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Life insurance company bails out after vaccine death as “voluntary vaccination with experimental vaccine” counts as suicide!

The case is currently causing a stir and sensation in France. A rich, elderly Parisian businessman from Versailles, who has taken out many life insurance policies (worth millions) for the benefit of his children and grandchildren, dies from a Covid vaccination (not disputed by the doctors or his life insurers). But then comes the hammer: the insurance company does not pay the premium, because the deceased acted at his own risk in the Corona vaccination.

Taking an experimental injection with fatal consequences is like suicide

The insurance company refused to pay out the premium to the family because the policy explicitly excludes the use of experimental drugs and treatments (including the Corona vaccination). Consequently, the family sues the insurance company, but loses. The judge states:

“The side effects of the experimental vaccine are publicized, and the deceased could not claim not to have known about them when he voluntarily took the vaccine. There is no law or mandate in France that forced him to be vaccinated. Therefore, his death is essentially suicide.”

This leaves the Verscherung doubly “fine” because suicide is also excluded from the Polizze.

Here is the verdict summarized mutatis mutandis:

“The court recognizes the insurer’s classification of participation in the phase three experiment, the proven harmlessness of which is not given, in view of the announced side effects, including death, as legally taking a lethal risk voluntarily, which is not covered by the policy and is legally recognized as suicide. The family has appealed. However, the insurer’s defense is recognized as well-founded and contractually justified because this publicly disclosed taking of a fatal risk is legally recognized as suicide because the customer was notified and agreed to voluntarily take the risk of death without being required or coerced to do so.”

Vaccine deaths soon to be counted as suicides?

Consequently, the now death after vaccination will be considered as suicide by the courts (at least in France)! Insurers will now start to pay back life insurance policies on a large scale, since taking a fatal risk by vaccination will de facto exclude them from the contract, making it void. Unimagined also are the consequences for loans with banks, etc. So far, nothing has been heard of this scandalous case in the French mainstream media.

The family’s lawyer, Carlo Alberto Brusa, made the case public on social media.

US life insurance companies deny similar cases

Similar stories have already been reported from the U.S. here:
“Life insurance companies may deny payouts for vaccinated people because Covid vaccines constitute ‚medical experiments.‘”
Life insurance companies there, however, denied corresponding reports from injured parties.
“The fact is that life insurers do not consider whether or not a policyholder received a COVID vaccine when deciding whether to pay a claim,” said Paul Graham, senior vice president for policy development at the American Council of Life Insurers .

“Life insurance contracts are very clear about how policies work and what reasons, if any, can lead to a denial of benefits. A vaccine against COVID-19 is not one of them. The underwriting evaluation of an applicant’s insurability is not affected by the individual’s vaccination status.”

However, these statements were made only after cases similar to the one in France were publicized and labeled as “fake news.” Thus, the claims of the injured parties stand against those of the insurance companies.

Editor’s comment:

For the sake of order, it should be mentioned that upon request, the domestic (Germany, Austria) insurance companies promise not to make benefits dependent on the respective vaccination status, both as far as vaccinated and unvaccinated people are concerned.

Demands to disadvantage the unvaccinated in terms of costs in case of hospitalization, on the other hand, are made by corona sharpeners, as everyone knows.

The information from France here in the article refers to the source we mentioned and to information from Nicole Delépine, former head of the pediatric cancer department at the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, on the website Riposte Laïque.

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5 Gedanken zu „Life insurance company bails out after vaccine death because “voluntary vaccination with experimental vaccine” counts like suicide!“
  1. The article fails to mention that vaccines currently approved and used world-wide, including in the EU and the US, have nothing to do with phase-three experimental vaccines that are involved in this case.

      1. emergency use authorization is still authorization in the US, there is no more data collection etc to do at this phase, so its wrong to claim experimental. The only thing left is for the FDA panel to vote on final approval.

  2. In the US, suicide is not payable until after the contract is in force for 2 years. After the second year, the insurer cannot deny a claim regardless of suicide, while sane or insane. The death must occur within the first two years to be declined.

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