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Spectrum News NY1, General Michael Flynn

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | A retired senior US general recently spoke out in support of protesting farmers in Holland. For a time he was director of military counterintelligence (Defence Intelligence Agency) and for three weeks security adviser to the Trump administration.


Flynn comes from an Irish-American family background with a military tradition, and is a devout Christian who frequently addresses large crowds at patriotic demonstrations. Flynn was accused of making false statements about a conversation with the Russian ambassador, the politically motivated case was later dropped by the president [link].

General Michael Flynn is a 3-star retired general, the second highest military rank in the US, who has repeatedly attracted attention for his political statements since his retirement. During a speech in Texas, he allegedly had the following exchange with a soldier:

“I am a simple Marine. I want to know why what happened in Myanmar [he was referring to the military coup in Myanmar in February] can’t happen here.” To great jeers and applause from the crowd, Flynn replied, “Just because. I mean, it should happen” – i.e., a coup should happen here.

General Michael Flynn, link



Speech by General Michael Flynn

I am honoured to make a few remarks about the Dutch farmers who are fighting for their freedom. The present represents one of the most important moments, not only in US history, but certainly in the history of the freedom-loving world. All our rights are under attack!

We do not accept our freedoms being taken away, and that is why many peoples around the world are beginning to rise up against the tyranny of their governments! But today it is about supporting the Dutch farmers and making it clear that you understand. We must stand together, shoulder to shoulder, the world is behind the farmers! Freedoms are under attack everywhere, in Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, United States and now Holland. People everywhere are starting peaceful resistance against the globalist elite.

To the Dutch people: we stand behind you! We call on people everywhere to stand up and be loud! Show and carry the Dutch flag on all social media so that people know that we stand together with the Dutch farmers. We are fighting for their freedom to provide food for their families. Today we are all Dutch farmers! Your struggle is our struggle! We support your struggle to defend your land, your ability to cultivate the fields. Your freedoms are under attack, so we stand with you! God bless you all, God bless Holland! Thank you all!

The speech was broadcasted on Dam Square in Amsterdam on 23.7. 2022 (?) via video link to a big screen for the demonstrators. The original speech can be seen here:


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