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Antifa stunned

The cowardly attack by the left-wing extremist Antifa is in all likelihood connected to the devious and extremely brutal attacks against completely uninvolved people carried out by the international Antifa thugs in Budapest a year ago. In addition, the left-wing thugs, who are usually treated with great leniency by the judiciary in Germany, are unlikely to forgive the fact that such offences are severely prosecuted in Hungary. In addition to the attack on the building of the Hungarian Cultural Institute, the international left also launched a smear campaign against Hungary and its prison conditions.

On the evening of 26 January, the building of the Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin was attacked by the extreme left: “#honourless” signs were sprayed on the walls of the institution and several windows were smashed. (mandiner)

Antifa hate letter

In the hate-antifa statement, the attack is explained with the criminal trial against German and Italian antifascist thugs that has just taken place in Hungary:

Our solidarity goes to the antifascists* arrested last year because of this and to those wanted in this context, which we express with the attack. In the case of international smear campaigns, intimidation by the repressive authorities and presumably imminent extraditions, we cannot stand by in silence, but must take a stand. In the case of the international smear campaigns, intimidation by the repressive authorities and presumably imminent extraditions, we cannot stand by in silence, but must actively intervene in what is happening. It is not enough just to attack the Nazis and their structures; the right-wing think tanks and media acceptance procurers of the supposedly superior European culture are also legitimate targets. The trial in Budapest begins on 29 January – let’s show those affected that they are not alone and let’s show the German judiciary and the Hungarian state that we will not remain inactive!

Against Hungarian migration policy

In addition, in the usual Antifa hate jargon, there was also incitement against a discussion event on Hungarian and German migration policy, which took place in the German-Hungarian Friendship Association, with the participation of the Hungarian Chancellery Minister Gergely Gulyás at the time, in October 2023 in the Collegium Hungaricum.

Interesting because it exposes the Orwellian distortion of reality of the antifa fascists and their fear of the alternative media: In addition to the discussion about a tougher stance towards travellers seeking protection and the stricter sealing off of Europe, the focus was on the racist discourse on “imported anti-Semitism” that is also taking place here and the alleged threat posed to Europe by migration.

Unsurprisingly, the press invited to the event were Junge Freiheit and Tichys Einblick. According to Junge Freiheit, the evening was introduced by the President of the German-Hungarian Society, Gerhard Papke. He said of Budapest:

There is no murderous Allahu Akbar shouting on the streets there. Hungarians don’t let people like that into their country. They are smarter!” The Hungarian state is a driving force and important partner when it comes to promoting murder and the sealing off of the EU borders and has also been conducting a racist campaign against Sinti*zze and Rom*nja in its own country for a long time.” Obviously, the international Antifa thugs are attacking Hungarian institutions because the Hungarian judiciary punishes such inhuman acts with the full force of the law. And does not tolerate them – as is the case in Germany, for example.

Deutsche Antifa-Schläger in Budapest +UPDATE 01.02.+ Staatsanwalt fordert 11 Jahre Haft (Video)

Bitte unterstützen Sie unseren Kampf für Freiheit und Bürgerrechte. Und auch gegen die Klima-Hysterie, die letztlich der Nährboden für Programme ist, die uns das Geld aus der Tasche ziehen sollen, wir wir bereits jetzt schon erfahren dürfen. Stichwort: Energiewende. Und das ist erst der Anfang! Die Umverteilung von unten nach oben hat gerade erst begonnen.

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