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By our Hungary correspondent Elmar Forster

National identity versus slave morality

Death of a gladiator

England against Hungary

Tolerance in practice in the Hungarian national team.Ungarische Jubeltraube: Adam Szalai (Mitte) freut sich mit Siegtorschütze Dominik Szoboszlai (l.).

Nothing shows the difference between a decomposed Western slave morality from the spirit of political correctness and a national and individual resilience more clearly than what happened yesterday in Budapest’s Puskas football stadium…

For Western media, it is an unparalleled breach of taboo: The few who are not trying to hush up this multiple Hungarian victory – sporting, mental, historical – are hyperventilating right now as usual:

“Scandal in Budapest !”

“Despite the ban on spectators because of discriminatory behaviour of its fans, the stands were well filled at the Nations League home match of the Hungarian national football team on Saturday against England (1:0). Even worse, there were whistles from the stands and incomprehension from the players for the British kneeling.” (Krone)

Hier der Link: twitter.com/i/status/1533117613869518848

Prime Minister Orban: “Well done, boys !” (magyar nemzet)

Postscript: “You can even see it from the moon.” – Sly historical context: the 60-year football victory occurred just on the anniversary of the Trianon Dictatorship Peace 102 years ago.

And thus, however, history always remains implacable with its question of historical truth: “100 years ago, some said correctly: we will be present at the burial of those who wanted to bury us.” (Orbán) “Today there is no Czechoslovakia, no Yugoslavia and no Soviet Union, no British Empire, no French Empire. And what is left of them is now spinning in the multicultural embrace of their vengeful colonies.” (Orban) (Here is my analysis on UM: “100 Years of Trianon. The Broken Silence.”

“Menj vissza anyádba !” – A Hungarian didactic play

At the same time, however, everything is also a lesson about sustainable Hungarian resistance against a decadent, arrogant, East-racist Western pseudo-morality that wants to impose its totalitarian political correctness on the whole world. The former will to resist has already won against the Turks, the Habsburgs, the Soviet Union and against billionaire Soros.

You just have to be able to wait… And show off Western Eastern racism with Schwejk´ian subversion… After all, last year the strictly political-correct UEFA initiated criminal proceedings against Hungary’s national team for alleged discriminatory behaviour: Two compulsory home matches were to be played without spectators. However, UEFA did not reckon with its Hungarian host. Because according to UEFA regulations, in the case of ordered “ghost matches”, even – as it seemed until then – only innocent children (up to the age of 14) are allowed into the stadium anyway, if they are accompanied by an adult.

After all, the Puska Arena was well filled with 40,000 visitors. But then the unexpected happened: when the English kneelers went down on their knees as usual as a sign against racism and discrimination, a deafening cacophony of children’s boo whistles rang out. But the intention of the European umbrella organisation to punish Hungary was virtually thwarted.

England’s ‘deeply disappointed’ national team goes down on their knees in front of children

Whether the 1-0 defeat then suffered by Hungary could have anything to do with this unexpected and psychologically disgraceful children’s crusade, the England national football bubis will then be allowed to cry on their return to psychotherapy group sessions. England national concern footballer Coady already set the tone: “It’s a big disappointment. I think everyone can understand the kneeling as a country and a team. After all, we’ve talked a lot about why we’re doing it.” (in futballarena.hu, vadhajtasok)

Hungarian for “deepest contempt”: “Menj vissza anyádba !”

On Coady’s defiantly senseless civilian courage….

“It is important to continue what we are doing to get people talking about the situation. We will continue to fight against racism.”

…the Hungarian children responded with an abysmal contempt inherent only in the Hungarian mentality and language: “Menj vissza anyádba !” Which means, “Go back to your mother !” – Western visitors to our blog will have to use their imagination a bit now, though – with so much anti-feminist sexism…. The Hungarian language, however, is even more explicit in this regard: “Menj vissza a picsaba !” – “Go back to the cunt !” and this is really not to be understood sexually, but regressively…

Hungary mon amour

Claudia Roth: Green Ex-Vice-President of the German Bundestag on Headscarf-Knee-fall on Arabia VisitQuellbild anzeigen Kunhalmi Ágnes.jpg

Agnes Kunhalmi, Vice-President of the Hungarian Socialists

As an expatriate Austrian in Hungary since 1992, I am proud to paraphrase John F. Kennedy’s famous saying: “I am a Hungarian!” – Because here in Hungary, even left-green female Soros activists have remained gracefully feminine.

(Video anklicken!)

“Black Panthers” now in Budapest

Times change, history repeats itself… Only under different auspices: The US-American anit-racist Black Panther movement has kneeled to death. The future of the world always lies in the unspoiled spontaneity of children… Even the old-left grandpa Grönemeyer knew that… “Put the world in children’s hands!”

However, and this is the message from Budapest: The future does not lie in the hands of manipulated and early-sexualised, affluent Fridays-for-Future kiddies… Nietzsche already knew that: “In the real man there is a child hidden. And wants to play.”

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  1. Thanks @Elmar…that’s a great article and shows how a bunch of children face global MSM

    Finally, global MSM behaves like babies with their reaction and the children in Budapest Stadium have shown, they are more adult like MSM …LOL


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