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By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | Because of her conservative and Christian world view, the smart and attractive jurist is called an “Aryan princess”, a “shieldmaiden of the right-wing extremists”, a “little milkmaid” or even “Hitler’s wife” by the mainstream. So people seem to be mightily afraid of her charisma and intellect! She is not further impressed by the clamour [Link].


In her lecture Eva Vlaardingerbroek names the main attack planned by the enemies of the human species, the globalists, with their Fourth Industrial Revolution:

The old communist dream of creating the “New Man” returns here in the form of transhumanism, and with a terrifying megalomania: through technology, humans would become the “intelligent designer” (creator), according to Yuval Noah Hariri [link], and thus decide the further direction of human development. To win against them, we would need the only effective antidote to tranhumanism, according to Vlaardingerbroek: God.

The following lecture was given by Eva Vlaardingerbroek at the National Conservatism Conference in Brussels on 23 March 2022.

We have lost the connection to God

A few months ago I was at a conference of a conservative think tank in Sweden, together with Joram Zoni. In my speech there I talked about the tyrannical Covid measures and that according to my perception of the dangers of the QR society, the dangers are much greater than most people think. In that speech I spoke openly about God, I said that our God-given rights such as bodily integrity would be severely violated by compulsory vaccination! After the conference later that day, Joram and I had a discussion with some of our Swedish conservative friends. They told me that any talk in Sweden or any other north-western European country would result in losing about 90% of the audience and should therefore be avoided at all costs. Joram and I took a different position and it is this position that I would like to talk to you about today. Let me say it right up front: I disagree with the statements that conservatives should not speak openly and without apologies about God. I also think why we are losing some of the most important battles right now is precisely because within ourselves we have lost our connection to God.

But before I go into that further, let me start by saying, and as you can see from my example in Sweden, and perhaps from many people you have met today, that conservatives are not necessarily easily recognisable. Conservatism in Europe has many nuances and different variations depending on where you are. Our neighbours to the south or to the east can be very different from us here in north-western Europe and that is understandable. What is more understandable than defending one’s own? One’s own heritage, one’s own national identity and one’s own culture, especially in a time of rapid cultural decline, mass immigration and demographic change.

The true, the beautiful and the good

But let us step out of the space of national politics for a moment. What unites us conservatives? Basically, I would say that all conservatives have a deep connection to the three transcendental principles: the true, the good and the beautiful! We can of course talk endlessly about what the substance of these three things should be, but what I think is most important is that we think that there is such a thing as morality, that there is such a thing as truth and that there is beauty!

Instagrammaccount Eva Vlaardingerbroek

As you can see, we believe in these things, in the metaphysical idea behind them, but we are a dying group. Customs, crafts, religion, tradition, all the landmarks that gave Westerners guidance and a sense of their own identity have come under heavy attack and, some say, have been deliberately destroyed. And that is why we now live in a globalised world without physical or moral boundaries, which leaves most of us confused and disoriented and isolated. And ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly the fate that the globalist, neoliberal elites want for us. It is not particularly difficult to understand why.

Uprooted, lost people are easy to control. They want to turn us into submissive consumers who buy what they offer and do what they say. So far they are quite successful. Things that were once up are now down and vice versa. We all have the examples, the most recent of course being what I just talked about, of the man who won the NCAA in swimming competition, the female competition. That of course is just one of many examples, we all know that the list of leftist idiocies is endless. But I have a fear that we have something far greater to worry about than gender follies or other progressive projects.

Plandemics only possible through fear of death

We are not just dealing with an enemy who wants to brainwash us, we are dealing with an enemy who wants to get inside our brains. An enemy who wants to play God. If it is that the globalists want us to believe that everything is just a social construct, they will not stop there. They want us to believe that even life itself is a construct. One that they can develop, and therefore of course control. Like all other things, they bring this to us under the guise of equality and other honourable pretexts, like public health care. If there is one thing we have seen in the last two years, it is that people have shown an incredible willingness to give up their freedoms to be protected by the state. This is of course no surprise, with the decline of Christianity people developed more and more fear of the afterlife, or lack of it. And that is the reason why modern man is now incredibly afraid of death. Protecting public health therefore naturally sounds like a really noble goal. That is why it is an extremely effective means of gaining control over millions of citizens. What if the elites offer us more than just protection from death with their vaccine passports? What if they offer us not just protection from death, but even the elimination of death? This is where transhumanism comes in. Transhumanism argues that the human species should take control of its own evolution through technology. Technologies such as brain implants, genetic engineering and nanotechnology, whereby we humans will one day become immortal in the cloud, but not this cloud (points upwards).

They promise us paradise on earth, the richest and most powerful people on earth are working on means right now that will change human nature forever. I know you all know Elon Musk and I know you all know him from Tesla, right? The self-driving cars. But have you heard of the Neurolink concept? I see a few people nodding, but I see a lot of people not nodding. Let me explain, Neurolink is one of Elon Musk’s other projects. It’s a chip that can be implanted in the brain and can change your brain activity, which is your thoughts, into a digital form and then they are uploaded to the cloud. Elon Musk is selling this neurolink as something that could be beneficial for public health. The chip, he says, could compensate for brain or spinal cord injuries and replace the limitations someone has. So next time, and I know a few of you like him because of the based things he says on Twitter, please think about this too. And not just neurolink, what about human ectogenesis? Or growing a baby outside the mother’s womb. This is already being implemented. Chinese scientists have reportedly created an artificial uterus for what they call a robotic wet nurse. A wet nurse is not a mother. And we know that soon women will be sold this great advance. “You don’t have to suffer through those exhausting nine months with back pain and swollen feet, you don’t have to take a career break anymore either.”

Humans to replace creators through technology

This is all part of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, which amounts to a blurring of the boundaries between the physical, digital and biological worlds. This revolution is happening as we speak. Most of the responses to the pandemic were based on Fourth Industrial Revolution technology such as genetic sequencing, development of vaccine biotechnology and contact tracing or even mass surveillance through monitoring software. If you still believe this is for the common good and that it will not be used against us, then I must say, sorry but you are dangerously naive.

Transhumanism will be sold to us as the holy grail, but in fact it is the poisoned chalice. I can imagine that some of you still believe that I am exaggerating. But the reality is that it is not me who is saying this, it is them. We just have to listen. For example, a few years ago at the annual meeting for the WEF, the youthful Harari said, and I quote him, “Soon corporations and governments will be able to hack all humans. This will be the greatest revolution in biology since the origin of life. Science is replacing evolution with intelligent design. Not with the intelligent design of a god above the clouds, but with our intelligent design.”

Evil always loses

Ladies and gentlemen, we do not take our enemies seriously enough! We seem unable to imagine that there are people on this earth who want to create a new man and a new world that is evil.

As Baudelaire once said: the greatest trick the devil once used was to convince the world that he did not exist. He was right! How can we win a war against enemies we cannot even see for what they are? If we cannot see it, we will not win the war.

But there is hope and comfort. What happens when people try to change their nature, we need only think of the story of Icarus. He thought he could change his human nature and fly to the sun. What happened to him? He crashed. In the end especially for us Christians who believe in God. We know: Playing God has never worked and will never work. Evil will perish in the end. But that is no reason to sit back now. The evil we face has the potential to take control of millions of people on an unprecedented scale and for a very long time.

So standing by is not an option. So what should we do? The older I get, the less I believe this is a question of left or right. We don’t need something smaller, we need something much bigger than globalism! Something much bigger than transhumanism. We need the biggest. We need God. Religion is the only antidote to the evil of transhumanism and globalism. And I really believe that nothing else will help.We are fighting against something so evil that only with him on our side and we have him on our side, because we have the truth on our side, will we win this battle.

Only the truth will set us free

And the wonderful opportunity we have here at our hands ladies and gentlemen, just as we have heard from our other speakers today: most young people of my generation in Northwest Europe or even in America, hardly know anything about God, Christianity and the Church. This gives us an opportunity, we are much more of a blank slate than our parents’ generation who rebelled against the church because they were brought up in the spirit of “free living”. How can we expect people to turn to God and the truth if we don’t explain it to them. The Bible says the truth will set you free. Will we accept the lies and globalism and watch Europe destroy itself from within? Or will we embrace the truth and fight for it? I know what we should do. Thank you very much!

You can watch the original lecture here: Link


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