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Screenshot: Ladyboy Pillen, Amazon

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | If these products work they are serious criminal health care fraud, if not fraud on the customer: Hormones advertised under the name “Transform Hormone Feminizer Pills- Ladyboy Pueraria Sex Change Female Curvy” on Amazon in Germany and Austria, promising a sex-changing effect! Apparently, the hormones are plant hormones derived from the genus Pueraria (legume family); relevant information on concentrations or active ingredients is completely missing.


It is probably also intended to appeal to girls or women who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts or buttocks. “Women with a penis” [link] are promised that it will shrink and form feminine curves, a feminine skin will develop, i.e. an oestrogenic and at the same time testosterone-blocking effect will occur.

Thai “natural medicine”?

Presumably, this is a modification of a “natural medicine” developed in Thailand or Laos with isoflavones and other substances with an overall (phyto-)oestrogenic effect. Species of the genus Pueraria come from there, and the name Ladyboy (Kathoy) suggests such an origin. These hermaphrodites are a widespread part of Buddhist culture there and their “femininity” is attributed to karmic backgrounds from previous lives [link].

Wikimedia: Kathoy1649

Amazon advertises its product with the following description:

Transform. Feminizer Pills! Transform Feminizer Pills are a breakthrough solution to enhance and develop femininity. Simply take one pill a day to get bigger breasts, a curvier waist to hip ratio and a perky and feminine bottom. The unique blend of ingredients will help make your voice higher and more feminine, skin will soften and male chest and back hair will gradually decrease. You may even find that your penis gradually shrinks. It is also advertised as creating a “fairer world”.

This formulation contains a high dose of female hormones that ensure you develop feminine features while blocking all signs of masculinity. Develop feminine features and block signs of masculinity! Big breasts! Slim waist! Curvy hips! Perky feminine buttocks! Transform and feminise your look and voice! Transform products will change and feminise your appearance! Products formulated with 100% safe and natural ingredients “Changes” products, great results, fast! High quality results! Transform has developed a unique line of products specifically designed to help you change and develop your body naturally and safely. At Transform, we want to help create a more just world where everyone’s gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation are accepted and respected. We have developed this unique range of products to give you the results you want, quickly and safely.

Amazon, 16.7.2022, Link

Reviews: all just a scam?

The first (presumably purchased) reviews still sound euphoric, with talk of rounder hips, bigger breasts and a shrunken penis. This is followed by a few interspersed negative reviews in which the effect is doubted.

Screenshot: Amazon, 16.7.2022
Screenshot: Amazon, 16.7.2022

Part of a product line

A whole range of other similar products can also be found on Amazon, which advertise, for example, a testosterone-blocking effect, i.e. they also suggest a gender-changing effect! The main danger is that children and adolescents, influenced by the genderism hyped in the media, try to change their gender through self-therapy and possibly harm their own health in the process. Here, doctors are asked to classify this situation in a medically correct way.


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