Europe should leave the „American Sector“ – by Patrick Poppel

P. Poppel - analysis of "the american sector"

The term „American sector“ is undoub­tedly well known to many of us from various docu­men­ta­tion, reports and some from our own expe­ri­ence of the post-war and occu­pa­tion period.

At that time, the terri­to­ries of the „war losers“, above all Germany and Austria, were divided into the sectors of the „war winners“ of the Second World War. French, British, Russian and American sector. Europe, above all Germany and Austria, is in the economic strang­le­hold of the “American sector”, as it has recently been “shame­l­essly blatantly” in the poli­tical stranglehold.

During his nume­rous stays „outside this sector“, the Russia expert Patrick Poppel was able to gain a wide range of expe­ri­ences with people other than those ente­ring this „American sector“. He has now summa­rized some thoughts for us here.

Espe­ci­ally in connec­tion with the Ukraine crisis, we can clearly see the influence of US policy on Europe.

The EU and NATO seem to be just tools for US geopo­li­tical interests.

The discus­sion about the commis­sio­ning of North Stream 2 also clearly showed this.

After we have been able to reco­gnize the poli­tical and economic influence for years, we should also consider this cultural influence for ourselves.

When many speak of the „coll­ec­tive West“, I consider this term to be inade­quate, since one is tempted here to want to reco­gnize equal part­ners. But this is not the case, and it was deli­bera­tely formu­lated that way.

I would ther­e­fore rather speak of the „American sector“.

In this „struc­ture“ it is perfectly clear that the orders (now also trans­pa­rent for Europe) come prima­rily from Washington.

The USA has no part­ners, only vassals and opponents.

If a state is exposed to the influence of the American sector, there are poli­tical and mili­tary trea­ties, mostly in the course of this also for the statio­ning of US troops in these count­ries, for influen­cing univer­si­ties and educa­tional insti­tu­tions, for brin­ging about depen­dency of the economy and recently also each Year to a gay pride parade in the respec­tive capital of these countries.

So this is not to be called the coll­ec­tive West, but rather the „American Sector“.

It is precisely this sector that Europe should now leave so that it does not go under like the „Titanic“. Because the only „profi­teer“ would undoub­tedly be the USA.

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