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An analysis by Patrick Poppel (geopolitical analyst / Center for Geostrategic Studies – Belgrade)


Many people in the West are wondering what the future of Europe will soon look like. But this future, like Europe’s past, is closely linked to developments in Russia.

If Putin is re-elected, there will be changes and many other questions regarding Russia and its rapid development, not least due to Western sanctions.

This question should be examined seriously.

Basically, the following “realities” should be noted below.

Any “internal Russian resistance to Putin’s team” has disappeared and the remaining opposition figures who have “escaped” to Europe are unable to unite to lead any protests.

As a result, the Russian opposition has no chance of influencing the presidential elections in 2024 in any way and with the “well-known intention of a color revolution”.

In Russia at the moment there is simply “no one on whom you (or rather the West) can bet”.

Likewise, the “anti-war campaign” has failed across the board.

The Russians are ready for further developments and fully support Putin. For the sake of victory and to become aware of their own “greatness” again, the Russians are prepared to endure more than just possible economic hardships.

The focus on Putin’s age, who turned 71 on October 7th, is also probably dubious in his case (compared to Biden, he seems like a young man).

As a result, there is a reality that the West has to live with; there is a very good chance that Putin will be re-elected President of the Russian Federation in 2024.

Of course, the structures of the West will once again mobilize against the election in Russia and try to portray everything as undemocratic.

However, while the conscious move away from any democratic structures is progressing at a rapid pace in the West, Russia is now going its own way. Not least against the background of the “Western sanctions”, the BRICS is now being expanded. By including “resource-rich” states in this community and a planned gold-backed currency, this contributes to the “Western emancipation” of these states and thus also of Russia. It seems as if Russia, together with the BRICS and the “creation” of a multipolar world order, has just taken the “more democratic” path.

So the “accusers” of Russia are undoubtedly sitting in the proverbial “Western glass house and throwing stones” with their accusations of anti-democratic leadership in Russia, or is “the rogue exactly what he thinks”?

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