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Under this title, there was another interesting consideration of this “American sector” on the new platform LTAS (leave the american sector), launched by the geostrategic analyst Parick Poppel and presented in an article by UME. We don’t want to withhold this analysis by Anton Eggendorfer from our readers either.

When you think of the poor and the disenfranchised, Hollywood doesn’t necessarily come to mind, actors as well as writers. Nevertheless, they are on strike, namely the WGA, SAG and AFTRA.

With the advent and growing popularity of streaming services, the money that an author or actor could make has become an increasing concern for the profession.

The popularity of the “traditional” shows has been steadily declining. This has to do with the way shows are monetized, it used to be all about making money and the occasional “work of art” sandwiched in between.

Nowadays, there is more emphasis on movies and television acting as a kind of propaganda tool. Movies, even popular franchises like Star Wars, Ghostbusters or the Marvel film series, are trying to incorporate more and more topical themes into their storylines.

Female empowerment, gay and trans issues or racial inequality play an increasingly important role in these productions. Because a large segment of the audience is fed up with films preaching about social issues, these films, often financed by venture capital, hedge funds and the like, do not always turn a profit and are often what are colloquially referred to as “slow sellers”.

With TV shows on streaming sites not being resold to other TV networks, movies often not making a profit, and corporate greed still alive, this crisis is often felt drastically for “middle class” writers as they try to make a living earn.

There was even a story in the news about a head writer on a show called The Bear who, despite writing for a show that aired on America’s F/X network and streamed globally on Disney+, barely makes ends meet during it came.

That’s probably Holywood’s current inflationary crisis. Ironically, many Hollywood writers and actors propagated the very same policies that made their lives harder in the long run. Carbon taxes, immigration and the war in Ukraine are driving up prices, and failed welfare policies are filling the streets of LA and San Francisco with homeless people and addicts. Also, the soft stance on crime makes safe neighborhoods increasingly unaffordable.

The modern inhabitant of this “sector” often seems unable to assess the consequences of his own actions, which became painfully clear during the corona lockdowns.

Namely, since when many writers and actors spoke out in favor of government policies that would leave them unemployed for months or even years. They’re basically chopping off the branch they want to sit on later.

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