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By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | On the Georgia Guidestones were genocidal declarations about a supposedly necessary population control, because mankind is the “cancer of the earth”. Among other things, the stone slabs said that the population of the earth should be kept permanently below 500 million in “balance with nature” [link]. So of the current population of about 8 billion people, “those” see 7.5 billion as useless eaters! New “10 Commandments” were modestly proclaimed in eight languages! Wednesday morning at 4 a.m. (6.7.2022) the “postmodern Stonehenge” was destroyed, followed only one day later by the demolition of the structure [link].

The four granite slabs with the inscriptions were erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia, by order of a man with the pseudonym R. C. Christian, near the “centre of the earth” claimed by the Cherokee Indians [link]. One of those behind the project has long been suspected to be CNN founder Ted Turner, who is a member of the neo-Malthusian Good Club, as are the Rockefellers, Bloomberg, Gates and Soros [link]. Other clues point to connections with the Rosicrucians and Freemasonry [link], the establishment on 22.3.1980 also suggests an involvement of the Skull & Bones Order (log number 322) [link].

Much more important than knowing on whose behalf the granite monument was erected is the question of which secret society is currently implementing the agenda demanded on the Guidestones! What evidence is there of their existence? Has the Lodge been actively pursuing a policy of population reduction for centuries ?

23 out of 25 million French should die

In the public perception of many, Marie Antoinette’s alleged saying “Then let them eat cake” expresses all the arrogance and aloofness of the upper classes in the face of the plight of the common people before the revolution. In fact, this saying, which did not come from her at all, was only put into her mouth 50 years later for propagandistic reasons [link].

To spread discontent, Louis Philippe II , the Duke of Orleans, had bought up huge quantities of grain. Philippe Égalité (Philip the Equal) Duc d’Orleon voted for the execution of his cousin Louis XVI, as he himself would have been the next pretender to the throne due to his death and the failure of his family. Ironically, he himself was also executed by guillotine in 1793, as were many other Masonic members of the revolutionary aristocracy who had expected to gain by switching sides.

The East India Company had also stockpiled French grain on the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey, with the assistance of Minister William Pitt, of whom George III said he had “the blackest of hearts”, Parliament and the Royal Privy Council. The artificially created shortages led to hunger and a revolutionary mood.

Wikimedia: Hinrichtung_Ludwig_des_XVI

The lawyer Jeremy Bentham worked for the British East India Company and directed leading actors in the French Revolution like a puppeteer. The assassination of the French elite was carried out by French executioners hanging on English strings from the EIC, the British Foreign Office and the Intelligence Service under Lord Shelborne. Bentham, incidentally, was a radical advocate of homosexuality, paedophilia and zoophilia, among other things [link].

The speeches Bentham prepared were translated and transported by diplomatic pouch and other means to Paris, where the leaders of the Jacobin terror, Jean-Paul Marat, Georges Jacques Danton and Maximilien de Robespierre, delivered their fiery speeches. Records of the payments made by the East India Company to these leading Jacobins are still preserved in the British Museum.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche, 2011 [link]

After the murder of the king and the moderates, the fate of France was discussed. In the spring of 1793, Jeanbon St. André demanded that more than half of the French should be killed in order to build a communist model republic. He was still making comparatively “moderate” demands! Maximilian Robespierre said that of the 25 million, 23 million should be murdered [link]!

The reign of terror ended suddenly when Robespierre was deprived of his power and killed during the Thermidorian reaction [link]. The EIC had achieved the murder of between 300,000 and 1.4 million (depending on the figures) French people and a permanent overthrow, but fortunately their genocidal plans did not materialise on the scale they had planned [link].

More than 1 million dead- the great Irish famine.

Most have internalised that the Great Irish Famine (1845-1852) was a natural disaster, caused by potato blight (a fungus) and by the fact that only one crop was grown. At least 1 million people died, over 1 million emigrated [link]. According to other sources, the number of victims is much higher, around 4 million [link]!

Wikimedia: Famine_Memorial,_Doo_Lough,_County_Mayo._Ireland

In fact, the famine was a result of English policy, 67 of the 130 regiments of the British army were on the island to forcibly remove food and ship it out to England. Some 40-70 shiploads of grain, potatoes, slaughter cattle and so on were taken from the islanders every day [link].

Queen Victoria’s economic adviser, William Nassau Senior, expressed disappointment at what he saw as the low casualty figures of the 1845 famine [link], saying it “would not kill more than a million people, and that would hardly be enough to make any difference.

The Khmer Rouge and Henry Kissinger

In 1974, the National Security Council, led by Henry Kissinger, prepared a document, the National Security Memorandum (NSSM) 200. According to this paper, population growth in underdeveloped countries poses a threat to national security. Kissinger is a member of the Committee of 300 [link].

This kind of thinking goes back to the British East India Company, which in its rush for power planned nothing less than an inventory of the earth’s riches. It appointed Thomas Malthus as head of an economics department at Haileybury College to manage this task [link]. His core thesis was:

Population, if left unchecked, grows in a geometric ratio. Livelihood increases only in an arithmetical ratio.

Thomas Malthus, Essay on the Principle of Population [link].

The consequent (in itself reasonable) idea that population growth should not exceed the food supply led to an anti-human policy of hindering economic and technological development in poor societies in order to stop reproduction. Malthusian UN programmes are implemented worldwide as exemplified by the one-child policy tried in China, forced sterilisations in India and abortion programmes in China and India [link]. NSSM2 and the opium wars in China, also led by the EIC/Committee of 300, are examples of government policies based on Malthusian premises.

Wikimedia: Phnom_Penh_Killing_Field_Skull

The most important contribution to the rise of the Khmer Rouge was Kissinger and Nixon’s systematic terror bombing campaign against Cambodian territory in 1973, called Arclight, which began shortly after the Paris Agreement on Vietnam in January 1973. Under the pretext of preventing a Khmer Rouge attack on Phnom Penh, US forces flew 79,959 officially confirmed sorties with B-52 and F-111 bombers against targets in Cambodia, dropping 539,129 tons of explosives. Many of these bombs fell on the most densely populated areas of Cambodia, including the outskirts of Phnom Penh. The death toll from this genocide is estimated at between 30,000 and 500,000. The accounts of the devastating effects of this mass terror leave no doubt that it disrupted most of Cambodian society and created ideal conditions for the further spread of the Khmer Rouge insurgency, in much the same way that the catastrophe of the First World War weakened European society, opening the door to the irrationalist mass movements of fascism and Bolshevism.

Webster Trapley and Anton Chaitkin [link]

The blandly appearing communist dictator of Cambodia (1975-1979) let himself be addressed as “Uncle Secretary”, “Brother Number One” or Pol Pot. In fact, he was a red murderous beast. He followed the dictates of the Mathusians: to prevent any development, “zero hour” was declared for the ancient cultural nation. Almost all teachers, doctors, monks and professors were murdered on killing fields like Choeng Ek or Tuol Sleng. The goal was a society without intellectuals, bourgeoisie or technology, which would only fulfil basic needs! Often the mere wearing of glasses was enough for an indictment. A total of 1.7 million people were tortured and murdered after show trials. Finally, the regime targeted its own party cadres, the purge of “microbes” became the main goal [link, link, link].

Other examples of genocidal policies on behalf of the global power elite are the famines in India. An artificial shortage of food supply through inflation and the purchase of rice was intended to free up cultivation capacity for the profitable cultivation of opium on behalf of the EIC. The famine year of 1770 in Bengal alone cost the lives of 10 million Indians. This method was used several times in the 18th and 19th centuries by the BEIC and the British Viceroy (Raj), and about 30 million died [link]. Most recently, in 1943, inflation and the buying of food for the British army as a deliberate mass murder strategy killed 3 million people in Bengal [link].

Members of the Committee of 300

The Committee of 300 grew out of the British East India Company (EIC), which was founded by royal decree in 1600. It was a merchant company that conquered parts of India and established the Empire’s 200-year rule over the subcontinent. The committee is also known as the Hidden Hand, Illuminati or Olympians because of their position of power after the Greek gods [link].

After the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, royalty and high nobility decided to involve the financial aristocracy more in their own circles of power, according to John Coleman. Major satellites and executive bodies of the Illuminati include the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), also called Chatham House, the Club of Rome, NATO, UN, Tavistock (behavioural control), CFR and the Socialist International [link]. Smaller, lesser known organisations include the German Marshall Fund, the Cini Society [link], the Knights of St Francis/Hellfire Club [link] and many others.

According to David Coleman, the US Declaration of Independence from the British Crown was a farce, with the Committee of 300 still exercising de facto rule. Note also, as a special reference, the similarity between the Stars & Stripes of the US flag and that of the EIC.

The American people do not know that they are being ruled with an iron hand by a secret government, the Committee of 300. Everything is designed to work against the American people. If we are to survive, we must first break the stranglehold the Committee has over our government. In every election since Calvin Coolidge ran for the White House, the Committee has succeeded in infiltrating its operatives into key positions in both political parties and in government, so that it did not matter who got the top job in the White House.

John Coleman, The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300 [link].

Wikimedia: Flag_of_the_British_East_India_Company_(1801).svg

Walter Rathenau was a German Jew who thought nationally and was very familiar with the Anglo-Saxon circles of power: he had worked as a Rothschild adviser and eventually became German Foreign Minister. Because he thwarted the intentions of the Western powers that Germany would “remain a slave nation for at least 100 years” after the First World War by finding an understanding with the Soviet Union (Rapallo Treaty), he was assassinated in 1922 [link]. Here’s what he had to say about the Committee of 300:

“Three hundred men, each of whom knows everyone, direct the economic fortunes of the continent and seek successors from those around them. The strange causes of this strange phenomenon, which throws a gleam into the darkness of future social development, are not here for consideration.”

Walter Rathenau : p. 48 , Unser Nachwuchs; In: Neue Freie Presse; Vienna, 25.12.1909, No. 16288

“The real 300 have the habit and prudence to deny their power. If you call them, they will tell you: we know nothing; we are merchants like all the others. On the other hand, not 300, but 3000 merchant councillors will come forward, who work stockings or artificial butter, and say: it is us. The power lies in anonymity; I know among the better known – not among the most important – one whom no one ever sees except his barber. I know one who is almost poor and who controls the most enormous companies. I know one who is perhaps the richest, and whose fortune belongs to his children (p.48), whom he hates. Several are of unsound mind. One works for the Jesuit fortune, another is an agent of the Curie (Curia=the papal central authorities, Coleman’s note). One, as agent for a foreign association, is the largest creditor of the Prussian state, with property of 280 million consols. Everything is confidential. But you see: These people are not easy to deal with in the usual way. And they reject the unusual way of personal appeal.”

Walter Rathenau, link

Rathenau was presumably referring with his remarks primarily to those members of the Committee of 300 who perform managerial functions in politics and business for the really powerful. More than 100 years ago, such agents of influence still had to practise secrecy. These are to be distinguished from the inner circle of the committee, from the aristocratic houses and plutocratic families who have held a permanent seat or several seats for many generations. It is also questionable whether all members are listed even today, at least that is what Rathenau’s statements suggest.

The 2010 directory lists well-known people such as Klaus Schwab, Warren Buffet, the central bank heads of all major nations, military leaders such as Wesley Clark, scientists, corporate leaders and politicians such as Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Al Gore, John Kerry, Henry Kissinger, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Joschka Fischer, Heinz Fischer, Mario Draghi, Giulio Andreotti, Silvio Belusconi, Manuel Jose Barroso, Jan Peter Balkenende, Jean Claude Juncker, Zbigniev Brzenzski, Mikael Gorbachev and many more [link].

Black nobility, high nobility and moneyed nobility

One fact may surprise some: the (emeritus) Pope Benedict XVI is also a member of the Committee of 300! It is obvious that every holder of the papal dignity automatically becomes a member of the committee. The prelate of Opus Dei (then Javier Echevarría Rodríguez), was or is part of the committee.

The Colonna family has a hereditary seat on the committee and, together with the Orsini, provides the princely assistant (manager) to the papal throne, the highest dignity that non-clerics can occupy in the Vatican. They belong to the so-called Black Nobility. The Colonnas allegedly helped develop Freemasonry and, according to one source, control paedophile networks, the Knights of Columbus, Martinist cults, Scientology and national and international cartels [link]. One branch founded the Sicilian mafia, the Cosa Nostra [link], another controls parts of the Corsican mafia [link].

The Massimo family, also part of the Black Nobility, is represented by two lines: Prince of Roccasecca dei Volsci Stefano Massimo and Prince of Arsoli and Triggiano, Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio. The Massimo family claims descent from the ancient senatorial nobility of the Gens Fabii-Maximus [link] and is said to be one of the most powerful families in the NWO. It has great influence over the Vatican and controls the Hellfire Clubs. The Massimo family controls substantial parts of organised crime and proportionately the Sicilian and Italian-American Mafias and the Albanian Mafia. The Massimos share power over the Corleonisi clan with the Riina family [link].


Among the noble families, the dominance of the Windsors is particularly striking: no fewer than 10 family members are or were part of the 300! The Queen’s cousin, the Duke of Kent, has been Head of the United Grand Lodge of England for 50 years [link]. Given that Freemasonry originated in the Kingdom and that worldwide Freemasonry is controlled from there, it is reasonable to assume that all leading family members are Freemasons [link]. The heads of all ruling or former monarchies in Europe are represented. The Hohenzollerns kept away from Freemasonry for 2-3 generations after their deposition [link], but have since apparently resumed a dominant role in the occult power pyramid [link]. Otto von Habsburg was also a member and at the same time head of the Super Lodge Pan Europa [link]. Due to the double memberships, it can be assumed that at least some of the super- or primordial lodges are directly controlled by the Committee of 300 [link]. The ruling and former ruling houses are joined by the particularly influential part of the high nobility, such as the Schwarzenberg family; in the United Kingdom these are the billionaire Grosvenor family [link] and the Earl of Airlie.

The Rothschilds’ first employers, the Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel are also represented, as are the five heads of the Rothschild dynasty [link]. In addition, there are the Rothschild-dependent Rockefeller families (three representatives), the opium dynasty of the Sassoons (two seats) [link] and the head of the influential Warburg family [link], Max Warburg.

The goals of the Olympians

The main aims of the 300, according to Coleman [link], are: Destruction of industrialised nations, the annihilation of hundreds of millions of “superfluous” people, and the elimination of all leaders who stand in the way of their plans. Coleman’s stated goals have, of course, since been updated and added to, and their agenda is to be implemented by a global planning agency, it reads:

1) One World Government [link] and One World Religion [link].

2) Destruction of the Christian religion [link].

3) Total control over every individual through: Mind control, “technotronic” (Brezinski) and permanent terror more terrible than that in the Bolshevik Soviet Union [link]. Technotronic control means artificial entertainment, which is supposed to offer the aimless masses, a new “opium for the people”. This includes sports broadcasts, dull and primitive entertainment, mind-numbing music and drugs that prevent people from noticing what is happening around them.

4) Deindustrialisation: post-industrial zero-growth society [link]. An important mastermind of the deindustrialisation agenda was Friedrich von Hayek, an economist controlled by the Club of Rome and David Rockefeller, whose role was later taken over by Jeoffrey Sachs. This economy of the future is to be based on the following: 1. urban black market, 2. sweat shops with “slave labour”, 3. tourism, 4. free trade zones for speculators and drug production, furthermore industrial activities are to be ended as well as the use of nuclear energy.

5) Genocide plans for the cities similar to those implemented by Pol Pot in Cambodia on behalf of the Club of Rome.

6) Suppression of all scientific ideas undesirable by those such as nuclear energy or nuclear fusion technology and many others.

7) Free drugs and pornography to further demoralise the population.

8) Massive population reduction through limited wars in developed countries and starvation in developing countries.

9) Demoralisation of the working population through mass unemployment according to the ideas of the hellfire club. People to turn to drugs and alcohol as a result. Rebellion of the youth, destruction of the family.

10) Artificially created crises, the management of which allows the imposition of one’s own agendas through the method of Hegelian dialectics. They are also said to lead to confusion, demoralisation and, through too many choices, apathy.

List of members of the Committee of 300

Status 2010 [link]

Abramovich, Roman
Ackermann, Josef
Adeane, Edward
Agius, Marcus
Ahtisaari, Martti
Akerson, Daniel
Albert II, King of Belgium
Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia
Amato, Giuliano
Anderson, Carl A.
Andreotti, Giulio
Andrew, Duke of York
Anne, Princess Royal
Anstee, Nick

Ash, Timothy Garton
Astor, William Waldorf
Aven, Pyotr
Balkenende, Jan Peter
Ballmer, Steve
Balls, Ed
Barroso, José Manuel
Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands
Belka, Marek
Bergsten, C. Fred
Berlusconi, Silvio
Bernake, Ben
Bernstein, Nils
Berwick, Donald
Bildt, Carl
Bischoff, Sir Winfried
Blair, Tony

Blankfein, Lloyd
Blavatnik, Leonard
Bloomberg, Michael
Bolkestein, Frits
Bolkiah, Hassanal
Bonello, Michael C
Bonino, Emma
Boren, David L.
Borwin, Duke of Mecklenburg
Bronfman, Charles
Bronfman, Edgar Jr.
Bruton, John
Brzezinski, Zbigniew
Budenberg, Robin
Buffet, Warren
Bush, George HW
Cameron, David
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Cardoso, Fernando Henrique
Carington, Peter

Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden
Carlos, Duke of Parma
Carney, Mark
Carroll, Cynthia
Caruana, Jaime
Castell, Sir William
Chan, Anson
Chan, Margaret
Chan, Norman
Charles, Prince of Wales
Chartres, Richard
Chiaie, Stefano Delle
Chipman, Dr John
Chodiev, Patokh
Christoph, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein
Cicchitto, Fabrizio
Clark, Wesley
Clarke, Kenneth
Clegg, Nick
Clinton, Bill
Cohen, Abby Joseph
Cohen, Ronald
Cohn, Gary
Colonna di Paliano, Marcantonio, Duke of Paliano
Constantijn, Prince of the Netherlands

Constantine II, King of Greece
Cooksey, David
Cowen, Brian
Craven, Sir John
Crockett, Andrew
Dadush, Uri
D’Aloisio, Tony
Darling, Alistair
Davies, Sir Howard
Davignon, Étienne
Davis, David
de Rothschild, Benjamin
de Rothschild, David René
de Rothschild, Evelyn
de Rothschild, Leopold
Deiss, Joseph
Deripaska, Oleg
Dobson, Michael
Draghi, Mario
Du Plessis, Jan
Dudley, William C.
Duisenberg, Wim
Edward, Duke of Kent
Edward, Earl of Wessex
Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom
Elkann, John
Emanuele, Vittorio, Prince of Naples
Ernst August, Prince of Hanover
Feldstein, Martin
Festing, Matthew
Fillon, François
Fischer, Heinz
Fischer, Joschka
Fischer, Stanley
FitzGerald, Niall
Franz, Duke of Bavaria
Fridman, Mikhail

Friso, Prince of Orange-Nassau
Gates, Bill
Geidt, Christopher
Geithner, Timothy
Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia
Gibson-Smith, Dr Chris
Gorbachev, Mikhail
Gore, Al
Gotlieb, Allan
Green, Stephen
Greenspan, Alan
Grosvenor, Gerald, 6th Duke of Westminster
Gurría, José Ángel
Hague, William
Hampton, Sir Philip
Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein
Harald V, King of Norway
Harper, Stephen
Heisbourg, François
Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
Hildebrand, Philipp
Hills, Carla Anderson
Holbrooke, Richard
Honohan, Patrick
Howard, Alan
Ibragimov, Alijan
Ingves, Stefan
Isaacson, Walter
Juan Carlos, King of Spain
Jacobs, Kenneth M.

Julius, DeAnne
Juncker, Jean-Claude
Kenen, Peter
Kerry, John
King, Mervyn
Kinnock, Glenys
Kissinger, Henry
Knight, Malcolm
Koon, William H. II
Krugman, Paul
Kufuor, John
Lajolo, Giovanni
Lake, Anthony
Lambert, Richard
Lamy, Pascal
Landau, Jean-Pierre
Laurence, Timothy
Leigh-Pemberton, James
Leka, Crown Prince of Albania
Leonard, Mark
Levene, Peter
Leviev, Lev
Levitt, Arthur

Levy, Michael
Lieberman, Joe
Livingston, Ian
Loong, Lee Hsien
Lorenz of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este
Louis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou
Louis-Dreyfus, Gérard
Mabel, Princess of Orange-Nassau
Mandelson, Peter
Manning, Sir David
Margherita, Archduchess of Austria-Este
Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark
Martínez, Guillermo Ortiz
Mashkevitch, Alexander
Massimo, Stefano, Prince of Roccasecca dei Volsci
Massimo-Brancaccio, Fabrizio Prince of Arsoli and Triggiano
McDonough, William Joseph
McLarty, Mack
Mersch, Yves
Michael, Prince of Kent
Michael, King of Romania
Miliband, David
Miliband, Ed

Mittal, Lakshmi
Moreno, Glen
Moritz, Prince and Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel
Murdoch, Rupert
Napoléon, Charles
Nasser, Jacques
Niblett, Robin
Nichols, Vincent
Nicolás, Adolfo
Noyer, Christian
Ofer, Sammy
Ogilvy, Alexandra, Lady Ogilvy
Ogilvy, David, 13th Earl of Airlie
Ollila, Jorma
Oppenheimer, Nicky
Osborne, George
Oudea, Frederic
Parker, Sir John
Patten, Chris
Pébereau, Michel
Penny, Gareth
Peres, Shimon

Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Pio, Dom Duarte, Duke of Braganza
Pöhl, Karl Otto
Powell, Colin
Prokhorov, Mikhail
Quaden, Guy
Rasmussen, Anders Fogh
Ratzinger, Joseph Alois (Pope Benedict XVI)
Reuben, David
Reuben, Simon
Rhodes, William R.
Rice, Susan
Richard, Duke of Gloucester
Rifkind, Sir Malcolm
Ritblat, Sir John
Roach, Stephen S.
Robinson, Mary
Rockefeller, David Jr.
Rockefeller, David Sr.
Rockefeller, Nicholas

Rodríguez, Javier Echevarría
Rogoff, Kenneth
Roth, Jean-Pierre
Rothschild, Jacob
Rubenstein, David
Rubin, Robert
Ruspoli, Francesco, 10th Prince of Cerveteri
Safra, Joseph
Safra, Moises
Sands, Peter
Sarkozy, Nicolas
Sassoon, Isaac
Sassoon, James
Sawers, Sir Robert John
Scardino, Marjorie
Schwab, Klaus
Schwarzenberg, Karel
Schwarzman, Stephen A.
Shapiro, Sidney
Sheinwald, Nigel
Sigismund, Grand Duke of Tuscany, Archduke of Austria
Simeon of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Snowe, Olympia
Sofía, Queen of Spain
Soros, George

Specter, Arlen
Stern, Ernest
Stevenson, Dennis
Steyer, Tom
Stiglitz, Joseph
Strauss-Kahn, Dominique
Straw, Jack
Sutherland, Peter
Tanner, Mary
Tedeschi, Ettore Gotti
Thompson, Mark
Thomson, Dr. James
Tietmeyer, Hans
Trichet, Jean-Claude

Tucker, Paul
Van Rompuy, Herman
Vélez, Álvaro Uribe
Verplaetse, Alfons
Villiger, Kaspar
Vladimirovna, Maria, Grand Duchess of Russia
Volcker, Paul
von Habsburg, Otto
Waddaulah, Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin, Sultan of Brunei
Walker, Sir David
Wallenberg, Jacob
Walsh, John
Warburg, Max
Weber, Axel Alfred

Weill, Michael David
Wellink, Nout
Whitman, Marina von Neumann
Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange
William Prince of Wales
Williams, Dr Rowan
Williams, Shirley
Wilson, David
Wolfensohn, James
Wolin, Neal S.

Woolf, Harry
Woolsey, R. James Jr.
Worcester, Sir Robert
Wu, Sarah
Zoellick, Robert


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