, even emergencies are often treated inadequately.

In particular, patients with side effects of the mRNA injection are not taken seriously and often end up in psychiatry in despair.

This state of affairs can be explained by the fact that many health care workers did not want to bow to the vaccination pressure and resigned. Those who have submitted to the human experiment often dropped-out in the short or long term because of more or less serious side effects. Ultimately, the shortage of personnel has led to this crisis.

Question: Were the described excesses of the CoV regime the main cause of today’s crises and bottlenecks with the health-care-system?

Dr. Heisler: From my point of view, these excesses are the main reason for today’s crisis and bottlenecks in the health care system, which the population has increasingly come across. The quality of medical care and health care for the population in general has declined drastically in Switzerland over the last three years. This is also shown by the fact that certain medicines – in part also vital antibiotics – are not or are partially not available.

Question: What reprisals were you and your colleagues subjected to, who did not submit to the CoV regime?

Dr. Heisler: The reprisals continue up to this day: Time and again, even now, there are court rulings, whereas colleagues in Switzerland are sentenced to fines and even to conditional imprisonment because of mask attestations or vaccination certificates. There have been house and practice searches for issuing mask dispensations or for dispensing effective medications such as Ivermectin or Chlorine-Dioxide-solutions.

By far the most draconian measure was the forced psychiatric treatment of my colleague Dr. Thomas Binder in May 2020. He had to spend a week in a closed ward of a psychiatric institution for so-called “corona-mania” and subsequently undergo forced treatment with medication for a certain period of time. This measure has led to the fact that many doctors in Switzerland have not protested.

Question: How do the alleged deaths due to CoV compare to the victims with vaccine-damage?

Dr. Heisler: According to official data, 470 people have died in Canton Lucerne in connection with the SarsCov-2 virus disease. These persons were between 80 and 100 years old, and the statistics obviously also include patients who died, for example, in a motorcycle accident, but showed a positive Sars/Cov-2 test shortly before passing away.

Even according to federal court decisions, a positive test is no proof of infection. It can be assumed that even fewer people have actually died from the virus, if it ever existed. The death rate is therefore in the per-thousand range in relation to a population of 400,000 people in the Canton of Lucerne. In my practice as well, there have actually been no actual deaths in the past three years, which makes the figure of 470 deaths in Canton of Lucerne seem much too high and yet realistic.


In contrast, there have been several tragic deaths even in my practice, which I must definitely see in connection with the mRNA injection. A young 30-year-old woman collapsing dead in the laundry room is something I have never encountered in my more than 20-year career as a family physician. It doesn’t just happen.

It is a fact that two toddlers of not even 1 and 3 years of age were made half-wise. The result of the court-ordered autopsy is unfortunately not available to me.

Question: How could the victims of vaccinations be helped best?

Dr. Heisler: This is a very broad field. First of all, vaccination victims can be helped by taking them seriously and listening to them. This is done by very few physicians, for various reasons. Partly out of shame, partly out of ignorance and partly out of corruption. We try to cater to the problem of the patients very individually. In the process, it becomes apparent that we are dealing with a very colourful picture of side effects. Therefore, there is no simple one-size-fits-all solution that applies equally to all those affected. We are also in contact with colleagues in Switzerland and abroad.

Question: Do mRNA injections in reality not represent vaccinations, but rather a gene therapy, as some experts claim?

Dr. Heisler: Since the authorities, contrary to the promises at the beginning of the so-called vaccination campaigns that vaccination would be effective, have since had to admit that it protects neither against infection nor against transmission, the term “vaccination” is false and completely misleading.

The wrong term “vaccination” should suggest that it is a practically a harmless medical measure – the prefix mRNA-(vaccination) is kept omitted as much as possible. I would not select the term gene therapy, because a therapy should only be applied in case of real diseases and actual sick people. The so-called vaccines to a large extent have been targeted towards completely healthy persons. Therefore, I would rather speak of a gene-experiment; the effects and consequences that this will have for those affected can only be seen now and in the future. It can be assumed that besides the many thromboses/embolisms, heart attacks, strokes and also autoimmune diseases and neurological syndromes, there will be more and more cases of cancer. The big fear on my part is that especially the younger generation will suffer from such events later.

Question: Do the results of above-mentioned referenda constitute violations of Art. 118b80 on “research involving human subjects” of the Swiss Constitution, especially since it says there under point (d): “An independent review of the research project must have shown that the protection of the participating persons is guaranteed”?

Dr. Heisler: I see that in exactly the same way. Here, of course, the lawyers should have to have the say. From my point of view, this is clearly a global human experiment; the protection of the participating persons has been completely put aside. And this happened with a disease that was no more dangerous than any normal flu.

Question: How come that the WHO was able to disseminate fatality rates of 3.4% worldwide on March 7, 2020 and was allowed to spread fear and panic among populations with impunity?

Dr. Heisler: Since there has been a complete subjugation of the media and also of the judicial apparatus in most countries on this world, the WHO and all its accomplices from the various states may have committed crimes against humanity with impunity. The incitement of people is a criminal offense in Switzerland.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation, it is not possible to take action against the media and authorities, as the courts are no longer independent.

Question: How can the zigzag course of the WHO on the topic of “asymptomatic spread” of CoV-2 be interpreted?

Dr. Heisler: This zigzag course of the WHO can only be explained by the fact that an «asymptomatic disease» or «asymptomatic spread» are completely unscientific. No evidence for this has ever been presented. On the contrary, it has been shown that in reality the disease is much less contagious. All measures were completely exaggerated and have brought nothing at all except suffering and costs.

Question: Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten reported on 27.06.2023 that according to information of the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) at least 755 million OP and FFP2 masks are to be burned. The ministry says three million masks have already been burned. The former Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) went into a buying frenzy in the spring of 2020: German Federal Audit Office criticized that “over-procurement”. One speaks of a total of 5.8 billion masks supposed to have costed €6.3 billion. One can assume that disposal by burning cannot be particularly good for the climate. Are there medical reasons to justify masks or how else can this super-flop of the political establishment be explained today?

Dr. Heisler: Wearing of masks has no medical effect whatsoever. The point was to use it in order to make the narrative of the dangerous killer-flu visible to the public.

In addition, the mask can be seen as a symbol of submission and slavery. This has also worked very well in Switzerland, where mask-wearing has been carried out to the excess and had been requested.

The mask procurement and destruction scandal in Germany – similar machinations may have occurred in Switzerland – shows the extent of the corruption and hypocrisy of politics. Not only has the health of patients been damaged, but also nature and our environment. Millions, perhaps even billions, of masks have been dumped into the sea. This is a disaster for flora and fauna and thus for the health of all mankind.

Question: The renowned medical publication Lancet had to retract a falsified study against Hydroxychloroquine dated May 22, 2020: Did Switzerland prevent the treatment of CoV with alternative drugs, like e.g. HCQ or Ivermectin as executed by the authorities in many countries and enforced transnationally? After the «Job» had been done, Lancet had retracted the falsified study on HCQ!

After the «Job» had been done, Lancet had retracted the falsified study on HCQ!

Dr. Heisler: Obviously, it was the case that internationally, but also in Switzerland, certain drugs were declared dangerous and banned. These encompassed Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, but also other proven means, such as vitamin D. This had to be done from the point of view of the other side, because an emergency approval of a vaccine is only possible if no adequate other treatment would be available. Again, the completely criminal bias of the physicians and authorities alike has been demonstrated.

I know colleagues in Switzerland who have been professionally prosecuted and fined for dispensing Ivermectin. This is one of the major scandals of the last three years in this country. This also shows the corruption of the authorities and medical societies.

Question: How do you explain that in Swiss medical laboratories, even after the WHO announcement of 20.1.2021 (Information Notice for Users 2020/05) on PCR tests was issued, continued their works with far too high cycle threshold values (Ct values) – e.g. with Ct 40 instead of 27 – by producing fake diagnoses?

Perfect «Gift» by WHO for the inauguration of Joe Biden to president on 20.1.2021

Dr. Heisler: The Swiss medical laboratories made a killing during the Corona period. By this way they have been jointly responsible for establishing and maintaining a testing and media pandemic.

The high cycle threshold values should fake the highest possible incidence of the disease. CT values above 35 are not suitable; moreover, in medicine, a test should only be performed on symptom-carriers and never on asymptomatic, i.e. healthy, people.

Question: The speech of Dr. David E. Martin, Chairman of M-CAM International LLC and Batten Fellow of the University of Virginia, on invitation of EU parliamentarians at Brussels on May 2023, is linked on the ALETHEIA website: Dr. Martin’s presentation shows that the first human trials with modified coronaviruses began as early as 1967 in the form of a transatlantic collaboration between the US and the UK. In addition, experiments were conducted with pigs and dogs. In 1990, Pfizer filed the first patent – US Patent 637224 – on a supposed vaccine with spike proteins for said veterinary field. Why did the supposed vaccines against CoV turn out to be completely ineffective even then?

Dr. Heisler: For me, the question should be different: Why did they resort even today to a procedure that was already completely ineffective at that time, such as the mRNA “vaccination” against SarsCov-2?

As pointed-out by Dr. Martin the whole machinations raise the suspicion that this «Plandemic» has been orchestrated well in advance. From my point of view, it does not make any sense medically and scientifically by trying to eradicate a rapidly mutating respiratory germ by any kind of vaccination.

Question: Dr. Martin informs that in 1984 an “HIV Inc.” was conspired to push through a global vaccination regime against the spectre of HIV with the help of CoV. The experiment had to be abandoned because over 50% of the persons HIV-test treated died or suffered severe vaccine damage. The mask was finally dropped after the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC) applied for US Patent 7279327 on a so-called infectious replication-deficient clone of a coronavirus – infectious for the epithelium of human lungs. It was an invention equivalent to a bioweapon said to be funded by NIAID (US National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases) from 1999 – 2002. Dr. Martin implies that such creation from the laboratory was used a year later in the Far East under the name SARS 1.0. There seems to be a clear violation of the Biological Weapons Convention: What did the authorities here in Switzerland and Europe do about it?

Patent US 7,279,327 B2: Methods for Producing Recombinant Coronavirus

Dr. Heisler: I think that even then the authorities in Switzerland and Europe did nothing against such violation of the Biological Weapons Convention. What exactly went on here is speculative from my point of view. I note that I am making more and more efforts to get hold of articles that are as well researched and reputable as possible in order to get a better picture here.

Question: In 2003, CDC (US Centre for Disease Control & Prevention) isolated a SARS coronavirus in violation of the Bioweapons Convention and attempted to patent it using a sequence downloaded from China: This succeeded only in 2007 [US patent 7776521 “CoV isolated from Humans”], because the patent office is said to have rejected the application twice before. On Oct. 9, 2007, UNC registered US Patent 7279327 under the name “Methods for Producing Recombinant Coronavirus”. After SARS 1.0, had humankind be blessed with a recombinant CoV-19 from the laboratory in 2020 again?

Dr. Heisler: To my knowledge, the hypothesis, initially dismissed as a conspiracy theory, that the virus escaped from a bioweapon’s laboratory in Wuhan, is now being pursued by certain Western circles. Whether the release was accidental or deliberate is still a matter of debate. Regardless of how the virus came into circulation, however, it is clear to me that there was intent behind it in order to unleash the desired testing and media pandemic globally.

Question: The gene sequences from 2003, 2005 & 2006 are 89% – 99% identical with CoV-2: Dr. Martin explained that from the year 2005 onwards said research had been run as technology for bioweapons warfare, endowed with over 10 billion USD via the NIAID and Department of Defence. Said government collaboration culminated in 2016 in a letter from NIAID to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill exempting UNC’s bioweapons laboratory from the gain-of-function (GOF: artificially sharpening deleterious viral functions through laboratory work) moratorium previously imposed by the U.S. government. Between 2008 and 2019, a total of 73 patents had been registered in the U.S., FRG, and China for mainly ACE-2 receptor [binding receptor] domain, cleavage site, and spike protein. As of 2016, the so-called “Wuhan Institute of Virology Virus-1” – WIV-1 – had already been introduced into the technical literature. In 2019 – seven months before CoV-2 patient No. 1 – Moderna let amend four of its patent applications around the term “accidental or intentional release”. Is this the proof that that pathogen CoV-2 would have to be classified as “made in USA” with China to be tricked into for just providing the brand name, like “WIV-1”, via GOF subcontracts from USA to the Institute of Virology (WIV) to distract from the real masterminds?

Dr. Heisler: I think this is very likely for the reasons mentioned above.

Question: How do you explain that, after the overwhelming evidence, none of the 193-member countries seems to be able and/or willing to take political and legal actions against said organized crime of a state – and transnational nature?

Dr. Heisler: The Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, as it has been made known to us by the media, has been globally concerted and very long prepared for.

Anyone who, as a doctor, lawyer or member of an authority or political institution, breaks with the narrative is going to be harassed and silenced. The institutional protection mechanisms no longer function.

Question: Does that mentioned incompetence of states coupled with compliance to transnational monopolists, including total failure of the justice, require that the system of Western party oligarchies – even more so blatantly representing external interests, but no longer those of its citizens – be subjected to a thorough reform before the entire system collapses and is taken over externally?

Dr. Heisler: A profound social upheaval is needed and the so-called democratic party system had to undergo strong scrutiny. I see the principle of a state based on three free-acting columns [State, Education and Economy], which the founder of anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner designed at the turn of the last century, as a suitable template for establishing a new, humane and free form of society that is as far away from the state as possible. This must be implemented in all areas of society – not only in health care. Only then, we will see a viable counter-concept versus transhumanism.

Question: After the “successful” test run with the smart virus CoV, the WHO is now pursuing the plan, supported by the medical-industrial complex, to unleash their decisive final blow: The WHO-plot envisages to turn its org into a world health regime: It is supposed to not only exercise transnational executive power over health, pandemic prevention and compulsory treatment, but also over censorship including the persecution of not like-minded voices. What measures does ALETHEIA intend to take against the totalitarian plans of WHO?

Dr. Heisler: ALETHEIA tries to create an awareness against the totalitarian plans of the WHO primarily by revealing to the population that a world government is to be introduced under the cover of health. The establishment of the «Plandemic» has created a very impressive template for such purpose.

Maybe it is possible to show the extent of the crime and corruptness of the own state to many fellow citizens who have not been reached so far.

Question: As reported by the U.S. media Florida Today, members of the Florida District Republican Executive Committee (BREC), Brevard County voted on a resolution calling on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to have CoV-19 experimental agents investigated and banned. There was a landslide on the BREC vote. Republicans from other districts, such as Seminole, Lake, Santa Rose, Hillsborough and Lee County are launching similar initiatives.

The majority of Republicans take the position that mRNA injections are a biological weapon with an extremely high threat to humanity. They argue that Big Pharma is strongly suspected of committing crimes against humanity and violating the Nuremberg Code, as well as deliberately and grossly negligently downplaying the fatal risks of their medical experiments along with any vaccine damage. Can Swiss citizens’ initiatives, like that of ALETHEIA, count on support from the political side?

Dr. Heisler: I cannot see any political support for ALETHEIA in Switzerland at this moment. Unfortunately, it is the case that the authorities still function in line. There are isolated initiatives, especially with SVP, which point in this direction, but it still needs patience and the ability to suffer and above all the effective steadfastness of ALETHEIA in that regard.

Question: As “Spiegel Wissenschaft” reported, the Permanent Commission on Vaccination (Stiko), responsible for Germany, had meanwhile recommended to switch to a so-called general vaccination schedule, according to which people over 60 years of age, as well as all persons with an increased risk of a severe course of disease, should receive a regular, annual booster vaccination in addition to the basic vaccination. Although the draft resolution for this would still have to go through a commentary process by the states and experts, can it be deduced from this initiative that in Germany the processing and investigations into the alleged total of all CoV crimes had be considered as failed respectively resulting in nothing?

Dr. Heisler: Germany, quite obviously follows the way of suppression and disregard for all the health-damaging consequences, primarily caused by the so-called vaccinations. The media prefers to cite so-called experts regarding the issue, that side effects are taken absolutely seriously, but that they are very rare. As usual, a positive risk-benefit ratio is only babbled about. A regular booster vaccination as part of a vaccination plan is nothing less than a scandal. At least, healthy children and adolescents would not be affected.

Due to the seriousness of the crime as well as the catastrophic consequences in the medium and long term, it is not surprising that an investigation is avoided. Far too many of those responsible have made themselves guilty and are not interested in such a process. Unfortunately, the same might be true for Switzerland.

Unser-Mitteleuropa: Dr. Heisler, we would like to thank you for the talk!


The interview was conducted by UNSER MITTELEUROPA


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  1. A 1 and 3 year old were made ‘half-wise’
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