UN Reli­gion: Lucifer’s Trust & Invo­ca­tions in Davos

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By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | Few people know the UN’s reli­gion depart­ment. It was founded as early as 1922 as the Lucifer Trust under the offi­cial name Lucifer Publi­shing Company [Link]. In 1924 there was a change of name: since then the orga­ni­sa­tion has been called some­what less clearly „Lucis Trust“ [Link]. The new „Age of Aqua­rius“ eagerly awaited by these esote­ri­cists, also known as New Agers, is to replace the Chris­tian „Age of Pisces“; a temple of this reli­gion will be opened in Abu Dhabi this year! As expected, the Vatican plays a key role in this.


Now some contem­po­r­a­ries will object that Lucifer is actually quite harm­less and has nothing at all to do with Satan; Lucifer as the „angel of light“ is a friend of mankind. However, this is contra­dicted by the so-called sigillum or seal of Lucifer in the first picture (centre, bottom). In blue or violet colour it symbo­lises Lucifer, in red or orange it stands for Satan [link]. So it is one and the same symbol of diffe­rent mani­fes­ta­tions of the same entity! The Bible is even clearer:

No wonder, because Satan himself masquer­ades as an angel of light. So it is not surpri­sing if his servants pose as servants of righ­teous­ness. Their end will corre­spond to their deeds.

Corin­thians 2, 11:14

Lucis Trust has consul­ta­tive status with the UN Economic and Social Council [link]. There are also close links to the UN’s Sustaina­bi­lity Council, which is supposed to imple­ment the 2030 Agenda [link, link]. So what kind of content does this „New Age“ reli­gion stand for?

The Great Invocation

A sub-orga­ni­sa­tion of Lucis Trust, global good­will, [Link] has an important cere­mo­nial role. Most recently at the WEF confe­rence in Davos (22–26 May 2022), UN confe­rences and the G7 meetings are to be „ener­ge­ti­cally“ prepared by invo­ca­tions [link].

„As far as huma­nity is concerned, reli­gion in the coming New Age is the science of invo­ca­tion and evoca­tion, the conver­gence of a mentally pola­rised humanity.“

Lucis Trust, The Spiri­tual Hier­archy makes its appearance [link].

What are invo­ca­tions? In an invo­ca­tion, the occul­tist tries to call a „spirit being“ (demon) into one’s own body and psyche (lat. invo­care). The aim is thus to prepare people for a take­over of their body, will and decis­ions by infernal forces. The founder of the Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey, ulti­m­ately spoke of the reli­gion of the future (New Age) being based on demon summo­ning [link]. Of course, the Anti­christ from the Reve­la­tion of John must not be missing in this world of imagination:

„Many reli­gions believe in a World Teacher who will come “ ..the One.“ and know him by names such as Krishna, Lord Maitrya, Imam Mahdi, Kalki Avatar and Messiah. These names are some­times used by people of diffe­rent reli­gions in the Great Invocation.“

Lucis Trust, The Great Invo­ca­tion [link]

The Great White Brotherhood

Screen­shot: summitlighthouse.org

Who directs the follo­wers of the New Age? The „spiri­tual command centre“ of the esote­ri­cists are the so-called ascended masters. They were origi­nally only parti­cu­larly highly initiated Free­ma­sons or occul­tists such as Mao Tse Tung, Lenin, Musso­lini, Hitler and Franco, who were considered „expres­sions of Sham­balah“. However, they were later elevated to the astral plane and replaced by figures such as St. Germain, various „angels“, etc., and now form the coll­ec­tive of the Great White Brot­her­hood [link]. Infor­ma­tion to follo­wers is also chan­neled directly from them [link], „extra-terrestrials“ or other enti­ties, with a trance medium acting as an oracle [link].

There is also the so-called „Ashtar Command“, the rela­ti­onship to the Great White Brot­her­hood and the ascended masters is unclear, although this is also clearly a New Age cult [link]. The New Age ideas that have been wide­spread ever­y­where in the West for decades can be seen as a popular variant of Free­ma­sonry with the aim of making Luci­fe­rian initia­tions a mass pheno­menon [link].

Wiki­media: Ashtar_(extraterrestrial_being)

Abu Dhabi and the Exter­na­li­sa­tion of the Secret Hierarchy

The aim of the new reli­gion is a fusion [link] of all reli­gious teachings into a global unified faith and, above all, an elimi­na­tion of genuine Chris­tia­nity [link, link].

Screen­shot: Back to Jeru­salem, One World Reli­gion Headquarter

Accor­ding to Bailey, there will be an exter­na­li­sa­tion of the hitherto secret hier­archy in the synchro­nised world reli­gion [link]. This means that the leaders of Illu­mi­nism will appear publicly as the real reli­gious leaders within all offi­cial reli­gions. The illus­trious Italian commu­nist, high degree free­mason, univer­sity professor and Illu­mimat Giuliano Di Bernado published „The Future of Homo sapiens“ in 2020 in which he cele­brates the programme of the planned dicta­to­rial world govern­ment with a Chinese social model under the „God-One“, the Anti­christ, who was also already longed for by Bailey.

This year, the head­quar­ters of the new reli­gion is to be opened in the city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (VAER) [link]. The globally active Vatican serves as an important orga­ni­sa­tional basis and Pope Francis has a leading role in the imple­men­ta­tion of these goals, which already became clear in the Abu Dhabi Decla­ra­tion [link, link, link].

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