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“Locked in a room, threatened with a knife”

Left-wing mainstream trivialises domestic violence against a neo-conservative woman

Interview by Judit Varga, viewed almost 850,000 times after less than 2 full days

Left-wing mainstream media are currently panicking to play down the disturbing and at the same time authentically impressive, almost two-hour interview of the Hungarian ex-minister of justice and ex-wife of the would-be oppositionist Peter Magyar, who is highly acclaimed by the marginalised Hungarian left: Namely that…

… “her ex-husband had inflicted domestic violence on her for years… Her statement can no more be proven at present than Magyar’s denial of it“. (Der Standard)

“Authentic, disturbing”

Nevertheless, there are also liberal leftists in Hungary who soberly and objectively assess the content of the Varga interview for what it is:

Judit Varga was authentic for me in its entirety: so I think that anyone who has experienced this or seen it in their family environment knows exactly that these things unfortunately happen exactly as you could see in the interview last night. It was authentic for me, it was disturbing.” (Mandiner)

And Fodor also indirectly brought up the questionable hate character of the would-be oppositionist Magyar, who, according to his own statements, wants to “save Hungary”:


… “Ex-husband did not primarily attack the government … but his ex-wife was the main target.

The five most disturbing statements by Judith Varga

To honour Judith Varga’s courage, UME brings you five of her most disturbing statements.

Anyone who has seen the interview knows that you can’t make these things up:

In the interview with Péter Hajdú, the former justice minister gave a detailed account of verbal and physical abuse during her marriage to Peter Magyar, as well as various types of blackmail, intimidation and restriction of freedom she had to endure during their 13-year relationship.

1. threatened with a knife by Magyar

According to Judit Varga, one of the worst incidents was when her parents lived with them and Varga preferred to sleep next to her parents after a late-night argument.

“He walked around with a knife in his hand for five minutes and then fell asleep.”

2 Magyar locked Varga in a room, her son freed her

He locked me in a room because he was angry because we were going to a summer event and I was doing my make-up and for some reason he didn’t want to go because he probably couldn’t bear the thought of me giving an opening speech – I was a minister at the time.

-said Varga.

The following scene is particularly poignant:

My older son brought me a key, he was only eleven years old at the time, and he freed me.

– and Varga added that all her children still remember this scene.

3. faked suicide

On one occasion, Peter Magyar is even said to have faked a suicide. He lay motionless with an empty can of tranquillisers next to him and did not answer. After Varga had pleaded with him in vain, she distraughtly called an ambulance. When she hung up the phone, Magyar sat up in bed and told her that he was fine.

He then took Varga’s mobile phone.

4. Violence and humiliation during her pregnancy

One physical abuse stands out in particular: The aggressive Peter Magyar pushed Varga against a door when she was pregnant.

The most painful experience was that after her first birth she could not get enough of seeing her child and expressed this feeling, but Magyar only replied:

What, you can’t form a proper Hungarian sentence? Didn’t you take a language course? Do you have problems with reading comprehension?

When Varga broke down and started crying, her husband humiliated her again:

Go ahead and cry. You’ll run out of milk soon.

5. Magyar threatened and blackmailed her children

Once he intimidated her children by saying to them:

Mum has ruined Dad. So now dad will put everyone in prison and you will be institutionalised.

Even when her son reached puberty, he did the same to him as he did to her:

That the child couldn’t behave, couldn’t say anything without being insulted by his father.

According to Varga, her eldest son no longer wants to see his father.


I urge all left-wing trivialisers and relativisers of this account of domestic violence to watch Judit Varga’s youtube video. Maybe then they will reconsider their manipulative framing:

The propaganda media of the government apparatus pounced on Magyar. Orbán’s favourite commentator Zsolt Bayer called him a “truly narcissistic psychopath“.” (Standard)

Enclosed is the entire interview in Hungarian:

The article refers to the “five strongest statements…” on MANDINER, our Hungarian partner of the European Media Co-operation.

FIRST-article from 27.03.2024

Hungarian former justice minister on her violent marriage: “Only living in freedom”

Former Minister of Justice Judit Varga was recently a guest on “Frizbi TV”. The full interview can be seen on the YouTube channel of “Frizbi TV” from 8 pm on Wednesday evening.

Judit Varga, known as an eloquent, intelligent and strong woman in dealing with the Western anti-Hungarian lying press, gave an exclusive interview to Péter Hajdú, in which she revealed more frightening details about her violent relationship with the current opposition New Comer politician Péter Magyar.

He constantly tried to intimidate me: By standing in front of my car, by dumping rubbish in front of my car, by sitting in the back seat of my car when I wanted to drive away, by taking my bag, by locking me in a room.

And Varga added: she lived in constant fear of “what mood Peter Magyar was in“.

When asked by Peter Péter Hajdú what she was afraid of:

That he might not stop with the abuse. Peter came out of the room, went into the kitchen, took out a knife and started running around the house with it.

When I returned to him in May 2021 and the terror started again, I told him almost every fortnight:

Peter, please change! Because once I’ve cut you out of my soul, I won’t want to save you, myself or anyone else. I will only want to live, to be free. And I won’t care what you blackmail me with, what you threaten me with.

Here is the trailer. UME will report on the whole interview tomorrow.



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