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Wikimedia: Donald Trump

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | Resistance to the globalist agricultural agenda is stirring in the US. President Trump expressed solidarity with Dutch farmers, insisting that it is a push by climate fanatics that could lead to starvation. Trump’s presumptive conservative challenger, Florida Governor Ronald De Santis is also committed to protecting domestic agricultural production. One of these two, is likely to become the next US president, thus putting a stop to such plans, at least in the US.


According to the will of the powers-that-be, farmers who have grown attached to their region and the soil are soon to become a thing of the past worldwide. The strongest opposition so far has come from Dutch farmers. Farmers are also fighting back in Canada, which is ruled by the woke globalist Justin Trudeau and where, like in Holland, agriculture is to be similarily dismantled on the basis of nitrogen limits [link].

Farmers are standing in the way of the elite Agenda 2030 to monopolise and centralise food production. In the US, the Rockefeller-driven programme is called Reset the Table [link], and the overarching umbrella organisation of the WEF is called the Food Action Alliance [link]. These organisations are supposed to help implement the 2030 Agenda and are marketed under fine-sounding phrases like “fighting hunger” or “preserving biodiversity”.

Bill Gates is buying up huge areas of agricultural land to grow GMO plants for biofuel plants which will diminish the available land for food production [link]. People are to feed on insects or meat is to come from bioreactors in future. According to other plans, we will even eat human tissue from cancer cell cultures [link]. The New York Times tries to normalize ouright cannibalism of dead people [link].

Donald Trump’s Speech

Famine and starvation as we speak. Farmers in the Netherlands of all places are courgeously opposing climate tyranny of the Dutch government can you believe this? Which wants to dramatically cut Dutch farm production despite growing food shortages. They’re saying you can’t farm your lands. We’re not going to give you fertilizer you have to get rid of the cattle you know why right?

You know why I will tell you, because they’ll say I said something isn’t that terrible they want to get rid of the cattle because of what it does to the globe. Half your cattle they want out. You’ll be next you’ll be next in our movement. We stand  against the climate fanatics. We stand with the peaceful Dutch farmers who are bravely fighting for their freedom.

Donald Trump’s speech at the Turning Point USA (TPUSA) event in Tampa, Florida at the 23rd of July 2022, Link

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