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By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | The background to the expropriations of Dutch farmers is becoming increasingly clear: it is not about nitrogen dioxide limits to meet agro-ecological Natura 2000 requirements! That is just a pretext [link]. Instead, they want to push ahead with the construction of a Tristate City Network, a mega-city of 30 million, which is to encompass parts of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The plans are to be implemented on behalf of the globalist WEF and the UN, and the project’s website features the symbol of the 2030 Agenda [link].


Therefore, of course, in the usual phraseology, the topic of “sustainability” cannot be missing, which is just another word for Agenda 2030. The Holland Metropole, consisting of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague, is to be merged into the Tristate City Network [link].

Which “investors” are behind the Tristate City Network?

The so-called institutional investors are bodies of the Dutch state or state-controlled chambers, such as an employers’ organisation (VNO-NVW), pension funds and the Utrecht Economic Authority. In addition, billion-dollar corporations such as the real estate fund Cushman & Wakefield [link] from Chicago and CBRE [link] from Dallas, Texas are involved. In addition to the Netherlands, the Tristate City will include the western part of Lower Saxony, the Rhine and Ruhr area (NRW) and Brussels.

The citizens happy with the Tristate City Network, especially the Dutch farmers, are less than enthusiastic about the necessary compulsory expropriations [link], as the protests of recent weeks have shown.


Trizonesia is an outdated, jocular name for the early, foreign-administered FRG, also known as the Trizone. The Tristate City Network is also said to comprise three states. The neologism comes from the Rhenish cheerful Karl Berbuer and evokes associations with an atoll of natives ruled by a colonial power. Think of the Great Reset parties with their Young Global Leaders, who call the shots almost everywhere in the EU, including the Netherlands.

Planned globalist mega-project

Moreover, such cross-border projects lead to the dissolution of the nation state, which is presumably the main goal of the Tristate City. This planned-economy project is reminiscent of the 5 mega-cluster projects being pushed in China and settlement areas like Chonquin with 32 million inhabitants or even larger units like in the Pearl River Delta are being created [link].

The Dutch anti-globalist Thierry Baudet described in an interview with the Epoch Times what the caste of politicians is really going for by expropriating Dutch farmers. The intention is to destroy the national character of the country by expelling the country’s “indigenous people”, the farmers, some of whom have been running family farms since the Middle Ages. This is intended to cut spiritual and historical roots to land, soil and landscape and at the same time eliminate the proud, self-reliant and independent farmers as a class with a firm identity [link].

State-financed housing for so-called refugees is to be built on the vacated land. In the future, a change in the legal situation will also enable the state to force the refugees into private houses and provide for them [link].

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