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Wikimedia: Second Vatican Council

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | The infiltration of the Church by a “Catholic” Freemasonry began more than two centuries ago. It reached its preliminary climax in a Black Mass presided over by cardinals on June 29, 1963, in St. Paul’s Church in Rome. The “new universal church of men” consecrated to the Prince was to receive its Luciferian program through the Second Vatican Council. The Masonic social restructuring of the Great Reset according to the Chinese-Communist model is only one aspect, the religion of the occult orders, i.e. the worship of Lucifer and the negation of the Son of God Jesus Christ should become obligatory for all people.


The church is to be robbed of its supra-temporal mission and serve as a “universal church of man” for an antichrist coming from the lodges of the Illuminati as a vehicle for his infernal counter-church, so the communist and high-grade freemason Di Bernado.


Screenshot: Dignity Order

“…the smoke of Satan has entered the Church…”

Triumphant quote from Paul VI (1897-1978) after Vatican II. Vaticanum [ Link, Link]

With the Freemason Paul VI, the Lodge had succeeded in installing one of its own on the papal throne and thus, after many setbacks, finally achieved the long-planned goal of destroying the Church; his predilections also made him easy to control. As a Soviet agent, Paul VI betrayed countless priests to the KGB behind the Iron Curtain. The Communists thus continued the earlier subversion strategies as a visible part of the lodge system. Numerous key positions within the Church were quickly filled by Freemasons, as evidenced by the initiations of cardinals and bishops that became public in 1976, a practice that undoubtedly continues under Pope Francis.

Long-Term Strategy: The Standing Orders of the Alta Vendita

“Our ultimate goal is that of Voltaire and the French Revolution: the complete destruction of Catholicism and even of the Christian idea […].

The work we are about to undertake is not the work of a day, nor of a month, nor of a year; it may take several years, perhaps a century; but in our ranks the soldier falls and the struggle continues.”

From the Standing Orders of the Alta Vendita, early 19th century.

The Catholic Church, as the most important religious and cultural institution in Europe, was riddled with its enemies from the beginning. Mass infiltration began from the early 19th century by the subversive Carbonari in Italy.

To consolidate Freemasonry’s power over the Church after the scandalous pontificate of Paul VI, the conservative John Paul II was installed, who also implemented major long-term agenda goals such as interfaith ecumenism. There were attempts by the pro-Masonic Cardinal König (Vienna) to allow clerics official memberships in Mason orders, but this was stopped by the later Benedict XVI.

“I believe that this pope [Francis] is the realization of a plan that has long wanted to be adopted.”

Second excerpt from interview with Giacomo Galeazzi and Ferruccio Pinotti.

Valid Canon Law: Freemasons automatically excommunicated.

Francis’ pontificate represents a culmination of the long-planned strategy formulated by the Permanent Instructions of the Alta Vendita. The Jesuit order to which he belongs is known for communist tendencies and its Illuminism. Pope Bergoglio openly displays his closeness to communism, a thoroughly Satanic-Masonic ideology.

Still Freemasons are considered excommunicated according to church law and thus excluded from the temporal and supra-temporal salvation goods of the church, however, not only in this question a “fraternal” course is driven; Satanic orders with high clerics as priests are to have a substantial influence on the church in the Vatican.

Enthronement of Lucifer: “willing instrument and conspirator of the One”

Wikimedia: Luzifer, Franz von Stuck (1890)

A few days after the election of Paul VI, an ordination was held in St. Paul’s Church, which belongs to the Vatican, for the ritual enthronement of the fallen archangel Lucifer. Cardinals and bishops acted as Satanic priests, and in a simultaneous Mass, in addition to two animal sacrifices (a puppy dog and a dove), a little girl was ritually abused by a cardinal in a “targeting chapel” in Charleston, South Carolina, an important Free Masonry center. Whom do popes serve since Vatican Council II? The following excerpts from the ceremonial makes it clear:

[…] Finally, Bishop Leo ended the first part of the ceremony with the great invocation, “I believe that tonight the Prince of this world will be enthroned in the old citadel and from there he will found a new community.”

[…] And its name will be the universal church of man.”

“On behalf of the Assembly and the Most Holy Elders, I henceforth declare, empower and consecrate this Chapel to be the Inner Chapel, claimed, appropriated and taken possession of by Him whom we have enthroned as Lord of our destiny.

Whoever, with the help of this Inner Chapel, is chosen and designated as the final successor to the office of Peter, shall, in accordance with his oath of office, consecrate himself and all that he does as the willing instrument and conspirator of the One who will establish a home for man on earth and everywhere in the human cosmos.

He shall transform the old enmity into friendship, tolerance and conformity, which will set a pattern for birth, education, work, finance, commerce, industry, education, culture, life and procreation of life, dying and dealing with death. Thus a new epoch of humanity is being shaped.”


” Take possession of your enemy’s house. Enter where the ground is prepared for you. Descend to thy faithful servants, who directed thy bed, who erected thy altar, and blessed it with shame.”

Excerpts from the Enthronement Ceremony of Lucifer, June 29, 1963, in St. Paul’s Chapel.

Explanation: Occult ceremonies are secret according to their names. How did the Vatican insider and co-organizer of the Vatican Council II Malachi Martin learn about the ceremony, its infernal prayer formulas, its procedure and so on? One of the Black Mass participants made a detailed description on his deathbed and agreed to its forwarding to church authorities.

Globalist agenda of the “universal church of the people”

According to clerics, Freemasonry is “the mystical body of Satan” and the Catholic Church is the “mystical body of Christ.” The Vatican’s syncretistic efforts, that is, the unification of all religions, is said to be done through the lodges that control them, all of which worship the same God. Given Pope Francis’ closeness to Freemasonry, or even claimed membership, it is not surprising that all of his objectives coincide with those of Freemasonry. In the end times, the Church is to serve an Antichrist coming out of the illuminated lodge system as a means of rule for his world government.

“No one will join the New World Order unless he or she makes a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he or she has received a Luciferian initiation.”

David Spangler

The Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy, Stefano Bisi and the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Italy, Luciano Romali, call vaccination the only way out of the so-called Covid crisis. Pope Francis had a conference on vaccination held in April 2021, calls it an act of love, and is enforcing the preliminary stage of direct compulsory vaccination, the “green passport” at the Vatican by personal order.

Transhumanism: Overcoming human nature as the ultimate goal

Transhumanism, which seeks to overcome human nature, goes back to Gnosticism, an early Christian sect for which creation and especially the human body is evil and sinful and was created by an evil god, the Demiurge. Only the spirit is good and must be freed from the dross of matter. The “G” in the Masonic symbol, according to some interpretations, stands for gnosis and Freemasonry is the driving force behind transhumanism. This idea is being pushed by the Vatican under Pope Francis at various levels, even though it is in stark contrast to Christian teaching, according to which man was created in the image of God and the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.

The ever new waves of immigration to Europe are imposed on the peoples by Freemasonry, this can be clearly demonstrated especially for the year 2015 with the aim of “undermining supporting elements such as fatherland, identity and people”. Auxiliary Bishop Athansius Schneider speaks of a plan to exchange the European peoples.

“The last rebellion against God”

Freemasonry demands abortions, actively fights for their state release and “liberal” abortion laws. Even the Marquis de Sade called for abortions in view of the “cheapness of human life” for population reduction. Religious motives, however, seem to be a main driving force in these occult groups, as Satanists see them as a cultic act (human sacrifice). On this issue, Pope Francis appears ambiguous or supportive of proponents. The pseudo-ecological climate agenda is intended to provide arguments for elite population reduction plans and is enthusiastically promoted by Bergoglio.

Screenshot: Moloch, https://mobile.twitter.com/SheepNoMore7/status/1288533490645032960/photo/2

Satan is often depicted as a hermaphrodite with breasts and penis (Baphomet), and transsexuality seems to be understood, especially in the occult and related circles, as emancipation from a natural order perceived as oppressive. Francis has been the first pope to speak directly and indirectly approvingly of the pansexual LGBTQI agenda on several occasions and to take actions accordingly. This is understood by leading clerics as the “final rebellion against God.”

The counter-church is growing like a parasite on the true church, which has been largely cut off from its supernatural sources of power, the means of grace, by changing its rites and is degenerating as an emaciated shell into its organizational vehicle.

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