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Linker Polizeiterror im Herbst 2006

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By our Hungarian correspondent ELMAR FORSTER

September 2006: State terror by socialist ex-prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány

The “National Legal Protection Service”, which represents the victims of that time, has now announced on its website that it will continue to “hold those responsible for that time to account”: We must…

… “recapitulate the core of the state terror and remind us once again of these crimes, which are never time-barred and for which the perpetrators must be held accountable. Moreover, those responsible, their allies, and those who denied the atrocities must never again be allowed to come to power.”


EU law: “Death penalty as well as killing for sedition”

According to the Austro-Hungarian (human rights) lawyer Dr Eva Maria Barki, the death penalty and the right to kill people – in case of riot or insurrection – is still part of the law in the EU:

Namely, in the sense of the explanations to the “Charter of Fundamental Rights” and adoption of “Art. 2 of Protocol No. 6 to the European Convention on Human Rights” as part of EU law: According to this, a state may impose the death penalty for acts committed in times of war or imminent threat of war. Likewise, killing is permitted to put down a riot or insurrection (ECHR Art. 2 para. 2 lit c).” (Dr Eva-Maria Barki)

You will find this passage at the end of Dr Barki’s analysis of the 2020 Covid exception laws in Hungary.

Cause of the biggest protests since 1956: Gyurcsány’s lying speech

On 17 September, Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány gave (in a closed conference in front of Socialist party functionaries, in a hotel on Lake Balaton, in Balatonöszöd) that scandalous lying speech where he openly admitted – with the most vulgar Hungarian insults – to electoral fraud and voter deception.

“We fucked up. Not a little, but a lot. There is not a single country in Europe that has done what we did… That you don’t have to take the rap in this whore country Hungary.” (Gyurcsány – Here is the lying speech in Hungarian)

UME reported: “‘We fucked it!'” – 15 years of the lying speech of the Hungarian socialist ex-prime minister Gyurcsány”

The speech was leaked to the public under (to this day, untraceable) circumstances. Within a few hours, crowds gathered all over the country demanding the immediate resignation of the left-liberal government of lies (which had come to power for the second time).

The whole of Hungary was now – on the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution – in a popular uprising that threatened to sweep away the globalist puppet regime of the time.

Gyurcsány regime: police terror against the people

Until the Budapest police (led by their long-time commander Péter Gergényi) advanced against the demonstrators with the most brutal police terror:

Because already since 2002 (when the social-liberal government coalition had come to power) the politically compliant police broke up numerous peaceful anti-government demonstrations violently and illegally, participants were arbitrarily imprisoned and subjected to show trials.

But in autumn 2006, the line to state terror was crossed. Irrefutable evidence from that time (video recordings, thousands of eyewitness accounts, dozens of legally binding verdicts and investigation reports) prove:

That the left-wing Gyurcsány clique systematically used unlawful violence to keep itself in power with the acquiescence of left-liberal EU elites. The aim was to intimidate, retaliate, maintain power and prevent the people from exercising basic democratic freedoms and their right to resist.

Prelude 18 September: Siege of Hungarian Television

Already in the evening of 18 September and the following morning hours, the Hungarian “Legal Protection Service” received disturbing reports of brutal police violence.

The next evening, 19 September 2006, all hell broke loose:

When the crowd, from “Kossuth Square”, behind the parliament, marched to the headquarters of the Hungarian Socialists demanding the resignation of the Gyurcsány regime. Already in “Republic Square” the peaceful demonstrators were attacked by mounted police and by police dogs.

That morning, an angry head of government, Ferenc Gyurcsány, summoned the police chiefs to parliament: his displeasure was directed at the siege of the television station, which ended in an embarrassing defeat for the police. Gyurcsány now demanded the toughest measures: From the evening of 19 September until 21 September, this rampage of the Soldateska was to continue.

Peaceful demonstrators, but also passers-by involved in the rioting, were indiscriminately beaten on the head on their way home. Arrestees were first locked up in the courtyard of the Hungarian Radio, which had taken on the forms of a torture chamber and a concentration camp, then they were passed on to police prisons. Most were humiliated, tortured and treated inhumanely, interrogated until dawn.

Budapest’s detention centres were full of the intimidated, most of them injured, without the right to protection and legal representation. Relatives knew nothing of their fate for days.

Anonymous vans without police plates roamed the city, policemen without number plates picked up youths indiscriminately, beat them bloody, rounded them up and then detained them arbitrarily. – Two hundred of them were even taken into pre-trial detention for weeks in the first judicial instance, under the most horrible conditions. But open state violence was also rampant on public transport. – At that time, even carrying the Hungarian national flag was enough to be brutally beaten down by the police.

Compliant judges and prosecutors (some still from the communist era) applied legal reprisals under martial law on an assembly line. But they have never been brought to justice.

The climax: National Day 23 October 2006

During the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 1956 freedom struggle, organised by the then largest opposition party “Fidesz”, the peaceful demonstrators in “Kossuth Square” in front of the parliament were brutally attacked with rubber bullets, tear gas grenades, mounted police, with water cannons. The arbitrary arrests and manhunts lasted until dawn the next day. The police attacks resulted in broken bones and severe eye injuries.


In total, more than 200 civilians were seriously injured, 14 lost their eyesight. One of the most seriously injured, Attila Csorba, lost his job after a permanent eye injury and committed suicide years later, a broken man.

EU elites tolerated the police state

While the left-liberal EU elites, since Viktor Orban came to power, have constantly slandered his government for alleged violations of the rule of law, the EU has never protested against the police state terror of the left-liberal government.

And what is more, it is precisely these EU elites who today politically support those responsible for the state terror of that time or their collaborators and allies. To this day, they remain silent about the human rights crimes of that time.

Never forget

Most victims of the 2006 police violence received compensation only after the “Fidesz” change of government in 2010. But their suffering and persecution remained unknown to many: Also because the international press censors the horrors of that time until today, and since then a generation has grown up that does not know the events of that time anymore.

Therefore, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the state terror, previously unseen video recordings have been made available: This resulted in the film series “2006 – Days of Terror”, as well as a national touring exhibition “Freedom Drowned in Blood”.

Gyurcsány regime: unscrupulous in the service of financial globalism

One of the “hallmarks” of the globalist, anti-national Gyurcsány’ism was the political abuse of the police, prosecutor’s office and judiciary, which led to the abolition of the separation of the three powers of the state.

To this day, those responsible for the police terror remain unpunished: Gyurcsány remains at large, even as the – often drunken – leader of the opposition. And it is precisely his party that founded a so-called “shadow government”, cynically on the 16th anniversary of the 2006 state terror (UME reported).

Investigative documentaries…

…serve as an important contemporary document for all those who do not (want to) know or have forgotten, or doubt police terror.

“Autumn 2006: Doomed”: The History of Terror (Film) – Here are all six episodes( 1st episode – Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6)

” Civilian Report – Violations in Autumn 2006″ Documentary of the report of the “Committee of Civilian Lawyers“.

Victims 2006“: A documentary volume as well as the events in autumn 2006.

For despite irrefutable evidence, the political and police leaders of the time, as well as their left-liberal stooges, deny all crimes. Not least in the knowledge that powerful left-liberal, globalist (EU) elites are protecting them.

However: because there is no statute of limitations for the crime of terrorist acts, there is still the possibility of prosecution.

“The memory of the dead, but also the suffering of the living victims, obliges us not to give up on human rights violators and national human rights defenders: We will never forget the terror of Gyurcsány. We will fight to ensure that the political and police leaders responsible for the state terror in autumn 2006 do not get away with it. And that their parties and stooges never return to power.” (Dr. Tamás Gaudi-Nagy, lawyer, executive director of the National Legal Protection Service – www.njsz.hu)


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