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By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | Thierry Baudet sees himself as a champion of European civilisation, the “greatest in the world”. With his intellectual demeanour, Baudet is considered an advocate of the educated middle class and students. He is able to recognise higher-level contexts and, in terms of content, stands in stark contrast to Geert Wilders, who is one-sidedly fixated on political Islam [link]. As a newcomer on the political stage, he managed to win the most votes in 2019 with his “Forum voor Democratie” with 14.53%, which is also related to the extremely fragmented party landscape (over 20 parties, as of 2019) in the Netherlands [link].


He sees the EU as a “cultural Marxist project” whose real goal is the “destruction of European civilisation” [link]. The following two sentences can be read under the video of a speech by Baudet uploaded to the YouTube channel of the Forum voor Democratie on 6.7.2022, which he delivered before the States General, the Dutch parliament:

If you want to destroy a great civilisation, you have to do exactly what Western governments have been doing in our countries for decades. If you want the opposite, a revival of our civilisation, our history and our people, then you end up with the FVD.

Forum voor Democratie, 6.7.2022, link

Bild: Pixabay, @Helenjank

Parliamentary speech of Thierry Baudet

If you destroy a great civilisation like ours, you could draw up a manual with the things to do for it. For example, mass migration, expropriation of the peasants so that the food supply is threatened, energy prices become unaffordable, the rewriting of history through homo-propaganda and emancipation, feminism, abortion propaganda, destruction of the family and family structures, modern art, modern architecture to damage people’s souls, supranational connections destroy democracy.

In fact, you have to do exactly what the cartel people have been doing for decades in our countries. It is actually a complete guide to the destruction of a great civilisation, the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen! And it puts me in such sadness every day to see it happening.

It’s being destroyed a little bit more every day, every day it’s being worked against our world a little bit more and you read about the decadence of the Romans, of Montesquieu, you read about it in Tomasi di Lampedusa like some buffoon just tried to quote Clover, you’re chicken-stealing Sprengler! You see it happening but you cannot get through to you, the hypnotised mob. It is not possible to tell these people to carry on according to their instructions. I’m doing what I can to stop it, but I probably can’t stop their advance. Thank you!

Questions and answers

Mr van der Berg: The Chair, Mr Baudet, read out to everyone an inciting text about gay propaganda, which I just threw away and you didn’t even give your answer. I didn’t even listen to the whole debate, no.

TB: All the chatter from morons like you that I won’t change anything about it is also part of the decay of our society. It is the problem of micromanaging. Micromanagers like all of you here who can really only see the very smallest effect of big problem.This leads us to the paradox that for example in the short term it might be good to give this sector a small subsidy. But the end result is even more government. For example, only if you can approach the most important issues from a helicopter perspective can you discuss them and find agreement. Then it makes sense to start at a micro level.

MEP Mr van der Berg: Hubbed talk again. He finally became chairman, but after a lot of talk about psychology and the euro. But intellectual nonsense doesn’t help to pay the living expenses, the voters of his glory Buddha have seen today. No ideas at all on how to move forward, how to pay their bills, just morally detached talk. No solutions, a shame.

TB: That is complete nonsense. My solutions are very concrete and very applicable. You can introduce gas in Groningen, end the energy transition, end mass immigration that makes housing more expensive, end the euro that evaporates our pensions and our money. End modern architecture that destroys people’s souls, end the destruction of families so that our civilisation is revived.It’s not that hard. Only on the higher level there is no agreement with you, so we are talking about the very smallest micro points. And yes, you lean back a little bit to play and catch flies, and play indignantly. Yes, you see…I don’t find it that interesting.

MP van der Berg: Yes, you sit in our ears every day, and you must not find it very interesting, but I think all the people who watch this debate here find his contrition not so useful.

TB: Well, I think because the people in the Netherlands who can choose between all kinds of variants of the Great Reset. Great Reset Party 1, Great Reset Party 2, Great Reset Party 3. You all want the same thing. You want massive immigration to continue, energy transition to continue, soon a protein transition, so we all have to become vegetarians, more modern art, more modern control, more atomisation, more loneliness, more talk about transnationalism, so less democracy.

That’s one direction, that’s one option. Or people can have affordable energy, affordable cost of living, if the Netherlands is there for the Netherlands again, with our culture, our history. No more defilement and slander of our great colonial, honourable and proud past. Living among the descendants of my family. That is a seriously political choice. And everything else is execution and posturing.

Speaker of Parliament: Thank you, sir.

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