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Image: Christien Anderson

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | Economist and MEP Christine Anderson is known and feared for her sharp-tongued speeches in the EU Parliament. In one speech, she tackled head-on the covid vaccinations enforced in the EU by politicians and the mainstream (in part) with indirect coercion, saying:


“This vaccination campaign will go down in medical history as the greatest scandal and, moreover, will be known as the greatest crime ever committed against humanity”

Christine Anderson, AfD MEP, 24.7. 2022, link (full speech)


Anderson completed a commercial apprenticeship and, according to her own statements, a degree in economics in the USA and works there in a trading company. She has been an MEP for the AfD since May 2019 and was previously the party’s parliamentary group leader in a district council in North Hesse (Limburg-Weilburg) for two years. She is a staunch opponent of the EU and calls for Germany to leave. She is represented in parliamentary committees on gender issues, artificial intelligence and the EU single market [link]. Unforgettable is the reception she gave to the woken Canadian Prime Minister Justin “Fidelito” Trudeau in the EU Parliament…


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